Manage All of Your Club Contacts... Easily

Whether you are starting or managing an existing booster club or small nonprofit, your contact list is one of the pimary keys to your success. Not only do you need to manage donors, but you also need to communicate with supporters, participants vendors and more!

Booostr Contact Manager ensure that your club contacts are easily accessible in the cloud. Not only are you able to assign roles and tag users, but you can create custom contact groups to communicate to as well. Best of all? Booostr Contact Manager directly connects to EVERY Booostr Communication tool!


Unlimited Contacts

Unlike many other platforms, Booostr Contact Manager has NO LIMITS on the number of contacts you can store. We know clubs have supporters, participants, donors, and an ever changing list of vendors and want to make sure your organization has the ability grow your contacts to grow your impact!


Organize Your Contacts Your Way

Booostr Contact Manager allows multiple ways to organize contacts beyond a simple A-Z list. Each contact can be categorized based on their club relationship, tagged with keywords and can be added to custom groups for easier communication. Spend less time finding contacts and more time hitting your goals!


Metrics and Reports for Your Contacts

Contacts are great, but become more powerful with metrics associated with them. Booostr Contact Manager gives you individual contact insights so you know how contacts are interacting with your club and if and when they last donated to your club through Booostr.


NEW! Offsite Contact Login/Registration Tool

Now you can build your Booostr contact list directly from any third party website!  With Booostr’s Contact Login/Register Tool, you can customize an embeddable button for your non-Booostr website.  When placed, users click on it and are asked to login or create a Booostr account.  100% co-branded with your club’s logo and colors – users that login with their Booostr account or create a new Booostr account through your unique login/register window are added to your club’s Contact Manager.  It makes it super easy for your supporters to stay in contact with your club while allowing you to centralize your club contacts!  Available for all clubs starting today!


One Contact List For All Communication

No matter if your club prefers to communicate via Email, SMS Text or through Booostr Platform Messaging, Contact Manager directly integrates with all of these tools.  This is a huge win for your productivity in that you can upload, edit, and group your contacts one time in your Contact Manager and those contact list changes are immediately reflected throughout Booostr’s suite of communicate tools.  Say good bye to exporting and importing your contacts from one tool to the next!


Import, Export & Manage Contacts

Booostr Contact Manager comes FREE with every club profile. Once your profile is approved you can start adding, modifying and grouping your contacts right away! Add contacts one by one or import entire spreadsheets – either way, you are ready to get communicating!

Booostr is also a HUGE believer in your data is your data. If for some reason you need to move your contacts or want to back them up locally – Booostr has built in an easy CSV/Excel contact export system within the Contact Manager. Simply select whether you want to download the filtered or search results contact data OR the entire contact list data and choose where you want to save the file. Easy peasy!

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Managing a club’s documents and being able to easily pass them off to new leadership are key to running your booster club. Your volunteer time is limited and should not be spent trying to find or re-organize documents.

Booostr Secure Cloud Storage gives booster clubs and small nonprofits a simpler solution for managing documents and organizational knowledge. Simplified tools to organize, move and manage your club’s documents means you can spend less time finding a document and more time achieving your goals!

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