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Managing Your Volunteer Hours Dedicated to Your Booster Club

Managing Your Volunteer Hours Dedicated to Your Booster Club

Managing a booster club is a fantastic opportunity to serve your community and make a difference in the lives of many people. Additionally, serving in a booster club allows you to be of great value and use for yourself as well as others. However, it is very easy to let this perspective and grand vision consume your life in a negative way.

It is very easy to become overburdened and lost without the proper knowledge of how to manage volunteer hours in your booster club. However, with the right plan and application, you and your booster club can have great success managing your volunteer hours.


A booster club manager's planner.

Build Out a Schedule

Probably the easiest way to manage your volunteer hours is to create a schedule for your involvement in the club and adhere to it. In order to properly manage your volunteer hours, you need to have some method of organization.

This comes in the form of setting up specific times throughout the week to dedicate to the booster club. In booster club volunteering you will do well if you can block out specific dates in advance for meetings and events related to the club. It’s also good to understand that some weeks may require more time and others less – but having set times helps to even it out.

More often than not the hard part of making a schedule is making a schedule. Once it’s written or logged then all you have to do is follow it. Scheduling is a great option for managing your volunteer hours by helping you to organize your time.


A booster club manager planning out projects.

Plan Out Projects

In many cases, the time you spend serving in your club will dictate what project you are working on. If you make a plan for each project you can divvy up the time spent.

This may sound similar to building a schedule, and in some ways, it is, but what separates planning for projects is that you are looking at each project or task you have to do and dividing time for each step in the process. Whereas scheduling is just choosing blocks or dates that you can serve on.

Essentially a plan helps you prioritize tasks. You can see what needs the most attention and what needs little. When tackling a project, a plan can be a great asset. Here is an example of a plan outline you can use for a project or task:

  1. Decide what needs to be done: Sit down and figure out what needs to be done for your booster club at the moment. This could be a fundraiser or organizing internal documents and other paperwork.
  2. Figure out how to accomplish it: Think about the best ways to bring finish what needs to be done in a professional and efficient manner.
  3. Set time to work at it: Work at what needs to be done. Put in the hours and grind it out.
  4. Evaluate the Work: Think about what you have done. Is the job done and the need met? If not, how can you alter it to best meet the need and serve?

By planning projects, you will be able to best adjust your time as small tasks done in an efficient manner can be completed soon, while larger more time extensive tasks can be figured out and planned for early on, helping to bring balance to your managing your volunteer hours.


Don’t Be Selfish

It’s easy to lose sight of your role on your booster club team. Your role as a volunteer or even in booster club management is to be a servant and a helpful aid to your school and organizations.

When you enter into a mindset that you have to do everything for your booster club and that it will not run without you breaking your back then you’re not best serving your club and community.

You can best serve your club by being honest and working with others to do the best work in the best way. Part of managing your volunteer hours is admitting and being honest that the club doesn’t always need you and that you need others to help serve in the club. Understand that you cannot do everything and you will need help. It takes a village.

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