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Ways to Search For Booster Clubs in the USA

Ways to Search For Booster Clubs in the USA

Booster clubs organizations usually exist throughout your community and have a multitude of different focuses. Due to their popularity, it’s valuable to know, if you’re starting your own booster clubs, what other booster clubs are near you. Additionally, if you want to become a participant or member of an already existing booster club, it’s important to know how to locate booster clubs in your area. We have collected a variety of ways in which you can search for booster clubs to help you find the perfect fit!


Search For Booster Clubs in the USA with Search Engines

Search engines such as Google, Bing, and Yahoo are enormously helpful resources to use when trying to find your booster club. These three search engine giants can bring up results and information on any booster club, of course, only if said booster club has some level of online activity. In order for you to connect with your Booster Clubs,  it is key to locate the social media accounts or official websites of said booster club when using a search engine as your mode search. Besides searching for a booster club’s social media accounts or official web page, you can also look for a booster club directory or booster club index to help point you in the right direction.   In your search for booster clubs, a booster club index may be your best bet if the organization doesn’t have any kind of online presence.

A tip for finding your booster club through a search engine, make sure to keep your search as specific as possible. Use keywords that are relevant to the information you want to find, such as the name of the school the organization may be associated with, the name of your state and city, or the program your booster club supports. An example of such a search would look something like this:


Santa Clara High School athletic booster club


If you want to narrow down your search even further, on Google, there’s a feature where you can use the subtract symbol (-) to remove certain words from the results. Going with the example above, if you were to search for Santa Clara High School athletic booster club, you could add “–drama” to the end of the search in order to avoid any results that may come up associated with drama instead of athletics.


Search For Booster Clubs on Social Media

Find Booster Clubs on Social Media Platforms 

In today’s world, it’s almost impossible for an organization to stay running without some kind of online presence. Booster clubs, especially, use social media as a means of advertising, recruiting volunteers, and soliciting funds and donations. Facebook is usually the platform you should check first to find local booster clubs, since it’s the most useful and popular platform for booster clubs to communicate information through. Platforms such as Twitter and Instagram have character limits, meaning there won’t be as much content to sift through. However, it’s still good to follow any and all social media accounts created by the booster club in order to stay updated on the activity of the organization!


Other Sources You Can Use To Search For Booster Clubs

Other Sources You Can Use To Search For Booster Clubs 

Though search engines like Google are great for conducting broad searches, there’s a number of platforms that have been created for the sole purpose of findingall types of businesses including non-profit organizations. To locate a booster club or even a booster club directory, use some of the resources outlined below!

  • LinkedIn
    • This website is acts as a social media platform exclusively for businesses. Besides Facebook, LinkedIn is the most popular platform booster clubs can be found on. LinkedIn can also show you a sort of booster club directory depending on your search, giving you a multitude of relevant results if your search is aimed at a particular booster club’s profile.
  • CitySearch, Yelp,
    • This sites, while they’re more oriented towards corporations and not non-profits, are a still a great resource for collected and crowd sourced data. Using these platforms may not be a convenient as Google or Facebook, but it could still be worth checking them out if your preliminary search comes up empty!


Ask your Community How To Find Local Booster Clubs

Ask Your Community How To Find Local Booster Clubs 

Despite the fact that our society seems to run purely on digital platforms, sharing information by word of mouth can be just as effective as searching for information online! Simply talking to administrators, teachers, parents, and even students can help you learn about and become involved in local booster clubs. Approach the school you’re interested in supporting and inquire about their different programs. In your search for booster clubs, be sure to investigate how local members are involved. Are most members of the community simply donors, or is the booster club primarily run by volunteers? Regardless, if you find your booster club, having a face to face discussion with other participants can sometimes be even more fulfilling than searching everything online.


Use the Booster Club Index to Find Booster Clubs

Find Booster Clubs Using the Booster Club Index

Despite the fact that booster clubs have become extremely popular modes of fundraising in the United States, there’s still a distinct lack of booster club directories or singular platforms made for finding booster clubs online. To ease the process of your search for booster clubs, has created its own Booster Club Index to fill any gaps left by other online resources. Our index is a comprehensive list of booster clubs active across the nation along with their vital information. All you need to do is click the link below, and you’ll see an avalanche of booster clubs active across the United States. You can also filter the results based on booster club interest, such as drama, music, or athletics. The index also links to the social media accounts of each booster club, making their other contact information completely accessible for the public. At the moment, the index is in the process of being developed, so some information has not yet been collected for certain states.


In order to become an active participant in any booster club, you first have to be able to locate them! With a wide variety of resources at your fingertips, from social media profiles to search engines to your own community, locating booster clubs has become a much easier process, making it easier for you to become engaged with the organization! If you familiarize yourself with the resources listed above, you’ll be able to effectively find booster clubs not only in your area, but across the United States. Be sure to keep in mind the Booster Club Index, the easiest and best resource for finding booster clubs!

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