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Booostr Document Storage Advantages vs. Other Cloud Storage Solutions

Booostr Document Storage Advantages vs. Other Cloud Storage Solutions

As your leadership operates and manages your booster club, managing and tracking different files and documents is one of the worst parts. But what if you had a system and tool that could turn one of the worst parts of your club into one of its best? Booostr Document Storage advantages your club by providing various features that organize and simplify how your club manages files.

So don’t work with the worst; win by using the best with Booostr Document Storage.

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Online Storage is Necessary

Your booster club will need a proper storage method to have an efficient and well-operated organization. And because we live in a tech-centered world, your organization system needs to be a managed cloud storage solution.

Gone are the days of keeping overstuffed file cabinets and desks littered with papers. In our digital age, it is easier than ever to upload files and documents online to store them and keep them organized in a way that keeps them close by and accessible.

Cloud file storage is necessary to have important club docs like tax forms, payment receipts, balance sheets, and more stored in one spot that is easy to access and available to be shared with others easily within your booster club. But knowing that online storage is needed is only half the battle. The other half is finding the best-organized cloud storage. Thankfully we know just the one for you!


Booostr Document Storage Advantages

Your club can utilize many pros and Booostr Document Storage advantages. Some of these key features include:

  • Cloud Storage: Booostr Cloud Document storage is cloud storage to the fullest extent. If your club is using or is familiar with popular cloud storage solutions and programs, you will have no trouble with Booostr Document Storage. You can have both familiarities in using cloud file storage and an experience of new features not to be found anywhere else.
  • Storage Backup: Booostr gives users multiple redundancies to ensure data is not lost.
  • Easily accessible and able to share: Like any other cloud storage, Booostr provides access to files with the ability to share them with supporters and organization leadership. Additionally, you will be flexible with the document types you upload.
  • Cutting Edge Technology: Booostr uses industry-leading technology as the backbone of document storage. In addition to the system already in place, the Booostr team is working hard behind the scenes to ensure the system stays updated and has many features to come.


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A Safe Place Made for You

The biggest way Booostr Document Storage differs from alternatives is that it is created and sustained with an emphasis on being used by nonprofits.

Booster Cloud Document storage as a simple cloud storage system includes a native file manager to help your nonprofit organization your key documents, including Annual Filings and Organizational Documents (i.e., bylaws, incorporation documents, etc.).

Other alternative cloud storage options are one size fits all, and while they can be useful, they lack the focus and features that nonprofits need to emphasize.


Sharing is Caring

Booster club leadership transitions happen from time to time. During these transitions, it is easy for information to become lost or misplaced as one member exits and another enters. To ensure your leadership has a smooth and productive transition, you can put all your club’s important documents and info in one place.

With all of the Booostr Document Storages advantages, you can keep your information stored safely in one place and have it accessible to old and new members of your booster club. When a transition is in place, a club leader or executive with access or control to a club’s Document Storage can change the password and log in to the new leadership. This simple transfer of access to the storage center is all there is required to successfully transfer many of a club’s key information and documents in an easy and time-efficient way.


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A Digital Fortress for Your Files

We know accidents happen all the time. One of the causes of many headaches and suffering comes from deleting the wrong items and losing them forever. Booostr understands this and would like to make sure that you can both clear space for more storage and keep deleted files near you just in case you need them again.

One of the biggest Booostr Document Storage advantages is the redundancy of file deletion. Items deleted are sent to a trash bin, where they stay unless the trash bin is emptied. Even if the trash bin is emptied, the files are not permanently deleted for another 30 days. This helps ensure that deleting files by accident are retrievable.


The Price is Right

While it is a good idea to pay for the best cloud file storage and get peace of mind, you don’t want to spend up to your club’s budget just trying to organize and keep files. Affordability and reasonable pricing mark another key Booostr Document Storage advantage.

Each club will require different file and document storage levels, and Booostr wants to best accommodate all clubs’ needs. Booostr Document Storage offers different plans to meet each booster club’s needs.

Booostr offers 50MB of space for free with our FREE accounts. The storage space increases to 15GB of space with a Booostr PRO plan. If you need more space, you can add it a la carte as you need it moving forward with competitively priced organized cloud storage.

As you evaluate which Booostr Document Storage plan you need to use or purchase, your club should properly discern your club needs and which plan is best suited for it.

Booostr Document Storage is Better

By using Booostr Secure Document Storage, you are able to centralize your important files alongside your financial data, online presence, and other Booostr management, marketing, and fundraising tools you use to run your club online. Take action now to receive the Booostr Document Storage advantages and keep everything together in one place!

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