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Advantages of A Booostr Profile Vs. Website for Your Booster Club

Advantages of A Booostr Profile Vs. Website for Your Booster Club

In this day and age, a booster club without a website is a hindered booster club. For many reasons, a successful, thriving booster club will need a great online presence. Whether it’s getting the club’s name out for more members, advertising and promoting events, or conveying the mission and movement of your local club, it is vital to have a booster club online presence.

Traditionally this presence has come through websites online. However, with Booostr Profiles, your club may be able to craft a unique and efficient look for your club with little to no work setting up!

As your club seeks to cultivate an online presence, you must be informed of the debate between a Booostr profile and a website.

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What is a Booostr Profile?

A Booostr Club Profile is an online platform by Booostr that is designed for booster clubs to showcase their clubs. This is an easy-to-manage online nonprofit profile.

Booostr Profiles come with many features, including sharing information about your booster club, managing important club files and info that is easily shareable with club members, and much more.

Booostr currently houses hundreds of booster club profiles, each made to fit their nonprofit working while also allowing each profile to be unique to each club.


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Booostr Profile vs. Website

Why would our booster club need a Booostr club profile when we have our website? A Booostr profile vs. website is an argument that is bound to arise. However, when putting them side by side, it’s easy to see why Booostr flourishes over the traditional website.

Booster Profile:

  • Profiles are more accessible to set up than websites – no hosting, coding, designing, maintenance, or learning curve.
  • Booostr Profiles are no code, meaning you must drag and type in information to set your profile up. Many web builders require some coding and more technical know-how to set up.
  • There is no cost to your club for this easy web presence; this also means that you do not have to worry about the profile going dark for missed payments like a website. This also means that your club can use the money to host and maintain your website for other club needs.


  • It will take many hours to set up and begin running as intended. Even for drag and drop or custom web templates, many hours will be lost trying to set up and establish a website for your club. It can take months, as outlined here in this article.
  • A website will cost money to host, and while this may not be a lot over the course of a year, over time, this cost adds up.
  • Websites can be affected by factors out of your control, like going down unexpectedly and other unforeseen events. While this remains a risk with Booostr, you will have peace of mind knowing that the problem will be fixed by Booostr’s professional team and not your booster club having to break its own back to fix your broken website.


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A Booostr Profile Gives Your Club the Spotlight

Another key aspect of evaluating Booostr profile vs. websites is how your booster club will be seen. Both websites and Booostr profiles provide much-needed exposure for booster clubs, but you will find a Booostr club Profile a better option to get your club noticed.

All web pages are ranked through SEO (search engine optimization). SEO uses many factors and formulas to rank the most relevant websites for users online. SEO is vital for any site to get noticed by its target audience and be seen. Without proper SEO, a website or webpage can remain in the dark without any views.

Booostr profiles are great in this area because they are designed for SEO naturally, meaning the profile/page your club sets up will be crafted to have your club seen. On the other hand, websites need to be specifically tweaked and managed. This is a process that takes time and technical know-how.


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Have An Additional Team Thinking for Your

Booostr is a fully finished and polished product; however, this isn’t stopping the Booostr team from building more useful features.

As you evaluate a Booostr Profile vs. a website, consider the potential time spent maintaining them. In addition to the base website that will need to be registered, crafted, and perfected to launch, any new features and components of the website will need to be added. This means more time planning and implementing these features on your website.

A Booostr Profile, on the other hand, has the devoted Booostr team working to implement new features geared to helping your profile be functional and stand out. Why spend countless hours and money editing your website when you can have a dedicated team behind the scenes that will work for you?

Booostr Profile Vs. Website or Booostr Profile & Website

Your website doesn’t have to fight against Booostr; you can have them both! If you already have a nonprofit online presence on your website, but a Booostr club profile sounds appealing, then you are more than welcome to have them both.

Having a club website and a Booostr profile is a great way to present your booster club and have ample ways for donors and volunteers to see club information. A website and Booostr profile are also a great way to support your website SEO by creating your club profile and linking to your current website!


Booostr Profile Pounds Websites

The fight between a Booostr Profile and a website seems fixed. While websites provide great features and the ability to showcase a booster club, a Booostr Profile improves on its base with features tailor-made for clubs. Couple this with a devoted team working to implement new features, and you get an option that cannot be beaten. To look more deeply into this, you can visit this article for more information.

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