Booster clubs are nonprofits, and as such, they thrive on volunteers. Volunteering for a booster club is just as easy as it sounds. You donate your time and/or skills in a way that can help benefit the group and its mission.

While donating time and skills are both two popular and excellent options when it comes to volunteering, there are actually many different ways in which you can volunteer for a booster club. Each method is just as vital as the other in helping the booster club to succeed.

Why Volunteering For A Booster Club Is Important

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Volunteering for a booster club is important because it helps the club to reach their goals. Not only that but when you donate your time and skills to a booster club, you are helping the students and school to succeed. Your donation of time (no matter how small) creates a ripple effect that reaches out into the community and affects lives for years to come.

Your act of volunteering affects:

  • The club
  • The student body
  • The community
  • Yourself

How volunteering affects the club

A booster club is goal-driven and operated by volunteers. As an example, when a club sets the goal to buy new sporting equipment for the team, you can assume that the associated costs will be high. As a nonprofit, the booster club uses fundraisers and other means of monetization to keep it up running while meeting goals such as this.

The more volunteers that a club has, the more successful the fundraisers can be. There will be more people to set up, clean up, promote, and more. While each and every task may be simple, when there are only a few volunteers, those tasks can be very time-consuming. With a lot of volunteers, everything can happen at a much faster pace, with much less stress.

What volunteering does for the student body

Both the student participants and the non-participating students are affected by volunteering. For some, volunteering is simply community service hours. For others, it’s a great way to become involved in something, grow new connections through networking, and have fun at the same time.

How your volunteering affects the local community

As a result of your volunteering for a booster club, you will find that the community will have long term benefits ranging from increased education to also helping it to become a more desirable place to live.

  • Property rates increase
  • Crime rates decrease
  • Students stay in school longer
  • The local commerce may do better as well

All of these results may take years before seeing any of the effects of your volunteering for a booster club, but you can see gradual changes happening much sooner.

How volunteering helps you

The social interactions that happen when you participate in volunteering activities can provide a greater sense of accomplishment. It also makes you feel like you belong to something bigger than yourself. Giving general life satisfaction and a sense of purpose that can have a greater effect on your own health by helping to reduce signs of depression.

Not only that but every hour of your time that you donate while volunteering for a booster club will be gained back in real dollar amounts, which can then be spent bettering the school programs and the booster club.

Your donated time makes an impact on a lot of things, but it’s especially important for the students and community at large.

How Your Time Impacts Students And Community At Large

When you become a booster club volunteer, you sign up to donate your time towards helping the school programs and student body.

Volunteering is important for the school and the community because it meets critical and local needs.

Some of the ways that you’ll see your school benefiting from your volunteering for a booster club are:

  • Student participation increases.
    • As the needs of the student participants are met, more students will seek to join in the activity, increasing participation.
    • With booster club funding lowering the activity costs for students, more can afford to join.
  • The student’s grades improve
    • Most schools have a rule stating that grades must be up to par for a student to participate in extracurricular activities. With more students joining these programs, more students are studying to keep their grades up.
  • The school spirit increases.
    • As more students flock to the school programs and start engaging in conversations about the programs and booster club, you will see a lot of school spirit being shared amongst the school and families. Everyone will be proud to show off their affiliation, and others will be looking for new ways to start volunteering for a booster club.
  • More people will want to become a booster club volunteer
    • When you find more people volunteering for a booster club, you find that the circle continues to grow and go around and around. The more people are participating, the more the school spirit increases, the more money the booster club can raise, and the better the school program can do. The better the school program does, the more people you have wanted to participate in, and so on.
  • The better the school programs do, the more notoriety the school receives and it may even qualify for grants or another form of government cash assistance that can benefit the school.
    • When a school has impressive programs and students are doing well both academically and socially, you find that the student body population growth will increase as more parents will have their students transferred in hopes of a better education.

When schools are growing, students are doing well, programs are running, and the school spirit is high, the school looks great in the eyes of the local community, and it all comes back around to benefiting the school, the booster club, the students and the programs. To make these things happen, it’s crucial to have as many volunteers as possible.

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How To Attract More Booster Club Volunteers

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Many extracurricular activities today rely on the support of booster clubs. In turn, booster clubs rely on volunteers to help keep the club running and bringing in the money for the school’s extracurricular activities. Finding people to support by managing or simply volunteering can be a challenge. However, if you follow some simple guidelines, you may have better luck attracting more booster club volunteers.

Delegate tasks to volunteers that fit their personal strengths

Everyone responds to social encouragement and has a fear of failing. By assigning tasks to people that use their set of skills, you can have everyone motivated to complete the tasks and doing them well. Not only that, but it takes much less time to do tasks that you’re familiar with, meaning that the volunteer wouldn’t need to spend more time than necessary trying to do the task.

Ask specifics when you want a volunteer to participate in something

Instead of asking if someone could volunteer some time, ask a particular question that gives all of the necessary details. Something like, “Can you volunteer this many hours on this day from this time to this time.” It gives everything they need to know and gives little room for miscommunication, making it easier to agree to.

Look for non-parents to recruit

When your kid is involved in an activity, the last thing you want to do is miss a big game, concert or another important event. When you volunteer to work or do something at the event, you’ll be less than enthusiastic during the event, and that’s never any fun.

Seek out non-parents to volunteer during these times and possibly consider trading the duties with another booster club.

For example, a football booster club and an orchestra booster club. The parents of the football players can work at the next concert while the parents of the orchestra members can host the concessions at the next game. Coordinating fundraisers like this benefits a lot of people at once and increases the spirit within the school community.

When pitching to potential volunteers make sure that you pitch to THEIR interests

Everybody has something that they are good at or enjoy doing. Finding out what people enjoy doing is an excellent way to find helpful volunteers. Not only does it make pitching easier, but it also helps you to know what future fundraisers or events you can use them for.

When pitching to a potential volunteer, make sure that you mention how they can use their natural talents and interests in their volunteering by listing out different activities, they could be helpful with. For example, if they enjoy cooking, they could be great with a bake sale.

Make sure that you explain how this helps THEIR kid

While it’s easy to say how a booster club affects the school and what they do, their mission, etc. It’s easy to forget to get specific on how this group can help to benefit the kids.

Make sure that when you’re talking to a potential parent volunteer that you explain how the money you raise is used for the benefit of the students and use specific past examples. For example, if you donated enough money to buy new equipment, or hire a new coach, make sure that you illustrate that in your pitch.

Ways To Volunteer For A Booster Club

There are a lot of different ways that you can volunteer your time and skills to a booster club. None of which require any monetary contributions as your time and skills are equally as precious.

How to volunteer for a booster club:

  • Volunteer your time to work at a long event such as firework sales or concessions.
  • Offer to reach out to businesses and connections to help set up fundraisers.
  • Pass out flyers, sell tickets, or promote an event on social media to help boost attendance.
  • Run for a board position where you can dedicate your time to the duties of your office.
  • Ask for any other tasks or duties that might be needed and find a way to do them or ask to do the ones that best match your skillset.
  • Donate your professional services/expertise if there is a need.

Each of these tasks illustrates a small example of ways that you can help. But keep in mind that there are almost endless ways that you can volunteer for your booster club — asking your booster club what you can do to help it the best way to find out.

Once you know about events hosted by your local booster club and how you can help, you can join in the fun and excitement.

Volunteering for a booster club is a great way to support your booster club, school, and the local community. When you donate your time and skills, you are doing far more than you may realize. With booster clubs relying on the help and support of volunteers, every hour you can give them is precious and beneficial in one way or another.

Check out how you can volunteer for your booster club today!


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