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Healthy Fundraising Activities to Support your Booster Club

It’s no secret that Americans are becoming increasingly aware of their health. And over the past couple decades, there’s been a spike in healthy fundraising activities (Think: Turkey trots, fun runs, neighborhood triathlons) to support a number of great causes!

While we’ve previously listed numerous great booster club fundraising activities, such as bake sales and candy drives, we want to share some ideas for healthy fundraising activities. These ideas can even work while socially distancing!…

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Running a Booster Club Holiday Facebook Fundraiser

It’s Giving Tuesday and the start of the holidays!  This is always an excellent time for fundraisers. However, this year the pandemic caused by Covid-19 has caused the fundraising landscape to look a bit different. While online fundraising may not sound as fun as passing out candy canes or raffling off Christmas cookies, the monetary results can be just as rewarding. If you’re looking for ways to increase your booster club support this December, why not launch a holiday booster club holiday Facebook fundraiser?…

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Socially Distanced Holiday Fundraiser Ideas For Booster Clubs

The Holiday season is one of the best times to fundraise. People are nearing the end of the year and clear on where they stand financially. Also, the holidays can bring a sense of generosity and desire to give to one’s neighbors and community. However, this year everything has been a little different. While the typical fun runs and bake sales may not be safe during Covid-19, there are other ideas for a socially distanced holiday fundraiser. Here’s how your booster club can stay financially afloat despite the difficult circumstances….

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Why A Hockey Booster Club Matters To A Hockey Team

Hockey is an expensive sport to play. From skates and pads to sticks and helmets, hockey players have to manage more equipment than the average athlete. And along with the price of ice rink rentals for practice and scrimmages, the cost of running a school hockey program is significantly higher than other interscholastic sports like soccer and volleyball.  But coaches and players don’t have to do it alone. A great hockey booster club can give their team the support they need to succeed in this demanding sport….

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Socially Distanced Halloween Fundraiser Ideas

COVID has thrown a wrench into the regular operations of booster clubs around the country. Like any business, schools and booster clubs still need to raise money to keep their teams and organizations above water. Amid this crisis, booster clubs are looking for any way to still provide a great experience for the kids and so we put together a few socially distanced Halloween fundraiser ideas….

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Why A Soccer Booster Club Is Important to the Soccer Team

We’ve seen the success and recognition professional soccer is getting through the Women’s USA team World Cup, their championships and the general growing fanbase of Major League Soccer. More than ever, professional soccer is seeing the support it deserves from their leagues and fans. This is translating at the community level as well via increased support for high school soccer teams. One of the best ways to support your school team is by creating a soccer booster club.  Athletic booster clubs, such as a soccer booster club help their teams thrive through financial, moral and volunteer support that generate exponential benefits for the team. …

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