Have A Simple (No Coding Needed) Online Presence in Minutes

In many cases, your booster club or small nonprofit may not be the most technically savvy. While having an online presence is critical for any business today – actually launching and maintaing a website can get difficult.

Booostr Easy Web Presence gives EVERY club profile a FREE public facing profile page. While this is not a website, we have designed our profile pages to be Search Engine Optimized so that even if you do not have a website, your club can be found online.  The best part? Our FREE club profile page involves ZERO coding.


Techie Not Needed

Running a website can be difficult, luckily Booostr’s easy Web Presence gives you a basic online profile in minutes. No Coding needs, simply update your organization information and click update and your page is live online!  With more features on the way, your Booostr Profile will be able to act as your online website!


SEO Optimized

A huge advantage of Booostr’s Easy Web Presence is that our profile pages are optimized for search engines such as Google, Bing and even ChatGPT! Your supporters, followers and local community can quickly find your organization online with a quick search. No coding, no messing with html tags – its automatic!


Free With ALL Profiles

What’s the cost of getting your profile up and running? Absolutely FREE. Forget hosting, web development or theme purchasing costs – just a simple profile to get going. No matter if you are on our Starter (FREE) plan or upgraded to our PRO plan – you get a profile for your club or small non profit that is ready to go in minutes!


Registration + Free Booostr Easy Web Presence

Once you have created an account and your submitted your booster club profile is approved, your FREE Booostr Profile is live and running.  Our SEO-centric system coupled with our established Booostr domain automatically ensures your organization profile is indexed by search engines and will start appearing in searched within days!


Always FREE, Easy To Update

Your public profile was built with the intent that every booster club and small nonprofit needs to have an online presence that is easy to manage. We keep our profile pages focused on core organization information while ensuring that every feature has no-coding required to update. Booostr’s profile engine takes care of the heavy lifting of coding, tagging and ensuring your profile is always accessible while giving you simple tools to manage your easy web presence  – easily!

Create Your FREE Account Today

Booster clubs, like any organization requires alot of work to get up and running. Having an online presence is critical to your organization’s success. However, trying to launch, manage, and update your organization website while also trying to fundraise and coordinate supporters in your limited spare time can be near impossible.

Booostr Easy Web Presence gives booster clubs and small nonprofits a simpler solution for managing their online presence. No-coding required means organization leadership can spend less time putting together a website and more time meeting their financial goals!

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