Quick and Free Messaging to Your Supporters & Leadership

Having multiple ways to communicate to your supporters helps ensure that important information is not missed.  Different people prefer different modes of contact and it’s important your club utilizes every supporter’s preferred method.

Booostr Platform Messaging Tool is designed to help clubs and small nonprofits expand their direct supporter communication. Using Booostr’s Platform Messaging Tool, clubs and small nonprofits can send direct messages to contacts or contact groups through the Booostr Network. Any supporter with a Booostr account will receive an alert for new messages in their email!


Club to Supporter Messaging

Engaging with supporters via email marketing is great for broad announcements, but not great for personal messaging. Booostr’s Platform Messaging lets you send direct messages to contacts, who can then reply to directly via their Booostr account.  This gives clubs a more personal way to talk with their supporters.


Built In Contact Manager Integration

Booostr’s Platform Messaging Tool integrates directly with Booostr Contact Manager letting you message any Contact or Contact Group. In addition the recipients of the message are able to reply directly to the club, no matter if the original message was sent to an individual or a group of contacts!


Messaging Alerts Sent Via Email

Most users are going to be on and off Booostr’s Platform – especially supporters with an account. To ensure they do not miss any important information sent via Booostr Platform Messaging Tool, the system alerts every receipient that was messaged that they have a message waiting on Booostr.


Communication Designed For Leadership Transition

Booostr understands how regularly many booster clubs turn over their leadership.  One of the advantages of utilizing Booostr Platform Messaging is that it maintains a central record of communication between the club and its supporters. Say good bye to losing access to a previous volunteer’s email. When you utilize Booostr Platform Messaging, the next team to take over the club has easy access to the communication history via Booostr.


Available for All Accounts

Communication tools such as Email Marketing and SMS Texting can get expensive.  Using your personal email for volunteer work can get confusing.

We built Booostr Platform Messaging Tool to give clubs and small nonprofits another way to help separate their private from their volunteer communications. By utilizing Booostr Platform Messaging, all messaging stays within the club account and you only receive the alerts when a reply has happened. This keeps a cleaner separation between your personal and club business.

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Booostr Platform Messaging is not only FREE but a SMART solution for centralizing your club to supporter communication. Designed for every club, it is ready to go as soon as your profile is live!

If your club needs more personalized engagement with some or all of your supporters, Booostr Platform Messaging helps solve that. With direct replies by supporters, you are able to message many and understand individual input. Adding Booostr Platform Messaging to your communication arsenal helps you to better understand your volunteers and supporters.

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