Simple Email Marketing for Clubs & Small Orgs

Email is still one of the best and most affordable ways to communicate with and promote to your supporters. Having access to an affordable quality email marketing system can help your club grow exponentially.

Booostr Email Marketing Tool is designed to help clubs and small nonprofits maximize their communications. Using Booostr’s Email Marketing Tool, clubs and small nonprofits can easily communicate with any number of  contact groups in their contact manager.


Directly Syncs With Contact Manager

Because Booostr’s Newsletter Marketing Tool integrates directly with your Booostr Contact Manager , you can easily email any Contact Group you have set up. Your Contact Manager Groups automatically sync into your Newsletter Tool so that you maintain one Contact List and One Set of Contact Groups.


Unlimited Contacts

Because of the unique system of tools offered by Booostr and how they all connect and interact – we do not currently limit the number of contacts you can email. Your contacts are synced directly from your Contact Manager Groups so it is based on how many supporters your organization has!


Beautiful Emails, No Coding Needed

Booostr Newsletter Marketing Tool was built focusing on features needed for volunteer-run organizations to be able to send effective emails. To eliminate coding, Booostr utilizes cleanly designed Templates created for any occasion. Feel free to tweak the email layouts as you see fit, but it’s not necessary!


Track Opens, Clicks and Engagement

Beyond sending emails, tracking and reporting results are a must. To ensure your emails are delivering, how many people are opening, clicking and engaging with your campaign efforts – Booostr Newsletter Marketing Tool includes a full range of stats.  These stats are designed to give your booster club or small nonprofit the insights needed to improve their email effectiveness.


Included in PRO Accounts - No Additional Fees

Email marketing can get expensive and Booostr is focused on helping to keep it affordable. That’s why email marketing is included in ALL PRO subscription accounts.

It doesn’t matter if your club sends 100 emails per month, or 10,000.  Your email costs are going to be the same every month – the cost of your PRO subscription.  There really is no better deal around, and we have worked hard to develop a solution that allows us to offer both unlimited contacts and unlimited emails per month.

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Email marketing is an established, cost effective solution for growing your organization’s revenue and visibility. Ensuring that your booster club or small nonprofit has an easy to use and functional email marketing solution is one key to your success.

Booostr Newsletter Marketing Tool gives booster clubs and small nonprofits an easy solution for emailing their contacts. Furthermore Booostr Newsletter Marketing Tool gives leadership the analysis and reporting to understand the impact of their newsletter strategies.

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