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Booostr Booster Club Platform Tools

Booostr is the only online platform that caters to the unique needs of booster clubs, and small nonprofit organizations. Our digital management tools, easily accessible via our website, support booster clubs with their document storage, club-wide alerts, communication, finances, marketing, and SEO. The Booostr technology suite will help your club or organization operate more efficiently, better manage annual financial statements and IRS reports, streamline communication with staff and volunteers, and more easily transition crucial information and organizational documents to current and new leadership.


Booostr is creating a family of booster club and small, nonprofit technologies designed to be used together. Currently, Booostr has seven tools available to registered users:


  • Booostr Club Profile Page & Private Social Network | FREE
  • Booostr Booster Club Index | FREE
  • Booostr Secure Document Storage | FREE
  • Booostr Club Contact Management System | FREE
  • (NEW!) Booostr Store Management Tool (Ecommerce) | FREE w/Rev. Share
  • Booostr Club Online Donation Campaign Management System | FREE
  • Booostr Platform Messaging System and Email Alert System | FREE
  • (NEW!) Booostr Email Marketing Tool | SUBSCRIPTION
  • (NEW!) Booostr Team Chat Web/Mobile App | SUBSCRIPTION
  • Booostr Mobile SMS Text Message Alert System | SUBSCRIPTION
  • Booostr Newsletter Marketing System | SUBSCRIPTION
  • Booostr Simple Financial Management Tool | SUBSCRIPTION
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What Tools are Available to Registered Booostr Users for Free?

Registered Booostr users who are verified managers of their booster clubs receive:


  • Free access to 50 MB of Booostr Secure Document Storage which centralizes all club documents for easy access and efficient transition of leadership
  • Free Contact Management System (unlimited contacts)
  • Set an unlimited number of profile managers
  • Donation Campaign Manager (unlimited campaigns)
  • Store Manager Tool (sell online 3.5% revenue share, no monthly cost!)
  • Free web presence for your booster club
    • Includes Event Calendar
    • Includes Board/Leadership Team Page
    • Includes Store Page
    • Includes Featured Donation Campaign Page
  • Free listing in our Booster Club Index to boost your club’s SEO
  • Free, private social network for your club’s management, volunteers, parents, students, and supporters
  • Free on-site messaging and email alerts for everyone in your network


Register for Booostr today and gain access to our suite of free digital club management tools!

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What Tools are Available to Booostr Subscribers?

Subscribed Booostr users have access to all of our free tools and also receive:


  • 15GB of additional Secure Document Storage (15GB+ total)
  • Access to Team Chat Web/Mobile chat application to communicate on the go
  • Store Manager Tool (sell online 1.75% revenue share, no monthly cost!)
  • Access to the SMS Text Messaging Alert System to easily share information with your club members on their mobile devices
  • Email Marketing Tool – unlimited contacts and emails per month
  • 300 (approximately three months) free SMS text messages at sign-up
  • Access to our Simple Financial Management tool to centralize club financial data and annual tax documentation
  • Unlimited additional Secure Document Storage space with purchased Booostr storage add-on credits
  • Unlimited additional SMS Text Message Alerts with purchased Booostr text credits


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What is the Booostr Club Profile Page & Private Social Network?

Booostr’s club profile page allows you to generate a web presence for your booster club on the Booostr platform. You can also invite your staff, volunteers, parents, students, and supporters to connect with your page creating a private social network for your club only. Our booster club profile pages and private networks allow you to:

  • Create a web presence for your booster club
  • Improve your booster club’s organic SEO
  • Add pictures, logos, and club branding to your page
  • Detail your club’s mission
  • Provide club and leadership contact information
  • Add staff, volunteers, parents, students and supporters to your private network


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What is the Booostr Booster Club Index?

The Booostr Index is a directory of over 13,000 booster clubs in operation in the United States, and it continues to grow. This is the only comprehensive directory of booster clubs available online. Listing your club in our directory:

  • Improves your booster club’s organic SEO
  • Boosts your club’s page ranking in search engine results
  • Makes it easier for others to search for your organization online


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What is Booostr Document Storage?

Booostr Document Storage allows you to securely store all of your club’s important documentation in one digital location, and supports the smooth transition of all club documents to new booster leadership. Our document storage technology allows for:

  • Password-protected club documents
  • Easy document sharing/delivery to approved booster club leaders
  • Smooth transition of all documents to new club leadership
  • FREE access to 50 MB of document storage with your FREE Booostr registration
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What is Booostr Club Contact Management System?

Booostr Club Contact Management System allows club management to easily upload, store, and update their booster club contacts in a central booster club communication hub. It is also a centralized address book of all of your club’s contacts that can be easily shared with new leadership during transitions. Our club contact management technology allows you to:


  • Easily upload of all booster club contacts to a central location
  • Quickly update your booster club contacts in a central location
  • Email or text message your saved contacts at one time, from one communication hub
  • Smoothly transition all club contacts to new leadership
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What is Booostr Club Donation Campaign Management System?

Booostr Donation Campaign Management System allows club management create and oversee any number of online donation campaigns. Not only is it the easiest way to start receiving donations online, every donation received is automatically entered into your Club Financial Manager ledger and every new donor is added to your contact manager. Say goodbye to exporting and importing your donation data! Our Donation Campaign Management technology allows you to:


  • Manage multiple donation campaigns at once
  • Easily share to social media or via email
  • Unique landing page URL for every campaign
  • Integration into Financial Manager, Contact Manager and SMS Text Messaging
  • Quick donation payouts
  • Option for donor to cover processing fees
  • Booostr takes 0% cut of any donation given
  • Easy STRIPE integration (cc processing fee: 2.9% + 30 cents/transaction)


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What is Booostr Platform Messaging System & Email Alert System?

The Booostr Platform Messaging System & Email Alert System allows club management to contact their booster club members on the Booostr website, and via their personal email addresses. The Booostr Platform Messaging & Email Alert system:


  • Delivers messages to all Booostr-registered club members’ Booostr Inbox
  • Delivers messages to all non-Booostr-registered club members’ personal email inboxes
  • Saves sent messages for current and future club leaders in the booster club’s Booostr outbox
  • Saves received messages for current and future club leaders in the booster club’s Booostr inbox
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What is Booostr Text Alert Messaging System?

Broadcast club-wide alerts to the platform everyone uses the most: their mobile device. Booostr Text Message Alert System makes it easy to communicate via text to any and all of your booster club management, volunteers, and students with a few clicks on our platform. Our text alert technology supports:


  • Quick text alerts to booster club management, volunteers, parents, and/or students
  • A central text communication hub for your organization
  • The ability to view all texts sent via Booostr, regardless of leadership shifts
  • Affordable texting plans that never expire

What is Booostr Email (Newsletter) Marketing System?

Email is still a key communication tool. No matter if you are sending weekly updates, or promoting a donation campaign – email is still affordable with high engagement rates. We have built Booostr’s Newsletter Marketing Tool to give small organizations a simple system for sending out their email updates. Our Newsletter Marketing Technology includes:

  • Integration into Contact Manager Contact Groups
  • Unlimited contacts (pulled from Contact Manager Integration)
  • Unlimited email sends per month
  • Detailed email reporting
  • Schedule emails in advance
  • Utilize prebuilt newsletter templates for no coding required emails
  • Ability to edit email templates as needed

What is Booostr Store Manager Tool?

The Booostr Store Manager Tool allows any booster club or small nonprofit on the Booostr Platform to easily start selling physical and digital products online. With no monthly fee, Booostr allows your organization to grow your online sales at your own pace. Booostr Store Manager allows your club to:


  • Sell online no matter if your on FREE or PRO plan
  • Set up an online store in minutes
  • Easily view store statistics via the store dashboard
  • Create and manage product categories
  • Add physical and digital products for sale
  • Sell booster club memberships
  • Feature your store on your Free Booostr club profile
  • No monthly fee, revenue share only (3.5% for FREE Plans & 1.75% for PRO Plans)
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What is Booostr Simple Financial Management Tool?

The Booostr Simple Financial Management Tool allows you to easily upload, store, access, and track your booster club’s financials in one password-protected location. It also allows you to easily share your club’s financial reports and history with new leadership during transitions. This simple, yet comprehensive, tool allows booster club management to:


  • Upload and store club financial documents in one easy step
  • View expenses, revenue, donations, and transactions in our easy-to-use financial dashboard
  • Track sales tax collected on transactions, view tax-deductible transactions, and manage all receipts issued in one central location for annual IRS forms
  • Easily share comprehensive booster club financial records with new management during leadership transitions

What is Booostr Team Chat Tool?

The Booostr Team Chat Tool allows booster clubs that subscribe to Booostr PRO the ability to chat with their supporters and volunteers on the go.  Chat via web browser or mobile/tablet app – no matter where your team is, you will be able to keep in contact. At no additional cost, Booostr Team Chat allows your club to:


  • Manage access to Team Chat
  • Organize Chat Groups by supporter type or activity
  • Direct 1-on-1 Chat between supporters with Team Chat Access
  • Chat history to maintain organization compliance
  • Share images and text
  • Built in profanity filter
  • Native user blocking functions (abuse management)
  • Native message reporting function (abuse management)
  • Native integration into Booostr Contact Manager & Groups

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