Running A Booster Club 101

Running a booster club can be a lot of work. There are so many critical details needed to help manage a booster club successfully. Some of these details include meeting details, fundraisers, and just handling the essential leadership roles and responsibilities that come along with it.

Manage A Booster Club

Booster Club founders discussing next steps

Running a booster club requires a lot of management effort right from the start. It can take a lot of time and paperwork. Staying organized while you handle this task can help it to move more efficiently.

Some of the things involved with managing a booster club are:

  • Setting up your booster club and getting it ready
  • Filing paperwork with the state
  • Creating a board of directors
  • Helping to get everyone on the same page with the goals of the group

If you want more great tips and tricks for running a booster club, helping to keep it organized and managed right from the start, check out this excellent guide created by Booostr to help you with the management needed to start a booster club!

Booster Club Marketing

Marketing your booster club is a great way to get yourselves seen and to see results. By sharing your logos and objectives with as many people as possible, you may see an increase in your booster club revenue.

Some things to consider with your booster club marketing are:

  • The name of your booster club
  • Your logo design
  • Your social media and internet presence
  • Merchandise
  • Important booster club documents such as letterheads.

Marketing a booster club can often be confusing, complicated, and hard to understand. To help you get a better handle on your booster club marketing, Booostr put together an easy to read guide of basic top-level strategies. Check out our guide now if you’re ready to make your booster club marketing easier!

Your Booster Club Social Media profiles are a great way for people to find your club.

Booster Club Leadership

Booster Club Management can make or break an organization

Booster club leadership is an incredibly important part of ensuring your booster club’s success. The wrong people in charge could easily destroy years worth of hard work and effort. Meanwhile, excellent leadership can bring it to new heights and have it thriving better than ever.

Some things to consider with booster club leadership are:

  • Electing new booster club leaders
  • Transitioning the leadership from one person to another
  • Transitioning the paperwork involved
  • Appointing new board members
  • Removing someone from a leadership position

Want to know what signs to look for in a good leader or how to properly elect new leadership? Booostr has a handy guide to help you out! So if you’re ready to take your booster club leadership seriously and learn what it takes to make your club a huge success, check it out now!

Running A Booster Club Meeting

Another important thing about running a booster club is making sure that the meetings are done correctly. There are a lot of rules involved not just to comply with the group but also to comply with state and federal nonprofit laws.

Running a booster club meeting can be a lot of work, but the rewards are great. Being able to meet with other booster club members to discuss new fundraisers to raise money or finding new ways to help the students and facility is a great way to show school spirit.

Some of the things involved in running a booster club meeting include:

  • Following Roberts Rules of Order
  • Accurately taking minutes of the meetings
  • Discussing the financial statements
  • Bringing up important business and taking any necessary actions

Running a booster club meeting means that you have to keep track of a lot of documents and tasks. Find out more about what they are and how you can make running a booster club easier by checking out Booostr’s guide!

Management running a booster club meeting

Booster Club Fundraising

Booster club fundraising and giving

Fundraisers are a massive part of booster club success. They help to make money to pay for the school- and that’s usually the significant objective for a booster club- to raise funds for the school.

Booster club fundraising can be a lot of fun, but it also takes a lot of work, for example:

  • Planning the perfect fundraisers
  • Delegating tasks
  • Looking for company sponsors
  • Staying organized during planning and execution
  • Reevaluating the success rate afterward to determine what can be improved upon and what went well enough to repeat for future success.

With fundraisers being so essential and containing so many steps, you must know the ins and outs of handling a fundraiser from conception to fruition. If you want to know the best tips for holding successful fundraisers with your booster club, Booostr has put together an excellent guide for booster club fundraising. Check it out now!

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