Send Bulk Text Messages With Ease

As a communication tool, texting is the preferred method for many kids and parents these days. When it comes to alerts, critical updates or last minute notices – texting is by far one of the best ways to get the word out.

Booostr SMS Text Messaging Tool is designed to help clubs and small nonprofits maximize their communications. Using Booostr’s Texting tool, clubs and small nonprofits can easily communicate with individual contacts or contact groups in their contact manager.


Text Individuals or Groups

Because Booostr’s SMS Text Messaging Tool integrates directly with your Booostr Contact Manager, you can easily text individual contacts, OR any contact group you have created. Simply choose your contacts from the Contact Manager, write your message and send it!


Separate Personal and Club Texts

When you are in a booster club leadership role, there are a number of contacts you may only interact with for a year or two while you are volunteering. Using Booostr SMS Text Messaging Tool to send your club texts allows you to separate a majority of your booster club texts from your personal (phone) texts.


Increase Giving With Text to Donate

One great way to promote your Booostr Donation Campaign is by utilizing the integration with Booostr SMS Text Messaging.  Simply choose to add a trackable link to your text message and choose from any active donation campaign. Users can click on the link to open your donation campaign on their phone!


One Way Communication Perfect For Updates

If promoting and sending regular updates via SMS text are not your cup of tea, at the very least Booostr SMS Text Messaging is perfect for last minute or urgent messages. The SMS messaging system is primarily designed as one way communication from club to supporters. This makes it the perfect tool for alerts (perhaps a rain delay?), Urgent update (last day to file forms) or any time sensitive communication.


Competitive Texting Rates, Buy As You Go

Your organization might be new to mass text messaging. No matter if your club sends bulk text messages weekly or quarterly, there is a cost for every individual SMS Text message your club or nonprofit sends.

The team at Booostr understands how the costs of sending 100’s or 1000’s of text messages can spiral up and up. We also understand that not every club utilizes SMS Text messaging.  To ensure that your club has the ability to text when it needs to, manage its text related costs, and can scale its texting as it gows Booostr implemented a pay as you go SMS Text credit system.  This allowed us to keep our subscription costs low as well as have some of the lowest pricing per text around!

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Communication and online promotions are constantly evolving.  SMS Texting makes it easier and quicker to communicate between clubs and their supporters, donors and participants

Booostr SMS Text Messaging Tool gives booster clubs and small nonprofits an easy solution for bulk messaging their contacts. Furthermore Booostr SMS Text Messaging allows leadership to separate their personal messages from the club texts.

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