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We believe that booster clubs can continually make a massive impact as our school systems come under assault. Whether its cuts from the Federal Level, or inequalities in funding, booster clubs are the great equalizer. When we work together, not only to help, but to improve each club we help ourselves and our communities.  The Booostr Beta Team is a mostly passive way that you can help your community and clubs across the country make the kinds of impact on student’s lives that they carry forward through the rest of their lives. Consider joining today and helping shape the future of booster clubs and school activities!

Benefits of Becoming a Booostr Beta Team Member


First Access to New Tools

We don’t expect our Booostr Beta Team members to only give feedback and not receive anything in return. As a qualified beta team member one benefit is you receive early access to our tools before they are released! You get to engage with tools to improve your booster club’s efficiencies first!


Make An Impact Nationwide

As a Beta Tester for Booostr – your impact is felt throughout the country by the various booster clubs that use our tools to improve their operations.  Not only do you get direct benefits, but you also are receive the added benefit of knowing you are helping clubs similar to yours succeed.


Special Beta Tester Only Offers

As an added bonus for our Booostr Beta Team members, you receive special Beta Team Member pricing on all of our paid toolsets. It may mean free access for some tools and greatly reduce costs for others. It’s our way of thanking you for helping us to help booster clubs succeed across the county.

Booostr Beta Team Growth Impact On Booster Clubs

What Impact Do Beta Testers Have?

Believe it or not Booostr Beta Team members have a significant impact.  Not only do you help guide the release of new features and tools on – your direct input helps our systems better serve booster clubs across the United States.  Our development works in tandem with beta team feedback to ensure that our tools are not only useful, but improve clubs’ efficiencies – no matter their size! Join today to make an impact, and if you find it’s not for you – feel free to stop at any time. It’s really that simple.

Basic Expectations of Beta Team Members

We understand that time is a precious commodity, especially when you are already donating your spare time to helping run a booster club or two.  While we do require participation as a Beta Team Member, we are extremely mindful of what those requirements entail.  To help you get a better understanding of what Booostr Booster Club Beta Team Members do, we put together some top level points that would be expected.  Have a question or a concern?  Contact us and we can discuss further!
Because everyone has limited time – especially after daily life + booster club volunteering – we keep booster club Beta Team members’ participation as limited and straight forward as possible. To maximize your time, and minimize the time needed to be an active Beta Team member, we keep our requests to a minimum – both in quantity and time needed to respond. Generally speaking we ask:
  1. That you receive at least one Beta Team outreach request from Booostr per month (though normally it is much less)
  2. You respond to the request within 72 hours (3 days)
  3. You answer as honestly as possible
  4. If we request a follow up to any information provided that you agree to follow ups
  5. Any time you or your team are not comfortable providing information, you have that option
Time is your most precious commodity, and because we understand that we work to limit our requests to Beta Team members to no more than 3 per month – though generally it is less than one request per month. To help accommodate different club schedules, we give a 72 hour window to respond.  Granted, we are also flexible if more time is needed to respond.  At any time you can contact us regarding any issues around the time commitments and we will do our best to accommodate.
You can stop participation in the Booostr Beta Team at any time.  Note that if you are receiving any discounted pricing or perks, those will be adjusted once you are not participating in the Booostr Beta Team program.
Absolutely!  We are asking for your time and effort so we feel it is the right thing to do to offer some sort of thank you.  Our perks will continue to grow and update as our platform grows, but currently we are offering the following to Beta Team members:
  1. Greatly Reduced Subscription Pricing
  2. Opportunities to Try New Tools First
  3. White glove profile support to maximize your Club Profile
Generally Booostr will do its best to accommodate all booster clubs participating in our Beta Team program. However, if a club stops participating over a longer period of time (multiple months) and makes no effort to re-engage, Booostr of course reserves the right to remove clubs from the Beta Team.  Other than some egregious community violation or illegal act, this would be the only reason (at this time) for removal.  Each situation will be handled on a case by case basis.

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