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Top Baseball Booster Fundraiser Ideas

Top Baseball Booster Fundraiser Ideas

Even the top baseball teams have to fundraise in order to keep their program running to the best of its abilities. The top 10 baseball teams alone do their own fair share of organizing events through their booster clubs and compiled below are several top baseball booster fundraiser ideas that you could take on in your own community.

Preseason scores presented by MaxPreps with the top 100 national high school baseball rankings, of which has researched which highest ranking baseball teams did what types of fundraisers. While all held good standing, only the top 10 were taken into consideration. Among that list, Argyle High School (Ranked First), Orange Lutheran High School (Ranked Third), Cypress Ranch High School (Ranked Fifth), and Colleyville Heritage High School (Ranked Eighth) were the four schools that stood out in the crowd.


Argyle Eagles High School Booster Club

Top Baseball Booster Fundraiser: Baseball Pancake Breakfast

Argyle High School Baseball

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Using food in your baseball booster club fundraiser, or any booster club fundraiser really is a great idea. It tailors to everyone and gives a feeling of comfort and togetherness. The Argyle Eagles’ baseball team hosts an annual baseball pancake breakfast with Applebee’s to find support for their program while filling to stomachs of their community members.

Go to a few local restaurants in your area to see which ones would be willing to partner with your school and then sell tickets in advance with all the necessary information. This allows both you and the restaurant of your choosing to know what kind of numbers to look forward to. To make the event run smoothly, it would be best to reserve a designated area for all your participates. The restaurant that you choose will more than likely still be operating as normal, with guests outside of your fundraiser, so this keeps all things in running order.

Argyle own serve the pancake breakfast to their community members, and while not necessary to make such an event work, it gives this top baseball booster fundraiser a little something extra. Ask which of your booster club volunteers and baseball players would be willing to serve a delicious plate of food to help raise funds their organization.


Top Baseball Booster Fundraiser: 1st Pitch Dinner

Orange Lutheran High School Baseball

Everyone wants to start off their baseball fundraising season with a bang, and a common way to do that is with a 1st Pitch Dinner as Orange Lutheran High School does. This helps to bring donors together, let everyone know the season has started, and overall, sets your baseball booster club fundraiser above the rest. But Orange Lutheran doesn’t get all the credit for this top baseball booster fundraiser as another top baseball team on our list, Colleyville Heritage, does it as well.

 This exciting event typically includes a cocktail hour, dinner and a special speaker of your choice. For some, this could be your high school’s baseball alumni or a professional baseball player if you have the right connections. Other parts of the dinner might include a raffle and live auction. Here, participates can choose to donate more to your organization with the possibility of being gifted prizes predetermined by your booster club.

 This event tends to stay an adults-only event, full of parents of students, friends, family, and high school alumni. Orange Lutheran sets their prices per ticket a $50 per person pregame day, $75 on game day, and $25 for alumni players.


Cypress Ranch High School Mustangs Booster Club

Top Baseball Booster Fundraiser: Red, White, and Blue Family Color Run

Cypress Ranch High School Baseball

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To show their patriotic side while also raising money to support their baseball team, Cypress High School has a Red, White, and Blue Family Color Run. Setting up your own family color is run a simple yet effective top baseball booster fundraiser that is great for all ages.

To start, map out a route that best suits your terrain and weather conditions. Make sure to also have stations set up that sell drinks and snacks for both those taking part in the run and those there to watch. Selling custom merchandise might be an extra chance for you to get the funding you need. Charge per adult, per child, and give discounts to large groups.

Cypress Ranch also advertises to their community members to wear red, white, and blue to the run and gives out predetermined prizes to those with the best colorful costume spirit.


Cypress Ranch High School Baseball booster club baseball field

Top Baseball Booster Fundraiser: Cypress Ranch Mustang Hit-A-Thon

Cypress Ranch High School Baseball

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Cypress Ranch’s Hit-A-Thon is one of our favorite top baseball booster fundraiser that is also super fun and very lucrative! The Hit-A-Thon is an opportunity for players to participate in a fun event by signing up family, friends, and local businesses as sponsors. This is a really fun high revenue generator as each of your high school baseball players step up to the plate to show off just how good they are.

A Hit-A-Thon operates in a pretty straight forward fashion. Each player is sponsored by different individuals on a sign-up and for however much their swing earns, their sponsor(s) has to pay that much to the team’s booster club. The limit of swings will be up to your organization. For best results, settles for around 10 swings per player. The longest hit in fair territory (roll included) is used for pledge calculation. Take as an example, if a player’s longest hit it 200 feet and the sponsor pledged 25 cents per foot, that sponsor’s total pledge would be $50. Flat pledges over a certain amount can also be an option.

Charge a small donation for entry. Consider letting parents, friends and other audience member take their turn at 10 swings for an extra small fee for extra funds and extra fun.


Colleyville High School Baseball Booster Club

Top Baseball Booster Fundraiser: Colleyville Heritage Golf Classic

Colleyville Heritage High School Baseball

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While all of these top baseball booster fundraisers support school baseball teams, Colleyville Heritage High School looks for another sport to help them raise the funds. This baseball team holds an annual golf classic to help find the support they need. An event like this is another high revenue top baseball booster fundraiser and takes a creative and efficient team to create successfully.

Golf classic is on the rise for fundraising options as they’re a great form of entertainment and a successful way of earning money for any booster club. To begin formulating your own golf classic, find the perfect place to host it. If your school already has a golf team, reach out to the course that holds their practices. If your school does not, take a look local golf courses and see which ones would be willing to partner with you.

Discuss with your booster club what all you want to go into this golf classic. Will lunch be served? Do you want a social hour? Will it end with a fancy dinner and present awards? This type of event can easily run as an all day thing, so consider dividing your registration fee into different participation options. Perhaps there’s a premium ticket that includes everything the event is having plus an extra availability.


Top Baseball Booster Fundraiser Ideas for High School Booster clubs

Learn From These Baseball Boosters to Help Your Booster Club!

These baseball teams are just a handful of those that are considered the best, but it’s not just their athletic ability that has made them so. They are handy with a bat, there’s no doubt, but they’re also doing what needs to be gone to raise the funds to support their sport. Take any or all of these top baseball booster fundraiser ideas in your glove and see if what works for the best can also work for you – the best that’s yet to come!

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