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Team Chat: Chat On The Go

Staying connected is hard as your number of volunteers grows.  With Booostr Team Chat, you can now communicate with your team anywhere on the go!

Booostr Team Chat is designed to allow Booostr PRO level clubs have an easy way to chat with their volunteers on the go. The system includes a desktop (web browser), tablet and mobile chat application to provide the maximum chat coverage for your organization.

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Desktop, Tablet or Mobile Chat

Staying connected with your booster club or nonprofit team has never been easier. With Booostr Chat, you are able to jump into active chats with your preferred device.  Whether on your laptop, tablet or mobile phone – all of your chat conversations are centralized and synced.


Chat Anywhere

Booostr Team Chat tool makes it easy to chat on the go.  Stay in touch with your volunteers at events, on the way to and from events and even just day to day organizing. No matter where you or your nonprofit team is located – as long as you have a cell signal or wifi access, then you can communicate via Booostr Team Chat.


Centralize Your Conversations

Centralizing your small nonprofit communication on a secure platform that you manage will increase your efficiency and ability to execute strategies. By separating your Organization messaging  from personal SMS Messaging will help your organization grow faster while giving you the peace of mind that you own your communication.


The Affordable Chat Application

If you have looked into third-party chat applications, cost can be a critical part of the decision making process. With Booostr Team Chat, your chat application is included at NO EXTRA charge with a Booostr PRO account. No additional fees or costs, just better and easier communication with your volunteers.


Unlimited Chat Groups and Messaging

In many cases third party secure chat applications will limit your chatting abilities at their free level. Additionally, many chat solutions will ask you to pay per user chatting.  With Booostr Team Chat, you are able to create unlimited group chats and direct chats with as many people in your organization as you need to. Booostr’s Team Chat system is designed to give you (as profile manager) maximum control and oversight of your organizations direct and group chat needs without incurring additional costs.

Create Your FREE Account Today

Even if your organization is not ready for Booostr Team Chat, you may be ready to create your FREE Booostr account.

Start utilizing Booostr’s FREE tools today to improve your organization management and centralize your systems.  As you grow into Booostr’s tools you can upgrade to a PRO account to then take advantage of Booostr’s advanced tools like Team Chat.

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