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The Best 2021 Booster Club Website Hosting Solutions

The Best 2021 Booster Club Website Hosting Solutions

In these days and times it is imperative that every organization havve some sort of online presence. A business without a website or even simple online presence is missing the opportunity for substantial growth. A social media profile is an easy way to have an online profile, but you don’t ever fully control the profile among other issues. Having a website for your organization becomes important to ensure that your club always has control of it’s own little corner of the internet.  Because of the importance of a website, the first step is understanding the best booster club website hosting solutions available in 2021.


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Best Nonprofit and Booster Club Website Hosting Solutions

Our basic criteria for isolating the best booster club website hosting solutions was looking at some simple components.  These included, cost, ease of set up, customer support, customer reviews and how experienced they are as a hosting company.  Here are the options we felt were the best to pick from!

GoDaddy Logo


GoDaddy is the world’s largest domain name registrar known to provide round the clock technical support. The hosting company has over 80 million domains under its management. With such a large roster of clients, GoDaddy has proven to be a solid and reliable host for businesses of all sizes.  Because of their range of plans and ability to scale, GoDaddy is one of the top booster club website hosting solution.


Bluehost Logo


This is typically the most affordable hosting company. That being said, even thought BlueHost offers plans that can be as low as $8 per year, their plans scale up to become quite expensive. BlueHost provides no monthly plans, just annual charges which is unique in the industry.  Their affordibility and features like data transfer, emails and higher storage limits has made BlueHost one of the more popular options for small businesses and why we feel they are one of the best booster club website hosting solutions.


Hostgator Logo


Another popular host and one of the best Booster Club Website Solutions is HostGator. Not only do they have pocket-friendly plans and good customer support, they have indepth tutorials to help organizations create their sites.  From WordPress to Joomla to Drupal and even its own in-house CMS for creating websites, HostGator has proven to be a solid solution for hosting and building a website.


WP Engine Logo

WP Engine:

WP Engine prides itself as one of the easiest sites for web hosting due to its simple interface. Their primary focus is supporting websites built with WordPress. Beyond just supporting WordPress sites, WP Engine is a well-managed web host that ensures uptime by making sure their services are continually up to date and secure. Not only is WP Engine affordable but they back their service with a 60-day money-back guarantee. As far as Booster Club Website Hosting Solutions, WP Engine is a solid option – especially if you are planning on running a wordpress website.

Dreamhost Logo


It is the best cloud hosting site with Windows and Linux based cloud plans. It comes with lots of unlimited plans making its data transfer, email, storage, and domains accessible. Dreamhost has become popuar due to its offers of a free domain name with hosting purchase.  They also have tained a solid reputation for reliability by standing behind their services with a 97-day money back guarantee. Dreamhost is one of the best web hosting sites for small businesses.

Scalahosting Logo


Scalahosting should be in the running as a Booster Club website hosting solutions provider.  They have proven to be a reliable shared web hosting company with services that are efficient and fast. Their web hosting is scalable as it is entirely cloud server based for both web hosting and reseller hosting. ScalaHosting has successfully powered over 700,000 websites from over 120 countries. Because of this experience Trustpilot has rated Scalahosting as the world’s #1 rated cloud and web hosting provider.


Mochahost Logo


MochaHost is a favorite hosting provider due to its lifetime guarantee.  It is probably the only established hosting company that gives its customers this amazing discount. Beyond their incredible guarantee, MochaHost also provides website building tools at no price at all. On top of all of these discounts and guarantees, their technical support team works round the clock. and their hosting is ultra-fast and secure.  Web hosting service plans include Mocha Web Builder and WordPress hosting from $2.48 monthly, Domain names at $14.95 annually, VPS Hosting from $7.98 monthly and Java/Tomcat Hosting from $3.48 monthly. Affordability, security and speed makes MochaHost one of the best booster club website hosting solutions around.


Justhost Logo

Just Host

This site readily provides everything a standalone company needs to build their website and manages it properappropriately offer introductory packages from $3.95 monthly that are a one first time payment only. Just Host gives a 30-days Hosting Money back guarantee and 74% discount with FREE domain, email and marketing tools.

Hostwinds Logo


Hostwinds is one of the best sites for small organizations and Booster clubs looking to start a functional website. The site is particularly loved for its strong VPS (virtual private servers) plans. Their striking features include good customer service, Minecraft server hosting, and fantastic uptime testing. Monthly plans start from $5.24 monthly with offer including unlimited bandwidth and disc space.


Webhosts That Offer Discounts to Nonprofits

As an additional option we wanted to highlight a few hosts that are not only solid options for hosting your booster club website, but also offer discounts for nonprofits. If your booster club is set up as a nonprofit then you will be able to take advantage of further savings!


InMotion Logo

InMotion Hosting

InMotion Hosting has plans of all sizes for all business types. It is known for reliable uptime and solid customer support. Beyond all of the typical bells and whistles, InMotion Hosting offers discounts for non-profit businesses and bills as low as $3.99 for shared hosting a month as part of a two-year deal. Regular monthly bill ranges from $7.45-22.99.

iPage Logo


Although this site doesn’t offer a non-profit discount, it does offer promotional pricing of $1.99 monthly.


Hostpapa Logo


By making green energy its top priority, this site is the best choice for eco-conscious non-profits. Unlike other web-hosting services, HostPapa offset its carbon emissions by 100%. Also rates 3.6 out of 5.



A good website has a lot of positive impacts on Booster clubs and non-profit organizations. Establishing your own website for your booster club, allows you to control your club’s narrative, image and position online. By controlling your own space on the internet you have now established a place where people can always find out information about your club, contact you and where you do not have to worry about losing access to a profile on a 3rd party site. Even setting up the most basic of booster club websites for your booster club will have a huge impact as you move forward and work to grow your club’s impact.


Looking to set up an ecommerce booster club site or build a website with an online platform?  We took the time to compare Shopify, Wix and Squarespace to give you better insight into which might be the best solution for your club!

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