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Typical Booster Club Revenue Uses

So, your booster club fundraising has paid off, and your club has a good amount of revenue to spend. Before you break the bank, you might want to know what your club can and cannot spend your hard-earned funds on.

Typical booster club revenue uses come in the form of activity-related uses for the teams and organizations a booster club supports and operating and management-related expenses for booster club management. Before your club spends a dime, it is vital to know how the typical booster club revenue uses….

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2021 Fun and Easy To Run Holiday Themed Fundraisers for Booster Clubs

As the holiday season is now here make sure that you don’t let it pass by without considering your options for booster club holiday themed fundraisers. The holidays are a time where your club can think creatively about how to conduct productive fundraisers that provide value for your club as well as help give a seasonal gift to those around you. It’s a win-win situation to fundraise for your booster club during the holidays, so don’t lose out by missing the opportunity.

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2021 Booster Club Halloween Themed Fundraising Ideas

Some of the most important activities you’ll take the lead on when overseeing a booster club are fundraising events. Fundraising is one of the main ways your booster club can gain support, financial fuel, and promote relationships with the community and your club members. And, with Halloween rolling around, what better way to fundraise than to embrace the season? If you’re thinking of a few halloween themed fundraising ideas, you’re on the right track. However, with Covid-19 still affecting communities, it’s important to prioritize both safety and fun during these events. And, of course, raise money….

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How To Run A Booster Club Casino Night Fundraiser

Booster clubs play a major role in the support of public school systems (as well as other groups) across the country, but especially when it comes to raising funds. Where local, state, or federal money ends, parents and the tight-knit community of supporters commit to helping bolster the needs and quality of the student experience. There are innumerable ways for clubs to achieve this goal. We’re going to focus on one particularly fun and exciting theme for fundraising: running a booster club Casino Night fundraiser!…

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Booster Club Pay to Play Defined and How To Avoid It

One of the main objectives and for some, pitfalls, of running a booster club is financing activities through fundraising and other means. A popular and controversial method to raise funds is through booster club pay to play.

On the surface, the concept of booster club pay to play may sound like a good option to fundraise and build steady revenue for a booster club, but there is much more to this concept that is far more problematic….

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What is Cooperative Fundraising and Is It Legal for Booster Clubs?

There are many types of fundraising structures to pick from.  We are going to focus on a specific grey area type of fundraising called Cooperative Fundraising. Cooperative Fundraising is a practice, employed by some booster clubs, to receive credit for raising funds. This “credit” is often reimbursed in the form of dollars stored in individual accounts controlled by members of the booster club, rather than the club itself….

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Booster Club Fundraising Guidelines Explained

There is no denying that booster clubs do really important work for local communities and school related activities. Add to that, the fact that they are organized and run by volunteers, it is really amazing what they can accomplish! Even with the best intentions, sometimes it can be confusing what fundraising is acceptable. Or, in other instances, what regulations exist around specific fundraising activities. Our booster club fundraising guidelines give club volunteers insight into how to raise funds for their booster club without making potentially costly mistakes….

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