Easily Access Documents with Secure Cloud Storage

Starting and maintaining a booster club generates A LOT of documentation. It can be difficult to keep track of critical files like tax returns, organization start up documents and even meeting & agenda notes – especially when many clubs have almost annual leadership turnover.

Booostr Secure Cloud Storage ensure that your club documents are both secure and always accessible in the cloud. We built a unique organized system that utilizes established partners to ensure security, and custom redundant solutions to ensure documents are almost never “accidentally” lost.


Organized For Leadership Transitions

Booostr Secure Cloud Storage is not just a central document repository, but is designed to help current club leadership transition to new leadership. Furthermore, Booostr’s system has a built in file organization structure and alerts to notify Profile Managers when time sensitive documents are due.


Security, Versioning & Redundancy

Don’t lose important documents again! Booostr’s Secure Cloud Document Storage utilizes the most advanced cloud storage technologies. In addition to being secure, Booostr’s system is built to allow you to tag document versions AND with multiple layers of redundancy to avoid accidental deletions.


Free With ALL Profiles

No matter if you are using Boosostr’s FREE Starter Profile or have upgraded to a PRO account – every club profile has access to Booostr’s Secure Cloud Storage. Furthermore every club has the built in organization system, document version tagging and Booostr’s layered redundancy.


Start with 50MB - Upgrade & Get 15GB

Every club profile on Booostr automatically has access to Booostr’s Secure Cloud Storage.  FREE Starter accounts are given 50MB to start with and PRO accounts are given 15GB with their subscription. If your club needs more than 15GB? Additional storage is available as your club grows!


Easy Integrations & Migrations

Booostr Secure Cloud Storage is easy to utilize. Once your club profile is live, you can start uploading documents to the proper folders so they stay organized.  Booostr offers two easy ways to upload your club’s documents. Either click the Add File button at the top of the document manager OR navigate to the proper folder and click the Add File button.

If for some reason you need to move your files or want to back them up locally – Booostr has built in an easy document migration system that appears after you add your first document. The Download All Documents button downloads all of your documents in a ZIP file while maintaining the folder organization structure.

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Managing a club’s documents and being able to easily pass them off to new leadership are key to running your booster club. Your volunteer time is limited and should not be spent trying to find or re-organize documents.

Booostr Secure Cloud Storage gives booster clubs and small nonprofits a simpler solution for managing documents and organizational knowledge. Simplified tools to organize, move and manage your club’s documents means you can spend less time finding a document and more time achieving your goals!

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