Affordable for even the SMALLEST Booster Clubs

Designed from the ground up for booster clubs and small nonprofits. Start for free and upgrade at any time!


Everything you need to get started
managing your Booster Club Online!



Contact Manager (w/Unlimited Contacts)

Ecommerce Store (3.5% Fee)

Online Donation Tool (w/Reporting)

50MB Secure Cloud Document Storage

Public Profile Page

Event Calendar

Unlimited Co-Profile Managers

Platform Messaging

Private Social Network


Advanced tools for established clubs
and to help you scale up!

$35 Monthly

Save 10%+ Annually ($360/yr)

Everything in STARTER plan

Financial Manager

Ecommerce Store (1.75% Fee)

Team Chat Web/Mobile App

Email Marketing System

SMS Text Messaging (w/300 message credits)

15GB Secure Cloud Document Storage

Booostr platform pricing is perfect for booster clubs of any size!

100% Transparent Pricing

We want you to understand all costs of using Booostr, which is why we aim for 100% transparent pricing. 


If you are enrolled in the FREE plan, there are only two fees you need to be aware of, your STRIPE credit card processing fee and ecommerce rev share fee.  If you are you are using Booostr’s Ecommerce OR Donation Tool – you will need to connect to STRIPE to process credit card donations. To help you maximize your online donations – we request donors cover your transaction fees to ensure your club receives every dollar intended for it!  The following is a breakdown of additional Fees:

  • Donation Tool – The only fee you will incur using our donation tool are STRIPE credit card processing fees.

    • 2.9% + 30 Cents / Transaction

  • Ecommerce Tool – There are NO monthly fees to access Booostr’s Ecommerce Store Manager Tool. Our goal is to grow with your organization, so instead we charge an ultra low revenue share fee for all ecommerce transactions.  If you get sales we earn a tiny amount, but if you DON’T have any sales, then you don’t  have to pay anything for a lack of sales.

    • 3.5% Revenue Share / Transaction (Booostr)

    • 2.9% + 30 Cents / Transaction (STRIPE)

For clubs that Upgrade to PRO, there are some additional fees to consider.

  • Donation Tool – Similar to the FREE plan, you will need to connect your donation tool to STRIPE to process credit cards.

    • 2.9% + 30 Cents / Transaction

  • Ecommerce Tool – Similar to Booostr’s FREE Plan, there are NO monthly fees to access Booostr’s Ecommerce Store Manager Tool. We still charge a rev share fee, but we cut it in half for PRO accounts.

    • 2.9% + 30 Cents / Transaction (STRIPE)

    • 1.75% Revenue Share / Transaction (Booostr)

  • SMS Texting – If your club utilizes the initial 300 SMS message credits with your PRO account, you will need to reload your message credits through Booostr at extremely competitive rates.

    • 500/$4 – 1000/$7.50  –  2000/$14

  • Document Storage – In the event 15GB of document storage space is not enough, you can add additional storage space at extremely competitive rates.

    • Monthly: 25GB/$3 – 50GB/$4 – 100GB/$6

    • Annually: 25GB/$27 – 50GB/$36 –  100GB/$56

Frequently Asked Questions

Booostr is the first booster club software platform with connected tools built from the ground up to help booster clubs and small nonprofits better manage their organization.

After you create your user account, simply click on the yellow Submit New Booster Club button at the top of the site. That will take you to the submission page.  Once you have submitted your club profile, our team will review it – usually within 24 hours and approve or deny it.

Absolutely! You can update and modify the information on your Club’s Profile Page at any time through your user account.

At this time,you can menage as many as you think you can handle. Most people manage 1, and possibly up to 3 clubs if they have an incredible amount of energy.

As many as you feel is necessary.  We recommend additional co-profile managers being in club leadership roles.  Having at least 1 additional co-profile manager is ideal.

Yes, you can cancel your PRO subscription any time before renewal.  Once you cancel your subscription you will continue to have access until your current subscription end date.

Booostr Contact Manager is where you can manage any contacts you have for your Booster Club.  These can be supporters, volunteers, business partners and more.  Our system allows you to import or add individual contacts including their basic information, email, phone, company information AND keeps track of any donations or contributions any contact has contributed!

At this time we have not set a limit to the number of contacts you can add.  We feel that if your club is adding contacts to your contact list then your club is growing – Hurrah!

Booostr SMS Text Messaging allows you to bulk message your contacts within your Booostr Contact Manager. This allows you to maintain separation between your club and personal text messaging.

Booostr’s v2 Financial Manager is a full fledged accounting tool and centralized financial back up for small organization.  We have natively built an easy to use system that connects with every Booostr revenue and contact tool while allowing you to import or export your financial data to popular accounting programs.

Have Additional Questions?

We’re here to help with any questions you have regarding Booostr’s Booster Club Software, individual tools or pricing.

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