A Financial Manager For Small Nonprofits

Your booster club or small nonprofit financial health is paramount to your ability to make an impact.  Complicated all-in-one financial software can not only be hard to learn, but easier to make mistakes in AND takes away from your focus on growing and making an impact.

Booostr Simple Financial Manager ensure that your club finances are easily accessible and transitionable to new leadership. And don’t worry if your volunteer(s) have limited accounting background. Booostr Simple Financial Manager was designed to make managing finances easy for small volunteer run organizations!


Easy Financial Entries

From default Chart of Accounts entries (to get you started), to single financial enties, to bulk import of data – Booostr Financial Manager is designed to make financial management easier. No matter if your club is starting from scratch or your nonprofit has years of financial data – our system can handle it!


Direct Booostr Tool Integration

A HUGE advantage of Booostr Simple Financial Manager is that it automatically integrates to every Booostr Revenue Tool. If anyone makes a donation via Booostr Donation tool, each donation is automatically added as a ledger entry.  Say good bye to exporting and importing financial data from one tool to the next!


Leadership Transitions? No Problem!

Volunteer leadership tends to turn over pretty regularly.  With Booostr Simple Financial Manager it is easy for ANY volunteer to jump into your financials.  Centralizing your club financial history coupled with its integration into Booostr Tools makes it easier than ever for new leadership to take over!


Designed for Small Organizations

No matter the organization, its finances are the cornerstone to its ability to function. However, different organization sizes and types need different financial management tools.  Booostr understood this, and took the time to build, from the ground up, a Financial Manager designed for booster clubs and small nonprofits. From simplifing the interface, automatic integration into Booostr Tools, to a  focus on the core accounting needs of small orgs – Booostr Simple Financial Manager is perfect for your booster club or small nonprofit!


Plays Nicely With Other Systems

Booostr Simple Financial Manager is probably the easiest system for small organizations to use and manage their financial history.  No matter your financial acumen, Booostr built their system with your small organziation in mind.

That being said, the team at Booostr also understands that with leadership turnover comes different preferences and ways of doing things. Because we want to make sure your booster club or small nonprofit is operating as efficiently as possible, Booostr Simple Financial Manager plays nicely with larger accounting software through data exports which you can then import to the solution of your choice!

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Managing a club’s documents and being able to easily pass them off to new leadership are key to running your booster club. Your volunteer time is limited and should not be spent trying to find or re-organize documents.

Booostr Secure Cloud Storage gives booster clubs and small nonprofits a simpler solution for managing documents and organizational knowledge. Simplified tools to organize, move and manage your club’s documents means you can spend less time finding a document and more time achieving your goals!

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