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To understand Booostr and what we do, it helps to understand what a booster club is and what it does. In an effort to work with smaller and smaller budgets, schools everywhere are cutting activities that fall outside of the typical western learning structure. Not only are they facing cuts from the Federal and state levels, but with an economy in transition it is harder to rely on property taxes and other means of raising money.

More and more, schools are becoming reliant on outside sources of funding to help fill funding gaps and support the extracurricular activities that are equally important to the education, growth and productivity of children.

One of the primary ways schools support many of their extracurricular activities (such as sports programs, music programs, arts programs, drama programs (to name a few) are through parent organized booster clubs. These all volunteer clubs work incredibly hard to support specific activities or ALL school activities (depending on how they are run). The parent volunteers spend spare time weeknights after work, weekends, and in between supporting their kids and other family activities to not only help the school, but specifically the students to be able to participate in these key activities.

Booostr found that the support structure for booster clubs online for this army of parent volunteers was severely lacking. Not only are parents trying to run full-fledged nonprofits, but they are having to juggle all of the pieces of running a non-profit business only in their spare time!

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What is Booostr?

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Booostr is an online platform created to meet the needs of booster club managers, volunteers and supporters. We are focused on creating high quality content discussing topics important to booster clubs and tools that allow booster clubs to operate more efficiently.

Our Content focuses primarily on Fundraising, Management and Marketing related articles which you can read on our blog! Whether you are a running an athletic booster club, educational booster club or any other type of club, our content will speak to you.

Beyond producing content Booostr is also focused on the development of tools to help booster clubs operate at a higher level to allow them to surpass their goals. Our first tools are slated to be available January 2020.  Interested in testing our tools first?  Consider joining our beta testing team!

How Does Booostr Work?

Currently Booostr is in Alpha stage – meaning we are busy perfecting the first incarnation of our platform. At this point Booostr is completely free to use. Our content is updated weekly with informative article free for you to read and share.  We have added over 13,000 booster clubs to our index many of which are available for the proper booster club owners to claim – for free.

As we progress we will be adding new booster club tools with the first set to launch January 2020 – each which will initially be free to use as well. Our tools are specifically designed to meet the needs of booster clubs by creating simpler easier to use applications and housing these tools under one easy to access and easy to pass off system.  Our vision are affordable simple systems to make booster clubs run easier and better!

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Why You Should Consider Joining Booostr

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If you run or support a booster club there are a growing number of reasons why it is becoming more important for you to join Booostr.co. From added SEO value, to Booster club focused content and tools to networking capabilities – our platform is growing into the premier partner helping booster clubs achieve and surpass their goals.


Looking To Start A Booster Club?

Booostr is not just a resource for established booster clubs.  We also work to help groups and individuals start a booster club for activities lacking funding within their communities.  Currently Booostr offers online resources including a state by state guide to starting a booster club in just about every state in the USA as well as comprehensive articles dealing with managing, running and how to start a booster club.

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