Proper Strategies to Collect Booster Club Newsletter Emails

If you manage a booster club or oversee one as a school official, you’ll be relying on email as your primary method of communication. This is the best way you inform the volunteers and parents in the group of new events, tasks to be accomplished, and other information they may need to know. However, in order to have an email newsletter, you need to collect booster club newsletter emails from your group members. This may seem simple at first, but there are actually specific rules and regulations you will need to follow in order to do this. This guide breaks down everything you need to know about how to collect emails for your booster club’s newsletter….

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Managing Booster Club Marketing Budgets

In order to have a successful booster club, members will need to have proper management and guidance over club activities. One of these activities that take the utmost importance is managing booster club marketing budgets. Booster club marketing is a fundamental tasks that can ensure your club gets its name known in your area as well as bring in funds for needs and operations. However, without the proper guidance in marketing your booster club you can easily pour money down the drain….

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The School Business Official’s Guide to Manage Booster Clubs

When you oversee your school’s booster clubs as an athletic director or a part of school leadership, you get to make sure the parents and volunteers who manage the group do so according to your school requirements. This gives you the ability to make sure they’re in compliance with your rules and has a range of benefits that extend to the school itself and the community. However, this role is very involved, comes with its own challenges and typically does not include any guide to manage booster clubs associated with your school… until now! From basic club set up and organization, to knowing how often to oversee club meetings and what events the club will need to plan, to making sure the booster club is operating legally, there is alot to Manage. All of this makes having a guide to manage booster clubs for school leadership so much more important!…

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Steps To Maintain Booster Club 501c3 Status

After several hoops to jump through and plenty of red tape, your booster club has been approved as a 501c3, a type of tax-exempt, or charitable organization. The work is not over once you’ve established your club’s tax-exempt status in compliance with the IRS (Internal Revenue Service). It is important to understand the applicable rules and regulations to maintain booster club 501c3 Status and keep your booster club.


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A Primer For Managing Booster Club Accounting

Proper fundraising is the backbone of a successful booster club. Additionally, in order to have a strong and healthy make up of this backbone your club needs to implement the right tools and people for managing booster club accounting and finances.

If your booster club uses the right accounting tools you will be able to utilize various resources that can strengthen, bring value, and  provide tremendous help for your booster club….

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How To Run A Booster Club Casino Night Fundraiser

Booster clubs play a major role in the support of public school systems (as well as other groups) across the country, but especially when it comes to raising funds. Where local, state, or federal money ends, parents and the tight-knit community of supporters commit to helping bolster the needs and quality of the student experience. There are innumerable ways for clubs to achieve this goal. We’re going to focus on one particularly fun and exciting theme for fundraising: running a booster club Casino Night fundraiser!…

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Booster Club Pay to Play Defined and How To Avoid It

One of the main objectives and for some, pitfalls, of running a booster club is financing activities through fundraising and other means. A popular and controversial method to raise funds is through booster club pay to play.

On the surface, the concept of booster club pay to play may sound like a good option to fundraise and build steady revenue for a booster club, but there is much more to this concept that is far more problematic….

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