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Beware Of These Common Booster Club Management Pass Off Problems

Beware Of These Common Booster Club Management Pass Off Problems

Serving in a booster club is a unique and fantastic opportunity to help others and give back to a community. Despite this great opportunity, sometimes issues arise and cause a hiccup in the plans to serve well and efficiently. One of these hiccups occurs through booster club management pass-off problems that arise when leadership teams transition.

Booster club pass-off problems happen when booster club management passes from one team to the next. This issue can arise easily in booster clubs, but with the right knowledge and tools, this problem can be solved easily and swiftly.

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Common Pass Off Problems

There are many types of booster club management pass-off problems that can plague booster club management. Below are some examples of the most common booster club management pass-off problems.

Non-communication by Previous Leadership

One way booster club management passes off problems come to fruition is due to the lack of communication. This is due to the exiting leadership or booster club management not sharing all the details and pertinent information with the incoming leadership team.

When a booster club leadership transition occurs, both the exiting and entering leadership teams must communicate in some fashion. Without communication, the new leadership will not be able to run the club due to a lack of key knowledge and insight and a lack of the necessary materials.

Lack of General Document Transfer

Booster clubs should keep all documents on file. A booster club’s documents belong to the club as a legal entity, not any person or people. Despite this, a problem often arises when documents are not transferred, leaving the new management with a lack of information and understanding.

Lack of Access to Club Bank Account(s)

Probably the worst way to cripple and hinder an incoming booster club management team is to withhold or not properly hand over access to the booster club’s bank account. The bank account is vital for club operations and fundraisers.

Lack of Access to Marketing Software

All marketing and promotions software should remain in the hands of the club as official booster club property. So, if a marketing director is leaving and decides that the version of Adobe Photoshop on his laptop purchased with club funds is theirs, then they are withholding a product that belongs to the booster club. All marketing materials, both physical and digital, are the property of the booster club alone.

Lack of Access to Financial History/data

All financial information, history, and data are the property of the booster club. Whether this information is stored in the online software or a physical ledger in pen and paper, the financial information shall remain with the club and be passed off to the new management team when a transition occurs.

Lack of Access to Organizational Founding Documents (i.e., articles of incorporation)

Without the documents that show who your club is and that you are a legal entity, you are essentially NOT a legitimate club. Without the knowledge of where these documents are, it presents a huge problem for the incoming booster club management.


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Solutions to Leadership Pass Off Problems

Just as there are many booster club management pass-off problems, there are many solutions! Some of these solutions include:

  • Talking to previous club leadership: This is easily the easiest and most efficient way to ensure a healthy transition. If any problem arises, talk to the former management team first. You may think they are trying to shortchange your new club, but the problem may stem from a simple mistake. The best way to solve the issue is to talk and make sure you are clear about what you need and how the previous leadership team can help.
  • Talk to parents, school administration, and coaches to encourage a healthy transition: Remember, the goal of a booster club is to serve students and your school. If the former and current leadership teams are fighting, no one is being served or thought for.


A great way to speed up the process and cooperation in solving the pass-off problems is to ask the people your club serves to help make a push of urgency. Be sure to let parents, administration, and coaches know the sooner the problems are solved, the sooner you can serve them and their needs.

  • Legal actions: When encountering booster club management pass-off problems, there is always the risk and option of legal action. This should be an absolute last resort. The reason is that the costs and time spent on legal actions are burdensome. However, in some cases, this may be the only proper way of resolution.

As your club considers different solution approaches, make sure you are using the best option for your club. As well as the best option for your club and situation, ensure you are also using the method that will resolve the problem most easily and quickly.


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How Booostr Helps

Booostr is another great option that helps booster clubs store all their information in one safe and local spot. One of the toughest challenges of booster club transitions is tracking down everyone and getting all their information promptly. Even if the existing leadership is cooperating and eager to help you, this can still be a long and arduous process.

Booostr helps take away many of the pains of leadership transitions by having booster club documentation and financial history stored in one central cloud location, essentially taking out leadership transitions’ waiting and chase downs.

As centralized document storage for booster clubs, Booostr, gives clubs a one-stop shop for all their information and needs readily accessible for the current leadership team and the teams that come after.

One danger of leadership pass-off is sensitive info being lost or leaked. With Booostr, this worry is eliminated. Booster stores all information in a secure online document storage location, ensuring that clubs not only know where their info is but also ensures they know that it is safe.


Put Pass Off Problems in the Past with Booostr

No one likes chasing someone down. Nor does anyone like complications that make an easy process difficult. Instead of chasing down previous members and navigating potential conflicts for your booster club’s info, get Booostr to properly store all your club’s info and belongings in one spot and avoid booster club management pass-off problems.

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