Collect Donations Online With Ease

One of the most effective ways to grow your club’s donations is online. Booostr offers every club profile access to its FREE Donation Tool. On top of that, Booostr does not take any percentage from donations given through our tool.

Booostr Donation Tool is designed to help clubs and small nonprofits maximize their online donations. Donors have the ability to cover your STRIPE credit card processing fees, and if they want – they can Tip Booostr for the service. In a MAJORITY of cases, donors choose to cover their processing fees, meaning you receive the whole donation intended for your organization!


Easily Set Up Donation Campaigns

After you have created/connected your STRIPE account, it’s super simple to set up your Booostr Donation Campaigns.  There are three steps: 1. Give your campaign a name, image and description, 2. set your goal, give amounts, dates and if recurring, 3. Submit and let our engine create your campaign! Easy peasy!


Booostr Tool Cross Integration

Booostr Donation Tool is not only easy to use, but also built to integrate with Booostr tools. Donations given are automatically added to your Booostr Simple Financial Manager, donors are added to your Contact Manager, and you are able to easily share your Donation Campaigns with your existing contacts!


Gain Insights With Reporting

As your Booostr Donation Campaign runs, our system is working to gather insights to help you understand how it’s performing. You will see when donations occur, how much is raised and who donated. From start to finish you have complete campaign visibility!


Create A Campaign, Then Easily Share

As noted, creating your campaign (or multiple campaigns) is incredibly easy! Once you campaign is created, you then have multiple ways to share it to your supporters, followers and the world!  Booostr Donation Tool offers a unique landing page URL for every campaign, easy social media/email sharing, embed code to add to websites and/or a printable or email-able QR code linking to your campaign. Collecting donations online has never been easier!


Don't Accept Credit Cards? No Problem!

At Booostr, we understand many small organizations may not accept Credit Cards. This can prevent booster clubs or small nonprofits from taking advantage of online donation giving.

Luckily, when you initially set up your donation tool, our system will walk you through creating a credit card processing account through STRIPE. This is an easy step by step process that will help your organization to not only set up a credit card processing account – but to also start running your very first online donation campaign!

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Managing a club’s documents and being able to easily pass them off to new leadership are key to running your booster club. Your volunteer time is limited and should not be spent trying to find or re-organize documents.

Booostr Secure Cloud Storage gives booster clubs and small nonprofits a simpler solution for managing documents and organizational knowledge. Simplified tools to organize, move and manage your club’s documents means you can spend less time finding a document and more time achieving your goals!

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