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How to Create a Killer Booster Club Leadership Team

How to Create a Killer Booster Club Leadership Team

The vision, direction, and overall health of a booster club flow down from the booster club leadership team. In order to have an awesome booster club, you will need to have great leadership.

Many people know this of course, but not many know the best practical way to craft a killer booster club leadership team. What makes a great team is not just individuals who can do a lot of work, but selfless volunteers who adhere to the club’s vision and are unified in serving others in their community.

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Invite Them All

Don’t make the mistake of thinking that volunteers of the club must be parents of students. Club volunteers as well as members of the booster club leadership team can be anyone!

Although it can be anyone as you plan to craft an impactful leadership team you will still need to be strategic. A great option to maybe try is to consider asking retirees or semi-retired professionals within your community. For example, maybe you know someone who is a part-time accountant. Ask the person to serve your club and handle the organization’s finances.

By asking a semi-retired or retired professional, you are able to reach someone who has expertise and experience along with ample time to give to your club.

Another great option is to invite former alumni of the school you serve. This could be asking former basketball players or maybe a cheerleader. Not only does this help fill a seat but it allows your leadership team to have someone who has a vested interest and passion for the success of the club.

All in all, you want to think wide about who can be in a leadership position, but you should be selective in choosing. Your club wants to make sure that the best person is in the role and not make a vital mistake in choosing the wrong one.


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Partner With Full-Time Professionals

Not only are part-time professionals fair game but full-time professionals are as well. Ask local professionals to be a part of your booster club leadership team.

By working with local professionals your booster club is able to gain:

  • Experience
  • Hard work
  • Practical know how’s
  • Professional and mature volunteers

Partnering with professionals can be a win-win as well. Offer your local professionals service in your club in exchange for promoting their business. Many professionals would love to have the extra attention.


Be Honoring Yet Honest

As you create a leadership team you need to be careful in how you handle assigning leadership roles and responsibilities. You want to be honoring yet honest.

This means that you want to put volunteers in place and empower them to do a great job and serve your club in the best way. However, you also want to be honest with them about the expectations and roles that they need to fulfill as well as be open and honest when they are not meeting their expectations and fulfilling their role.

Once again, the booster club leadership team is important because the success of the club hinges on its vision and direction and if one member or a couple of members of the management team are failing to do their job, it can have disastrous effects on the club.

In the event that a member of the management/leadership team has failed to uphold the standard of the club and meet their expectations and role responsibilities, you should not feel bad about asking them to step down from their position.

Remember, if you are in a situation where you need to ask someone to step down and it is difficult for you, think about what is best for your club. Putting someone in place who can and wants to help serve their school or neglecting to remove someone who is actively going against that?


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Leadership Traits to Seek

  • Clear Vision in Line with Club Values and Goals: Your leadership team will be composed of many but will need to operate as one. You will need volunteers in leadership positions who have the same vision and goals for the club and can work with others to accomplish them.
  • Deliver On Time and When Needed: Booster club leadership must be mature, professional, and courteous people. They will need to be faithful to their responsibilities and deliver materials on time in a professional and efficient manner.
  • Able to Collaborate and Work with Others: Your booster club leadership team is a team and should work like one. Having a group of hardworking individuals doesn’t mean much if they cannot come together to run a successful booster club. Working together with others day in and out is what creates an impactful leadership team.
  • Able to Balance Volunteering with Life: A booster club will require volunteers to sacrifice precious time to help and serve. This may be even more for booster club leadership. Make sure that you are not appointing someone who wants the fame of leadership but not the hard work.

Your booster club leadership team needs to be filled with individuals who are able to sacrifice and balance volunteering with their regular lives of kids, spouses, etc.


Booostr Connects Your Leadership Team

Booostr is an online tool tailor-made for booster club leadership teams. With a unique toolset including organization management, fundraising, storage, and data analysis, Booostr is a great resource for your club.

Serving as a one-stop shop for all of your booster club needs, Booostr allows your leadership team to keep all of their important documents safe and secure in its cloud storage. Storing all of your club’s import documents and data in one place allows information to be accessed and shared by your leadership. This is just one of many ways that Booostr can serve your booster club leadership.


A Killer Leadership Team Is Necessary for Success

From the NFL to little league, a great team is successful when everyone works together. Just like these, a great booster club is also successful and dependent on a killer leadership team with people in the right roles to help bring success. Remember as you craft your booster club leadership team to choose the right people, the best tools like Booostr, and to make sure they have the perfect traits and vision to help your club thrive.

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