A Primer For Managing Booster Club Accounting

Proper fundraising is the backbone of a successful booster club. Additionally, in order to have a strong and healthy make up of this backbone your club needs to implement the right tools and people for managing booster club accounting and finances.

If your booster club uses the right accounting tools you will be able to utilize various resources that can strengthen, bring value, and  provide tremendous help for your booster club….

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How To Run A Booster Club Casino Night Fundraiser

Booster clubs play a major role in the support of public school systems (as well as other groups) across the country, but especially when it comes to raising funds. Where local, state, or federal money ends, parents and the tight-knit community of supporters commit to helping bolster the needs and quality of the student experience. There are innumerable ways for clubs to achieve this goal. We’re going to focus on one particularly fun and exciting theme for fundraising: running a booster club Casino Night fundraiser!…

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Booster Club Pay to Play Defined and How To Avoid It

One of the main objectives and for some, pitfalls, of running a booster club is financing activities through fundraising and other means. A popular and controversial method to raise funds is through booster club pay to play.

On the surface, the concept of booster club pay to play may sound like a good option to fundraise and build steady revenue for a booster club, but there is much more to this concept that is far more problematic….

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What is Cooperative Fundraising and Is It Legal for Booster Clubs?

There are many types of fundraising structures to pick from.  We are going to focus on a specific grey area type of fundraising called Cooperative Fundraising. Cooperative Fundraising is a practice, employed by some booster clubs, to receive credit for raising funds. This “credit” is often reimbursed in the form of dollars stored in individual accounts controlled by members of the booster club, rather than the club itself….

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Booster Club Instagram Reels And Why They Are So Important

Before we go any further, what is an Instagram Reel? An Instagram Reel  is a short video that quickly gives a highlight, laugh, how to or instant that your followers can enjoy and engage with. The goal of your booster club Instagram Reels  is content that is entertaining, a bit like a Tik Tok videos and just beyond an animated GIF.  Confused?  We understand, so to put it another way, booster club instagram reels are simply short videos (15 seconds usually) that are designed purely for engaging your followers. It also gives you extra editing capabilities like text and sticker overlays….

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Understanding Social Media For Booster Clubs

Social media has become an important part of our daily lives and there are many different ways to use these platforms. It can help you stay connected with friends and family and it can help you connect with people you may never meet. For businesses it has also become a great tool to engage and get feedback from their customers. Understanding how to engage social media for booster clubs is similar to how many businesses already engage with it….

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Understanding Booster Club NTEE Codes for the IRS

Managing booster clubs is all about effective leadership. You want to make sure that you are leading your booster club in the right direction. This includes making sure that you are on time for meetings, communicating with booster club members and your associated school and the various levels of government.  One area you will inevitibly run across is picking your booster club NTEE codes for the IRS.  This can be confusing, so we thought we would break down what they are, why they are important and what happens if you do not pick one!

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