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Why Booostr SMS Text Messaging Helps You Easily Communicate to Your Supporters

Why Booostr SMS Text Messaging Helps You Easily Communicate to Your Supporters

One of the key aspects of managing a booster club is communicating and informing key booster club supporters. Supporters who give and help volunteer are vital for a club’s success. To have a strengthened and solid team of supporters, your booster club will need to be able to relay information to supporters in a quick, efficient, and professional way.

Booostr SMS Text Messaging is a nonprofit bulk text messaging solution that provides booster clubs with various features to messaging supporters, store information, organize contacts into groups, and more! With the SMS text messaging system, Booostr offers a tool that can help your club communicate with supporters in a clear/simple way while also offering unique tools for supporters receiving information and for clubs sending out information.

A booster club supporter checking his text message from a booster club.

Texts Trample Other Means of Messaging

Do we need to send out texts? Why can’t we just use email or call? If your booster club is asking these questions, we cannot stress to you enough the power of text messaging. In our world today, nearly everyone has a phone in their pocket or on their face all day. There is no faster way to contact someone and have them see and respond than text messaging. Texts are a good way to get ahold of someone in the world we live in today, so why not use this to your advantage?


While emails can be sent on smartphones today, it is more of a hassle than texting, and text messages generally have a higher engagement rate than email. If you want to get ahold of someone or a group of people, you need to text them.


A smartphone prepared to receive text messages from a booster club.

Allows Your Club to Alert Others

Booostr SMS Text Messaging is perfect for sending alerts, reminders, and last-minute messages to specific club supporters, booster club management, volunteers, and students. You will be covered if you need to send out a reminder for an upcoming fundraiser or ask for last-minute volunteers.

As a system, Booostr SMS brings you fast communication and the ability to deliver it to a wide group of people.


Sort Messages and Audiences

Within your supporters, it may be a good idea to organize them into groups. Groups can be created and oriented around events such as fundraiser A group, fundraiser B group, etc. By splitting up your supporters into groups, you can make and send unique messages tailor-made to groups rather than one size fits all messages that may not be relevant for all recipients.

With Booostr SMS Text messaging, your club can send messages to single users, custom groups set up, or to every supporter in your contact list with a phone number.


Keep Business and Personal Messaging Separate

Another key aspect of Booostr SMS Text messaging is that it is a separate system away from club management and volunteer phones. Your club may use a personal or office phone to send bulk text messaging. While this is fine, having a separate messaging system for your club is much more beneficial.

For clubs who use personal phones to send out messages, you can keep your phone for your personal use. And for clubs with office phones to send out messages, you can get rid of the club phone. If you are paying for it, your club can allocate the money to other club concerns.


A plant sprouting from coins generated from booster club revenue.

Use A Cost-Effective Option

We can assure you that the Booostr Bulk Text Messaging Tool is well worth the price. As a product, it is more cost-effective than other text messaging solutions. The full pricing and costs of the nonprofit text messaging tool are available upon request.

Booostr SMS Text Messaging is a premium tool for booster clubs that comes at an affordable price. Booostr SMS Text Messaging comes with 300 (approximately three months) free SMS text messages at sign-up.


Store Messages in One Location

For booster clubs, it is good to have a central storage location for all messages sent out. One reason for this is due to the different managers of a club. As an organization, you want to ensure that booster club management and leadership are sending out appropriate messages that professionally and appropriately represent and showcase the club professionally and appropriately.

Another reason to have a centralized nonprofit text messaging tool is to use archive text messages for later use. If you send out a text to supporters asking them to sign up, which works well, saving it for future uses would be good.

Additionally, if there are any leadership transitions, having all messages stored together online will make it easy to share the templates from old to new leadership.


Set Your Messages Apart

Booostr SMS provides two huge benefits to help make your club stand out and be recognized.

  1. Aids Club Branding: All messages sent with Booostr SMS Text Messaging are branded with the booster club name as the “FROM.” By doing this, your club looks professional and unified as an entity as you send out messages to supporters.
  2. Allows Target Audience to Receive Intended Message: A big problem with mass messaging is that it is easy for phones to flag a message as spam. A lot of the time, cell phones receive texts from numbers not identified and are nameless. Booostr SMS and the club branding feature above, Booostr SMS makes each message get delivered rather than flagged as spam through text systems.


Booostr SMS Make Communicating Easy and Efficient

Booostr SMS Text Messaging is a premium service offered at a cost-effective price that allows for specialized messaging to a wide variety of people. This is a tool to disperse info to many contacts, single users, and custom groups while storing all messages in a sophisticated and safe system. If you want your club to have the best communication with supporters, it starts with messaging us about the Booostr SMS Text Messaging first!

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