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Resources and information for managers and volunteers of booster clubs across the United States.  Learn how to create booster clubs, better manage booster clubs, market booster clubs, and improve fundraising for your booster club!

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The Booostr Booster Club Blog is a constantly evolving resource of information about booster clubs for booster clubs!  Articles range from marketing your booster club, to day to day booster club management, to booster club fundraising best practices and more!

Booster Club Info By State

We understand how running a booster club can vary from State to State. With minimal Federal guidance, most laws, regulations and rules are managed at the State level. To help booster clubs everywhere, we have broken down important information by state to make it easier to find!

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What Is A Booster Club?

A booster club is an organization that is formed to support a wide variety of groups, from sports teams to drama departments to arts programs. Most of the time you will find booster clubs closely associated with any number of different school extra curricular activities like sports, band, drama, art.  These all-volunteer organizations help support student activities where school budgets and personnel fall short.

You can learn more about booster clubs and what they do via the Booostr Booster Club Blog!

Can I Create My Own Booster Club?

The short answer?  Of course you can create your booster club.  However, we recommend you take some key steps before undertaking this endeavor.  While booster clubs are an amazing vehicle for supporting student extra-curricular activities via program management, fundraising, and more, undertaking the creation and management of a booster club is no walk in the park.  To help you understand the steps necessary to create a a booster club in your state – we have put together an entire section with relevant information by state! Locate your state on the landing page and you will have access to a lot of great information in one location!

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How Do You Run A Booster Club?

Running a booster club is no easy task!  First off almost every booster club is operated entirely by volunteers.  At the same time, usually a booster club has to be established as a non-profit and in turn is overseen by the same guidelines all non-profit organizations are.  Furthermore to be successful in growing the booster club, it needs to be run like any other business with a management level, a worker level, marketing, finance, accounting and legal.  If you have an interest and/or a knack for running businesses as well as a tie (typically a child) to a school or other organization that needs people and monetary support – running a  Booster Club might be right up your alley!

What Is The Difference Between Donations and Fundraising?

The key difference between donations and Fundraising is that donations are the actual item or dollars donated, while fundraising is the system, strategy or plan to raise that and many other donations. One of booster clubs’ main focus is fundraising. Fundraising is important as the money raised by the booster club helps or completely fills in funding holes created by ever shrinking school budgets.  In many cases a student extra-curricular activity may only exist because the booster club is able to raise enough in donations to cover the cost of running that student activity.

For more information around booster club fundraising, take a look at the Booostr Booster Club Blog.

How Do I Promote My Booster Club?

Promoting a booster club in some ways is like marketing any other business, but in other ways it’s unique.  While there are always traditional avenues of marketing open to booster clubs including: advertising, newsletters, promotional materials and door to door sales, there are also a number of promotional opportunities for booster clubs that are unique. For instance because most booster clubs have close ties to a school – they have access to that student body and school resources.  Furthermore, booster clubs’ main focus is local community and because of those strong ties – it is easier to leverage local businesses and members of the community for support as well.

To learn more about marketing your booster club we recommend reading articles related to booster club marketing in the booostr booster club blog.


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