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Best 2022 Online Tax Software for Booster Clubs

Best 2022 Online Tax Software for Booster Clubs

It’s that time of year again; tax season. While this may cause you to sigh and dread the coming months, remember that with the right tax tools this process can go from a headache to hardly any work at all. This all starts with finding and using the best 2022 online tax software.

We’ve done all the hard work for you and provided a list of online tax programs to handle your booster club taxes. Below you will find these options along with other key information on the best 2022 online tax software.

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Why Tax Software is Important

Tax software is important to your booster club for a variety of reasons. The biggest is the mere fact that your booster club management could enter into serious trouble by not filing taxes. Secondly, tax software helps you club with accounting as well as just filing taxes. In addition to this, there are two more big reasons that tax software and especially the right online tax programs can be a great asset to your club.

  1. Tax software saves time: Why let someone do what you can do yourself? Or better yet, why go through the hassle of letting an outside party file your taxes when your club can do it yourself and do it easily?

Remember during tax season your booster club is merely a drop in the bucket. There are countless other organizations and individuals who need their taxes done. When you pass your taxes off to a professional company or person you will find yourself waiting for them to be completed. Instead of waiting, take action with the best 2022 online tax software. You can have your taxes done in half the time freeing your club up to focus on more important activities.

  1. Tax software saves money: Remember outside help is not free, and more often than not outside help is not cheap.


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How to Evaluate Tax Software

Each club will use different software as each club has different needs. What may work wonders and be easy-to-use tax software for one club may not be useful for another. With that in mind, each booster club needs to use proper discretion in finding the best 2022 online tax software that works for them.

Things that we considered in evaluating the best 2022 online tax software:

  • Ease of use (how easy it is to use the software)
  • Online vs downloadable (What format the software comes in)
  • How much the software costs (monthly or annual pricing and other cost options)
  • How does the software handle booster club accounting/tax needs?

Best Online Tax Software

Below are the best and brightest tax software options that we have evaluated for you.  The first two options (Quickbooks and Aplos) are more accounting programs but they integrate with tax filing solutions – which is why we listed them!



Booostr Rating: 4.75//5

Ease of use: 5/5

Online or Downloadable: Online or Downloadable

Costs: Offers four pricing options with the lowest at $25/month and the highest at $180/month

Ability to Handle Needs: Easily the most popular business accounting software. QuickBooks is great because it uses information entered in to make complex calculations such as when taxes need to be paid out and how much. Additionally, QuickBooks keeps all of your tax records organized in one place and can prepare them to be ready to go for you.

QuickBooks is a great option due to its organizing and structuring of information that helps streamline your tax preparation and accounting needs.



Booostr Rating: 4/5

Ease of use: 4.5/5

Online or Downloadable: Online

Costs: Three pricing options with the lowest at $29.50/month and the highest at $100+(custom pricing based on needs)

Ability to Handle Needs: Serving as a smaller brand, Aplos serves to help and cater to booster clubs by giving them software and tools that are tailor-made for clubs.

What makes Aplos such a great online accounting tool is that it was designed for nonprofits rather than for-profit businesses. With this option, you will find many common toolsets like online donation management, reporting functionalities, and transaction reporting that have been customed to best suit nonprofits and booster clubs.


Booostr Rating: 4/5

Ease of use: 4/5

Online or Downloadable: Online

Costs: Free, or $6.99 for the deluxe edition, and $14.99 for state tax filling

Ability to Handle Needs: FreeTax USA is another small and cost-friendly option. Giving users the ability to file their federal taxes for free and keep all data safe in encrypted storage space, FreeTax prioritizes affordability along with proper security.

The only downside of FreeTaxUSA is that it lacks some features that would make the tax/accounting process easier. Things like lack of document upload, along with a dated user interface and extra costs to file your state taxes on top makes the software a bit flawed.


Intuit Turbo Tax:

Booostr Rating: 5/5

Ease of use: 5/5

Online or Downloadable: Downloadable

Costs: Has free edition along with premium options. Federal and state filing software can range from $95 – $165. Filing a return as an individual can cost between $0 – $119. With professional help, the cost can be between $199 – $389.

Ability to Handle Needs: TurboTax is the caviar of small business tax software. Although there is a free and low-cost option, the premium versions are on the pricey side. Nevertheless, TurboTax serves as an amazing software for booster clubs.

What makes Turbo Tax so good is how easy it is to use due in large part to its user interface coupled with a user-friendly format. For instance, the software comes with a question and answer(Q&A) format that allows users to tell the program about their situation and after answering, Turbo Tax will use your answers to find the best solutions and forms needed. Turbo tax can handle your club’s tax and accounting needs but it shines in how it allows users to accomplish these needs in a smooth way.

If you would rather speak to someone about the software then TurboTax offers one on one support from their in-house experts to help you along the process. Along with more features that make for easy usability like document uploads, TurboTax is a fantastic option that is well worth its hefty price point making it easily one of the best 2022 online tax software.


H&R Block:

Booostr Rating: 4/5

Ease of use: 4.5/5

Online or Downloadable: Downloadable

Costs: Offers a free version and premium versions as well. If your club wants to file by itself it will cost up to $146.98 for federal and state taxes to be covered. If you need assistance then it will cost between $69.99 – $231.98. Add on top of that $54.95 (for Deluxe + State) – $89.95, plus $19.95 to e-file for the official software.

Ability to Handle Needs: One of the most known and recognizable tax brands, H&R Block is a great option for those who may want some extra assistance in their accounting and tax information. H&R Block provides online access for your club to use on its own and also offers premium service by its high skilled assistance team. These assistants can help online, over the phone, or in person at one of H&R Block’s 10,000+ retail locations.

Additionally, H&R Block provides unlimited on-demand chat or video support with online assistance plans.

The only downside of H&R Block is that it might not be the best software for clubs with the most complex tax documents. But for those clubs that are simply looking for something to get the job done in a quick, efficient, and proper manner, then this is the program for them.


Don’t Stress, Just Choose the Best

There is a great variety of booster club accounting and tax software available. While they differ in many ways, they all come together in simplifying tasks and making your tax season and accounting a lot easier. So don’t stress, but review the best 2022 online tax software and find the best option for your club now.

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