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The Best Booster Club T-Shirt Printers Online

The Best Booster Club T-Shirt Printers Online

One of the most successful fundraisers for booster clubs is selling custom t-shirts. You can find the best booster club t-shirt printers to make shirts at a low cost and then sell them to people for higher profit margins. It’s a great way to not only make a few dollars per shirt sold but to also show school spirit through the design of the shirt.

Today we’re going to look at some of the best printers for t-shirts online to help support your booster clubs fundraising efforts.

Here are some of the top online t-shirt printers and how they can help you to make your shirt selling fundraiser a success.


Custom Ink T Shirt printer is our pick for best  Booster Club T-Shirt Printer Online

Custom Ink, a great booster club t-shirt printer online Rating 5/5

Custom Ink is probably the best booster club t-shirt printer company. Not only do they make and sell the shirts, but they also allow you to design the shirt within their program. This means it can be considered an all-in-one stop shop for your fundraiser.

Shipping comes with many options. If you want a physical product in hand to sell at sporting events or other gatherings, you can have the shirts in hand within 2 weeks or less. Custom Ink guarantees a 2-week delivery window for their free shipping. They also have an option to upgrade to 1-week shipping or even 3-day rush shipping for additional costs.

You can also choose to never handle the product in person. You can set up an account on Custom Ink to sell shirts directly from their website. So you are never in need of buying product upfront. The shirts are then custom made and shipped directly to the buyer without you ever needing to touch a thing.

Another great thing is the low minimum purchase requirements. For screenprinting, they ask that you buy a minimum of 6 shirts but they do offer deals for selling less than that. What’s really great is that the more shirts you buy, the cheaper they each get.


Rush Order Tees Ranks High as a Booster Club T-Shirt Printer Online

RushOrderTees online t-shirt printer with great reviews Rating 4.5/5

Being able to design a shirt online and have it in hand in 2 weeks is amazing and a leading reason to why RushOrderTees has a 99.7% customer satisfaction rating.

The shirts are priced per piece and are all-inclusive, meaning there are no hidden fees of shipping costs to worry about. Plus, the more shirts you add to your cart, the cheaper each one gets.

They also offer discounts for nonprofits making it one of the best booster club t-shirt printers. All you have to do to claim your discount is contact customer service and let them know that your booster club is a nonprofit and ask about what discounts are available to you.


Uber Prints Logo

UberPrints for booster club online t-shirt printing Rating 4/5

Uberprints is one of the best booster club t-shirt printers. They have a no minimum purchase required unless you’re doing screenprinting or embroidered shirts, in which case they ask a 12 shirt minimum purchase. For the shirt design phase, they offer custom design templates to help you out.

They offer free shipping on digitally printed orders over $100, if you have screen printed or embroidered shirts, it’s free.

Production time for digital print shirts is 1-2 days with shipping options from 1-5 days. Screen printed shirts are about 7 days to produce and 1-5 days in shipping.

What makes them unique is that they offer an entire page for money saving tips and tricks to help you get the biggest bang for your buck on their site. Including things like what color shirts to order and what styles to use.

The prices of the shirts per each start out incredibly cheap compared to other sites and the website layout is user-friendly as well. This makes it one of the best booster club t-shirt printers to use for your fundraiser.


VistaPrint Logo

Vistaprint for t-shirt printing online Rating 3.5/5

You’re probably thinking, “Vistaprint is a business card printing company, why are they listed under the best booster club t-shirt printers?” Well, that’s because they are!

Vistaprint offers a huge variety of custom printed products including t-shirts, perfect to print booster club merchandise.

Promotique by Vistaprint is a website for helping to make shirts that promote your fundraiser or business. Just like some other t-shirt printers, they offer a no minimum purchase requirement.

What makes them different from the other competitors is that the prices per shirt start out much cheaper. You do have to pay for shipping though, but the good news is that you’ll have your order in hand in about 10 business days!

The drawback on this website is the difficult shirt designing process. It’s significantly easier to make the design elsewhere and upload it to this website.


Cafe Press is an option for a Booster Club T-Shirt Printer Online

Cafepress rounds out our top online t-shirt printer list Rating 3/5

Another t-shirt printer to help with your booster club fundraising is Cafepress. They allow you to design the image on their site and you have live help available during the day with just a click of a button. This is great because the website can be a little difficult to navigate and understand.

The prices of the shirts are about the same cost as other sites and get cheaper with the purchase of more. Besides bulk discounts, they also offer coupons and sales to help reduce your prices.

The biggest drawback of Cafepress is the shipping. Shipping is calculated in your checkout phase and based upon all of the services, products, and amounts ordered so it’s difficult to get an idea of your total expenses until the last minute.

This makes the Booster club marketing more difficult because you can’t presell shirts as accurately. You’ll have to create them, buy them and then sell. This can easily add to your frustration.

Little kid running with booster club printed T-Shirt on

Things to consider when choosing the best booster club t-shirt printers:

  • What printing format do you want to use? Digital printing, screen printing or embroidery? Each comes with its own costs.
  • How fast do you need shirts?
  • It’s a great idea to take an initial survey to see how many shirts you should get for your initial purchase.
  • Consider selling them online for long-distance families to buy and show their support for their students. Dropshipping makes this easy.
  • Do you want a basic unisex cut shirt or to include women cuts as well?
  • How many variations do you want? Different design colors, shirt colors, etc.
  • What is your end goal in profit? How much do you want to earn when you finish selling these shirts? If you bought a shirt from a company how many would you need to sell to make that goal a reality?
  • What is your budget to buy the inital set of printed shirts? After your first purchase, will you restock later and will it be with the same company or another?

When you write down and consider everything that you’re looking, it becomes a lot easier to find the best booster club t-shirt printers. You have a clear vision for what you want and can better find the companies that can help make them a reality.

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