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Why Valentines Day Fundraisers Generate So Much Revenue

Why Valentines Day Fundraisers Generate So Much Revenue

The holidays are a great opportunity to make money for your booster club and starting in October you can see just how great they can be. From Halloween, all the way up until New Year you have at least one holiday per month for several months in a row. There is plenty of chances to make money during these holidays and your by the time they’re over your booster club should be pretty expert in holding and hosting fundraisers. Planning a Valentine’s Day fundraiser isn’t much different.

Unlike other the other major holidays, Valentine’s day focuses on romance and love. Thanksgiving is about being thankful, and Christmas covers being grateful and giving, but Valentine’s day is about showing your affection to someone special. As great as the holiday is for everyone, it’s even better for your booster club because Valentine’s day fundraisers can come in all sorts of shapes and sizes!


Red rose is traditionally given on Valentines Day

Why Valentines Day Fundraisers Work So Well

One of the biggest reasons why Valentine’s fundraising works so well is because of the winter blues. With so many major holidays happening back to back and then a month long pause in January, you may notice something called the winter blues starting to take hold. This is when people start getting a little anxious and tired of gray skies, cold weather, and not having anything to do.

This means that they want to have events to go to, things to buy or occupy their time. They’re willing to pay money to do these things, and if done right, your booster club fundraising can angle all of their wants and needs. With holiday fundraisers finished weeks prior, your booster club has plenty of time to plan out some great Valentine’s day fundraisers!


Candy for candy grams and valentines day fundraising sales.

Some Easy Quick Sell Valentines Day Fundraisers

Easy quick sell fundraisers are a great way to make money during school hours. With consumable gifts and smaller items you can sell them throughout the weeks leading up to Valentine’s Day to keep a steady income stream coming in for your booster club.

A few examples of items that sell well are:

Candy grams

These can be small candies such as lollipops or boxes of sweetheart candies, or chocolates that people purchase for themselves or to have delivered to another teacher or student.

Roses are the perfect Valentines Day Gift

Valentine’s Day Flowers

Fake or real flowers (both go over well) and can be purchased and delivered like a candygram.

Valenines Day Card given as a gift

Secret Valentines

Selling cards addressed to a special valentine and having them delivered can also be a great item to sell. You may even find that for younger ages, doing a DIY card station where students can make and decorate their own Valentine’s day cards for parents can be a great fundraiser too!


A School dance valentines day fundraiser for a booster club

Valentines Day Related Events and Bigger Sale Ideas

Booster fundraisers don’t have to stop at small selling items! Valentine’s Day Fundraisers can cover everything from trinkets to parties and everything in between! That’s one of the beautiful perks of this holiday.

Some examples of larger fundraisers include:

Valentines Dances

Valentines day fundraisers wouldn’t be complete without a nice dance to attend. There are so many different ways to go about doing a fundraiser dance, Sweetheart, Saddie Hawkins, Daddy-Daughter are just to name a few! Pre-sell tickets and sell additional entry at the door.

Dinners and Silent Auctions

Hosting a dinner as a booster club fundraiser is a great way to work on your community involvement by asking for donations and contributions from local grocery stores and companies. Working with them to get items you need at a reduced cost or free is a great way to promote your booster club and their business.

If you’re going to host a dinner, pairing it with a silent auction filled with gift baskets or other luxury items is a great way to make additional money from the event. You can presell tickets to the dinner in advance and raise the price for tickets bought at the door to make money prior to the event.

A bake sale is a great Valentines Day Fundraiser

Bake Sales

Bake-sales do great almost anywhere and can easily fit into any schedule. With the items all being donated by volunteers, there is also very little overhead cost for hosting a bake sale, giving your booster club more profit.


Valentines Day Donuts are a great start to the holiday

2 Important Things to Remember About Valentines Day Fundraisers

The first thing to remember is that you don’t have to pick just one!

You can do a combination of different fundraisers and promote for each at the same time. For example, if you choose to have a dance you can presell tickets while still selling candy grams during school hours. By stacking the different fundraisers like this you can maximize exposure and profits at the same time.

Secondly, you want to plan them in advance.

Every fundraiser that you choose will require some level of planning, so it’s important to make sure that each one gets the thought and attention that it deserves before being put into action. If you have to order anything in advance, this gives you time to scout prices and account for shipping or possible delays.


Classic Valentines Day Candy hearts

The Best Way To Be Successful Every Year

If you want your Valentine’s Day Fundraisers to be successful this year and every year after, consider making an annual fundraiser that your booster club can repeat every year. By doing the same fundraiser every year you not only help to give people something to expect and look forward to but you also help to build a better brand for your booster club.

By choosing a successful fundraiser to repeat every year you can expect word of mouth promotion helping you to make additional sales. Not only that but every year you can take constructive feedback and put it towards to following year to make it even more successful.


While holidays are a great booster club fundraising opportunity, it’s important to remember that Valentine’s Day brings so many extra opportunities to the table. Make sure that you plan well, and really think about what your booster club’s goals are so that you can maximize your income potentials during this romantic holiday.

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