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The Best Booster Club Accounting Software for 2018

The Best Booster Club Accounting Software for 2018

If you are a member  or manager of a booster club and need to ensure your booster club finances are properly managed, you may be asking what are the top accounting software for booster clubs?. One of the most important tasks booster club members have to tackle is the management of booster club finances. Managing the finances of a booster club can be a difficult process, even more so if you frequently have to correct accounting mistakes. Determining which accounting software is the best booster club accounting software in 2018 may not be as simple as naming the most popular software. Different booster clubs have different needs from accounting software, meaning that not all clubs will choose the same booster club accounting software. As such, a few examples of top accounting software for booster clubs with varying features have been listed below.

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QuickBooks Bookkeeping Software for Booster Clubs

One of the best pieces of booster club accounting software in 2018 is QuickBooks . Since so many people use QuickBooks, any questions you might have when using QuickBooks can often be answered through a quick internet search. There are numerous blogs and YouTube tutorials addressing common problems users encounter with QuickBooks as well. Furthermore, while QuickBooks often serves small businesses, it can also be used by nonprofit organizations, making it the applicable 501c3 accounting software a booster club may need.

When using QuickBooks, it is important to consider which package deal best suits your booster club’s needs. Different QuickBooks packages offer different features. The least expensive package deal offers the fewest features. Excluding any discounts, the cheapest package deal is $15 per month as of 2018. However, the lower priced packages means you are missing out on many of the features included in the mid and higher priced packages. Luckily, if you discover that the lowest priced package deal does not meet your needs, you can easily upgrade to a higher priced package deal with the features you need. If you are considering using QuickBooks, make sure you have a good grasp of the features you will need to adequately manage booster club finances within the application.

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Aplos As A Booster Club Bookkeeping Software

Another one of the top accounting software for booster clubs is Aplos. Aplos is specifically a non-profit accounting software developed with the purpose of serving churches and nonprofits. Aplos may be an excellent choice for 501c3 accounting software, since it was made to serve organizations that have much in common with booster clubs. Aplos also has a long reputation for being more user friendly than some other piececs of popular accounting software. If you do not have a lot of experience with accounting and/or accounting software, Aplos may be a good option for you to manage your booster club’s non-profit accounting software.

Similar to QuickBooks, Aplos offers different package options with different features and different costs. The starter plan is $23 a month. If your booster club will need access to features that are not in the starter plan, you may have to opt for a more expensive plan. Carefully consider all the features listed in each Aplos plan and decide if there is an affordable plan that would be sufficient for booster club accounting software.

 Zoho - Booster Club Accounting Software

Zoho As A Booster Club Accounting Software

Zoho was made with small business in mind as the customer base, but can also be used as 501c3 accounting software. Zoho, like Aplos, is known to be fairly user friendly for individuals who are not expert accountants or familiar with accounting software in general.

The standard Zoho starter plan starts out at $12 per month. If the standard plan does not meet the needs of your booster club, as with the previously mentioned options, you may have to select a more expensive plan. Thankfully, the second tier plan is only $20 a month, a fairly good price for mid-level accounting software. To determine what plan will best meet the requirements of booster club accounting software, carefully consider all the features offered by each Zoho plan.


Perhaps one of these examples of accounting software will meet the needs of your booster club. QuickBooks, Aplos, and Zoho are all popular options for non-profit accounting software. However, it is also important to be mindful that popularity does not necessarily mean that these particular accounting software systems will suit your booster club’s financial needs. Carefully review all the services offered by the best booster club accounting software 2018 before deciding whether or not these services will help you to adequately manage your booster club finances.

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