Booster clubs are meant to support students within specific programs. But, did you know that there are ways students can support a booster club, even if they’re not directly participating in the specified program?

Why Student Booster Club Support Is Important

High School Students engaging in activities

Student booster club support is essential for fostering a healthy community within the school. By connecting students and adults across the board, you can build connections and friendships that can help to strengthen the booster club efforts. The more student booster club support is given, the more it circles around to benefit the students within the program.

Like internal school ambassadors, supportive students help the booster club to gain awareness within the community by proudly talking about it in conversation with other students and adults. This results in more volunteers and student participation.

With students supporting the club by engaging in activities, fundraisers, or the school program, they are encouraging others to do the same. This elevates the visibility of the booster club to a bigger portion of the student body and helps to promote the group. As a result, everyone will feel connected in one way or another.

The more connected people feel to the booster club and their objectives, the more willing they are to donate time, money, or energy for them to reach their goals.

Ways Students Can Volunteer Time & Skills

Students outside of the supported booster club programs can offer their skills and time to help the booster club. Student support of booster clubs is beneficial to the group and the student, even when the student isn’t directly affected by the booster club.

Did You Know?

When students volunteer their time to the booster club that it’s community service?

The student booster club support is capable of being listed as community service due to the booster club being a nonprofit organization.

Students helping booster club at car wash fundraiser

How Students Can Support Booster Clubs

Students designing flyer for booster club fundraiser

Students can show booster club support by helping out with a wide range of different tasks. These can include promotions, creativity, volunteering, and work. Each category has many ways that a student can help.

Promoting booster club events

There are several different ways that a student can help to promote booster club events, including:

  • Volunteering time
  • Handing out flyers
  • Putting up posters
  • Sharing information through social media

Contributing their creativity

Students are naturally creative. Allowing them to help your booster club in a way that helps them to use their creativity is a win-win for booster clubs and students.

Some examples of ways that they can creatively contribute are:

  • Creating posters
  • Making sets
  • Decorating
  • Helping to set up for an event

Volunteering at events

Just like adults, students can volunteer to help at events. Having students included on the signup sheet helps to strengthen the bonds between the booster club and the student body while allowing the event to stay well-managed.

A few examples of events that they can help include:

  • Concession stands
  • Booths at local fairs
  • Sell merchandise at an Open House
  • Work crowd control at sporting events

Recruiting volunteers

Students can be the best recruiter for volunteers when it comes to different events. One of the reasons why they can do so well when asking others to volunteer is because they can speak to other students on a personal level. Something that adults cannot do due to the generation gap.

Different ways that they can recruit additional volunteers:

  • Inviting their friends to help them
  • Asking teachers or their own parents if they can help to do some tasks
  • Simply promoting the booster club to the student body by talking about the fun they have when volunteering

Office work

Booster clubs often have a lot of office work that needs to be completed. These tasks can often get piled up as busy schedules, and booster club activities continue to happen. A great way to help alleviate some of the stress on adults is to allow students to help with some of the office work.

Many hands make light work, and while the students won’t be filing taxes, there are still plenty of other ways that they can help in the office including:

  • Delivering notes
  • Making copies
  • Organizing the filing cabinets
  • Shredding unnecessary or outdated paper documents

How Students Can Boost Morale

You see boosted morale when you attend a popular sporting event, but you don’t often think about it impacting smaller, less competitive aspects at the school. The truth is, student booster club support affects morale more than you may realize.

Students directly impact the overall morale of the booster club

Morale can be lifted with student booster club support when the student body gives a positive view of the club.

When the student body thinks of the club as being uncool, or dumb, the morale will drop.

When morale drops:

  • Participation drops
  • Participants may feel self-conscious and not wish to announce their support for the club publicly
  • Revenue will drop
  • Events will be less successful
  • The group may wish to close down as a result of the student booster club support dropping

When morale is boosted:

  • More people want to give support
  • Events are more successful
  • Fundraisers bring in more money
  • People will publically share event details
  • Participants will feel good about what they’re doing and have a higher level of self-esteem
  • The group could be more successful than ever as a result of the high level of student booster club support
Happy Team Mates supported by booster club and other students

Additional Ways Students Can Support The Booster Club

Student setting table for booster club event

While volunteering time and skills is great, and increasing morale is important, there are still other ways in which to raise student booster club support.

Other ways to increase student booster club support are:

  • Allowing students to help sell and fundraise on behalf of the booster club.
    • Participating students and non-participating students can both help to raise funds for the booster club.
  • You can also allow them to help with setting up and cleaning up after an event has been held.
    • While students don’t usually enjoy cleaning, this can be an easy way to earn some community service hours while helping the booster club.
  • Contributing monetarily
    • Students are allowed to help support booster clubs with cash donations and purchases. Their monetary contributions should be done on their own volition and not a requirement.
  • Attending events
    • Attending a booster club event is a great way to show support.
  • Identifying possible activity recruits
    • Students within the activity can help to identify students that are not already participating, but that might be a good fit.
  • In-school encouragement
    • Directly telling the student participants that they did a good job, or wishing them good luck before a competition are both good ways of promoting the activity.
    • Telling booster club members that you enjoyed the last event held is another way to show your support with words of encouragement.

No matter how a student chooses to support a booster club, it shouldn’t be disregarded. Every contribution that they choose to make, whether physical, spiritual, or financial is a vital benefaction to the group.

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