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Understanding Social Media For Booster Clubs

Understanding Social Media For Booster Clubs

Social media has become an important part of our daily lives and there are many different ways to use these platforms. It can help you stay connected with friends and family and it can help you connect with people you may never meet. For businesses it has also become a great tool to engage and get feedback from their customers. Understanding how to engage social media for booster clubs is similar to how many businesses already engage with it.

If you are managing a booster club, then it is important to know how to use social media.

Today’s social media platforms are great to help booster clubs promote their organization. Many businesses are using social media to promote their businesses, and booster clubs should be using it as well. Social media is here to stay for the foreseeable future and as it continues to grow in popularity it gives you a regular way to engage with your supporters.

Before you start posting on every social media platform out there, you should understand the different types of social media that you can use to enhance your booster club. As you review this article – it will give you a top level view of the social media landscape. Once you have a better understanding of the social media options, the next step will be to then create a social media strategy that works for your club and the social media platforms you decide to post on!


Phone with different options for social media for booster clubs.

Options for Social Media For Booster Clubs

Social media is the way of the future for booster clubs and it is a great way to get information out to people. You can tell your members about upcoming fundraisers, you can promote community events and you can even advertise your booster club. Parents and students can get involved and beneficiate from the use of social media for booster clubs. Here is a quick social media platform breakdown for booster clubs.

  1. Facebook: This is a great way for parents to communicate with their children, teachers, and other parents. Facebook is also a good way for clubs to advertise and recruit new members.
  2. Twitter: It is more limited in the number of characters, but it is also faster because you can send out short updates about your booster club such as upcoming events or fundraisers using hashtags and ask people to tweet about your organization.
  3. Instagram: More popular among students, it is easy to recruit new members through shared photos of events or gatherings.
  4. Pinterest: Great way for booster clubs to demonstrate their activities in a visual way.
  5. Snapchat: Another platform very popular among students, it can be used to share photos that disappear after a few seconds. It is a great way for students to have fun while promoting events and fundraising.
  6. YouTube: Great to stream live videos or post videos of past events or fundraisers that your booster club has held. This will get people excited about coming to your events and donating to your cause.
  7. Tik Tok: Also very popular among students, this platform allows its users to create short and fun videos and share posts with their friends.
  8. WhatsApp: Great way to communicate with members, to keep track of dues, to promote upcoming events, to share documents and forms, and to advertise booster club events.
  9. WeChat: Popular messaging app that allows users to send messages, pictures, videos, and to send and receive payments through WeChat Pay, which can make it easier for schools to receive donations.
  10. Reddit: Helps your booster club reach many potential donors since is a good place to find people who are interested in your cause by posting your own pictures or videos.
  11. Linkedin: One of the most efficient ways to connect with other local businesses and ask them to sponsor an event or donate money for your booster club.


Supporter working on a strategy for social media for booster clubs.

Approaching Social Media With The Right Strategy

So many people are using social media to connect with their friends and family, to connect with businesses and organizations that they like, and it is a great way to reach new people and build your membership or sponsorship.

Booster club social media, in general, is a great way to promote events, fundraising and to connect with students, supporters and the community at large. Before you dive in, it is best to get an idea of where your different supporter types prefer to hang out.  For example, your students may be on Instagram, Tik Tok or Snapchat, whereas your adult (parent) volunteers might be on Facebook or Twitter.  Understanding which social media platforms are the most popular with your audience will help you better manage where you post and not get overwhelmed.  Also, by understanding which platforms people prefer you can tailor the content to those platforms and that specific audience. In general, Here are a few tips that will help you to approach social media for booster clubs in the right way:

  1. Do not spam your followers with too many posts;
  2. Avoid posting negative things about other booster clubs;
  3. Post relevant information that is interesting to your followers;
  4. Participate in conversations with your followers instead of just posting updates;
  5. Use different types of content, including photos, videos, and quotes;
  6. Engage with people who comment on your posts and respond to questions they have;
  7. Keep a consistent posting schedule that works best for your booster club and its followers;
  8. Make sure that you only talk about relevant topics on social media;
  9. Create some type of strategy before you promote your booster club on social media.


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 Which Social Media Platform is The Right For My Booster Clubs

It is not possible to use every social media platform for booster clubs but it is important to know what you want to get out of and how you can use it to benefit the booster club.

Make sure that your social media plan for booster clubs effectively incorporates sharing posts at least once a day during your promary season, and a few times per week in your off season. Regular posting on your chosen social media platform will not only maintain follower engagement, but helps ensure you are seen regularly in their feeds. Equally important to your regular posting cadence is making sure your posted content is engaging with your audience.

It is easy to manage social media for booster clubs and create content, you just need to guarantee that you are using the best platforms for your club’s needs.  So for instance, promote events and fundraisers across all of your social media platforms you regularly post to. But if you are promoting a video of an event or recap, it might make sense to pick a specific platform like Instagram. Or, better yet, if you have long format video and shorter promo video, post the short one on Instagram and the longer on platforms like Youtube or Facebook!

Platforms like Pinterest, Instagram, and Tik Tok are great to share pictures and videos of the things they are working on or “in progress”. By sharing pictures from your booster club’s events, you will be able to raise more awareness about your booster club and you will be able to get more people involved with your booster club.


Students using social media to keep up with their booster club activities.

To Social Media, or Not to Social Media?

Understanding social media landscape available for Booster Clubs today the key to effective booster club social media marketing. Choosing the right social media platform to reach your different audiences can have a bit of a learning curve. However, taking the time to understand your target audience and where they prefer to spend their social media time, will pay dividends for your booster club in no time!

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