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The Best 2021 Booster Club Tax Software Solutions

The Best 2021 Booster Club Tax Software Solutions

Keeping track of booster club tax records and payments, especially with multiple income streams, can prove quite a daunting task. People, small organizations and especially booster clubs require solutions to their tax operations, problems, and challenges. Before trying to find a tax professional, it may make more sense to look at some of the best 20221 booster club tax software solutions on the market.

Donations can complicate booster club tax filings if not properly recorded.

For those unfamiliar, a booster club is an all-volunteer nonprofit organization that supports organizations and mainly school programs by generating funds needed for certain operations. Like most non-profit organizations your booster club needs a solution that is designed to help their unique business needs.

Raising money is an integral part of the success of a booster club which makes tax planning incredibly important. Staying on top of your booster club’s tax filings and payments can make the difference between years of success and years of heartache. While it may seem that hiring an accountant is the easiest solution – if you don’t have the budget for it, then it probably won’t work.  Luckily, there are a number of lower cost accounting software solutions that are easy to use, and can walk you through the steps of managing your booster club taxes. Let’s take a look at our round-up of the best 2021 booster club tax software solutions for any club’s budget.


Accountant helping volunteer with their booster club tax software solution

What is Tax Software?

Tax software programs have grown and matured over the years to allow almost anyone to handle their own personal or business taxes. Online tax software takes away the tediousness of  filing tax returns by making the steps and data input extremely easy. Not only does modern software save you time, they also come at a much lower cost than tax services. No matter your organization size or type, there is a booster club tax software solution to fit your needs.


Booster club volunteer helping with taxes

What Makes A Great Booster Club Tax Software Solution?

When we review tax software solutions, we primarily look at efficiency, versatility, accuracy, and cost. Our compiled list of the Best 2021 booster club tax software solutions all will help manage a majority of your booster club’s tax management and filings at a lower cost than hiring an actual accountant. Since different clubs have different needs, it is smart to find tax software that conforms with your booster club’s specific tax situation and requirements. Given this specialized need per organization, we have tried to note each solution’s different functions and


Great booster club tax software solution dashboard.

Top 6 Best 2021 Booster Club Tax Software Solutions

We broke the results of the top 6 booster club tax software solutions into two parent categories. The first being software that is backed by offices & in-person support if needed. The second are online software only that do not have any in-person locations.  Both are valid options and should be considered depending on your booster club tax situation.


Booster club volunteer having trouble filing taxes with software.

Best Booster Club Tax Software & In-Person Support Solutions

Note that while the software is one price, if you end up needing to meet in person with these solutions the costs will increase. This is a great option if your club has more technical tax related issues that need a professional to get you on the right track.

H&R Block is know for its online tax software solutions and in-peron offices.

H&R Block

Booostr Rating: 4.75/5

While most people know H&R Block as in-person tax prep, they also have their own do-it-yourself online service. This software has various levels of programs that you can choose from, depending on how complex your tax situation is. Typically the simplest returns are free – this may even apply to your booster club! The more complex it is, the more your club will have to pay. For most do-it-yourself tax situations, the average cost is $79.99.

One of the reasons H&R Block could easily be the best 2021 booster club tax software is that at any point when using the software you are not up to the task of completing your booster club filing, an H&R Block Tax Professional can easily jump in and help! Whether you need simple live support or are stumped and need in-person help – H&R Block has you covered either way.


Jackson Hewitt has both online tax software solutions and in-peron offices.

Jackson Hewitt

Booostr Rating: 4.75/5

Another booster club tax software solution with in-person offices around the country is Jackson Hewitt. The Jackson Hewitt software prides itself in being the least expensive- at least before the other software brought down their prices for competition’s sake. It offers similar features to H&R Block and TurboTax (see below) but with few differences. Mainly it sticks to 3 tiers of online tax prep: Free, Deluxe and Premier. If your tax needs go beyond the Premier level, then you will be directed to in-person help. While doing your taxes in-person with Jackson Hewitt does cost more than just using the software, they have made it easy to access their tax professionals. With 6000 locations around the country, and half of them in Walmart stores, chances are there is a location nearby.

Like other solutions, if you are having issues with putting your taxes in order, a Jackson Hewitt tax professional can always help even if you have started down the path with their software on your own. From affordability, breadth of knowledge, ease of access to local offices, Jackson Hewitt is one of the better booster club tax software solutions.


Liberty Tax has both online tax software solutions and in-person offices.

Liberty Tax

Booostr Rating: 4.00/5

Rounding out booster club tax software solutions with in-person offices, is Liberty Tax. Liberty Tax supports organizations of any size – including your booster club with its affordable pricing and ease of use. Just like its competitors, Liberty Tax has both online software as well as in-person support with over 4000+ in-person offices.

Liberty Tax Software has three levels which it breaks down by the type of personal or business return you are submitting. The more complicated the return the higher the cost.  That being said, their software at every level is easy to use and even the most expensive option is under $100. It is easy to use and very cost friendly. On top of their low cost, Liberty Tax also offers specials and services which includes referrals, free double check and a premium service. Liberty Tax aims provide affordable tax services based on the user’s needs – from do-it-yourself software to in-person tax help.

Similar to other solutions, if you start with their software you can easily bring in a Liberty Tax professional to help. With all of these services under one brand, it is easy to see why Liberty Tax is one of the top booster club tax software solutions.


Booster club tax software solutions make filing taxes easier

Best Booster Club Tax Software Only Services

Note, The following are tax solutions that are completely software based with no physical locations.

TurboTax by Intuit is a solution for filing taxes online.


Booostr Rating: 4.5/5

One of the most popular do-it-yourself booster club tax software solutions is Turbo Tax. This software has years of development and outstanding features. Furthermore, because it is made by Intuit it integrates easily into QuickBooks, which is used by many businesses and booster clubs for accounting . This integration makes it incredibly easy to import from QuickBooks; allowing you to work faster. Like most software, TurboTax offers tiers of programs that one can choose from, depending on how complex their tax filing is. Note, TurboTax does not offer in-person filing.


TaxAct is online tax filing software.


Booostr Rating: 4.3/5

When it comes to state and federal tax returns, TaxAct is the go-to tax software for many organizations and booster clubs. With years of updates and improvements, it is become easier to use and even has a free file options for specific types of tax situations. TaxAct prides itself on their accuracy which they guarantee the maximum refund if they are inaccurate. Furthermore, if your tax returns are more complicated than most returns, then you should consider TaxAct. While it is easier to use with simpler returns, it’s software was designed to scale up technically as tax returns become more complicated in order to maintain its accuracy. From simple to complicated, we felt this was a booster club tax software solution that deserved to be ranked.

Starting off with a new tax software could present some challenges. Most of the time, these challenges are overcome. The good news is, with TaxAct customer support, you can have an online professional pop in and handle all any difficulties you run into.  TaxAct has no in-person filing.


TaxSlayer online tax filing software.


Booostr Rating: 4/5

The TaxSlayer software is a newer online only tax software service. If your booster club is on a budget, this is the best option. TaxSlayer takes some getting used to, but once you know how to maneuver in their software it gets significantly easier to use. Another differentiator of TaxSlayer is it’s mobile app which makes it even more convenient to use. We recommend this for booster clubs that have a passive level of experience with managing tax records and are already confident in their tax-paying abilities. When you are choosing your TaxSlayer level, you can pick from Free, Classic, Premium, and self-employed.

While we do not recommend this software for beginners, we do feel that anyone with a few years of filing their own taxes can pick this software up pretty easily. In addition, if you run into problems with their software, they do offer an additional service where one of their professionals will help you remotely. Balancing cost and features as well as their customer support we feel that TaxSlayer should be a considered as one of the best 2021 booster club tax software solutions. TaxSlayer has no in-person filing.

Pick Your Best 2021 Booster Club Tax Software Solutions

From seamless and accurate tax recording, to in-person filing, to live support and expert help, as well as affordability and ease of use, we believe the booster club tax software solutions listed here are the best options to ensure your 2021 taxes are filed properly. Transitioning your organization to one of these booster club tax software solutions to handle all your tax needs will improve your overall financial management and allow you to focus more time on growing your club.  Need more help? Check out some of our other helpful posts on our Booster club blog!

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