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Booostr Booster Club Platform Tools

Booostr is the only online platform that caters to the unique needs of booster club organizations. Booostr has created a set of digital management tools, easily accessible via our website, to support booster club leadership. Booostr is not a social media marketing platform. The Booostr technology suite helps your booster club operate more efficiently, manage online fundraising efforts, communicate better with staff and volunteers, and more easily transition crucial information and organizational documents with current and new leadership. Booostr is creating a family of booster technologies designed to be used together to help the all volunteer staff running your booster club operate more efficiently. Currently, Booostr has five tools available to registered users with more in development:


  • Booostr Club Profile Management (free)
  • Booostr Student and Supporter Networking System (free)
  • Booostr Secure Document Storage (free & paid)
  • Platform and Email Alert Messaging (free)
  • Booostr Mobile SMS Text Message Alert System (paid)
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What Free Tools are Available to Registered Booostr Users?

Registered FREE Booostr users who are verified managers of their booster clubs have access to 50 MB of FREE Booostr Secure Document Storage for Booster Club related management documents. Register for Booostr today to gain access to digital club management tools.Need more secure file storage space for your club?  Our subscription plans offer much larger space plans along with a growing number of other specialty tools!

In addition to FREE Secure Document Storage for your important club documents, profile managers on the FREE tier level also get access to a number of other key features:

Ability to Manage and Update Your Club Profile on

Edit and update their profile on – a quick and easy way to maintain an online presence without the need for a technology background!

Access to Networking Tools

Once you claim your booster clubs Booostr profile, you will then be able to invite and network with students, parents and supporters of your club for FREE.  Furthermore you can then promote your club to new online users via other social media networks who can then connect with your club through!

Access to Onsite Messaging and Communication Tools

Alongside the networking tools, our system offers a FREE onsite Platform Communication tool to allow you, as club profile manager – to message any student, parent, or supporter connected to your club!
(note: does not include access to Booostr’s paid Text Message Alert System)

Account Upgrade Abilities

As you become more comfortable with Booostr’s FREE toolsets, you may realize you need additional storage or access to some of our paid tools.  As a claimed profile manager you will be able to upgrade and access our affordable Booostr tools you need to better manage your club!


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What Tools are Available to Booostr Subscribers?

Registered Booostr users, who are verified managers of their booster clubs, and upgrade to monthly or annual subscription, have access to 25GB+ of Booostr Secure Document Storage. Subscribers are also able to start accessing the Booostr Text Alert Messaging System as well as simple financial, marketing and fundraising tools. Register for Booostr today to gain access to our current and soon to be released digital club management tools.
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What is Booostr Document Storage?

Do you rely on your hard drive, the cloud, printed documents, or some combination of the three to keep your club’s documents organized? Booostr Document Storage allows you to securely store all of your club’s important documentation in one digital location. Our document storage technology allows for:

  • Secure encryption of all club documents
  • Easy document sharing to approved booster club leaders
  • Smooth transition of all documents to new club leadership
  • Free access to X GB with your Booostr registration
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What is Booostr Text Alert Messaging System?

Do you have to dig through endless phone contacts, name-by-name, to send last minute / emergency text messages to your club leadership or parents? Is your current easiest way to contact your club members via email messages that go unread or get delivered to spam folders? Ditch these inefficient methods of communication. Booostr Text Message Alert System makes it easy to communicate last minute updates, venue changes, rain delay and other need to know emergencies via text to any and all of your booster club management, volunteers, and students with a few clicks. Our text alert technology supports:

  • Easy access to our text alert tool and inbox
  • An online communication hub for your booster club
  • Text blasts to booster club management, parents, and/or students
  • Affordable, transferable texting plans