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The Best 2021 Booster Club Apparel Printers Companies

The Best 2021 Booster Club Apparel Printers Companies

With the new year already underway, it’s an excellent opportunity to sell fresh and exciting new custom apparel to support your booster club financial goals. Especially at a time like now, where most daily routines are solely online, the demand for a sense of community is leading. As e-commerce continues to grow, so do the resources available to support you through the online merchandise ordering process. If you have access to a computer, you can get started as soon as today, it’s never been easier! With many options, it’s critical that you find booster club apparel printers that makes your operation more efficient.

Apparel selection on hangers for booster club apparel printers

Get clear about your booster club apparel printing solutions needs:

  • How much time do you have to design and produce?
  • What is your budget?
  • Is the cost per item or minimums important to you?
  • Do you need drop shipping?
  • Does the company manage waste and practice sustainability?

Today, we are going to highlight a few of the best online apparel printers. Each company reviewed provides services we believe are important when looking for a partnership. These guidelines include:

  • Drop shipping availability
  • Minimums
  • Low cost per item
  • Sustainable practices
  • Delivery speed


Here are some of the best 2021 booster club apparel printers to help get you started on the right foot.


Custom Ink T Shirt printer logo

Custom Ink is the best 2021 booster club apparel printer

 Booostr Rating 5/5

 Custom Ink is one of the best online apparel printers due to its processing transparency and ease of service. When quoted, it’s clear what you’re getting and at what price as it factors in shipping, which is free if you select standard shipping. Most items have no minimums, but the more items purchased in an order, the lower the unit price. Additionally, they offer the best drop ship apparel services, meaning you never have to handle fulfillment if you’d prefer.

Another unique service they offer is the Fundraising hosting tool. Utilizing the design lab, you create the design, tell your story, set the cost, and create a website campaign you host through their domain. From there, you use it to connect with supporters, track sales, and to collect payment. Once the campaign closes, they manage item fulfillment and other final logistics. Not only is this more sustainable as it reduces wasted merchandise, but it requires no upfront costs, making it a fantastic booster club apparel printing solution. There is even a hybrid shipping option where supporters can opt to pay for their shipment for a low shipping fee to help offset fundraising costs.

In addition to its low cost apparel, Custom Inks impressive reputation and innovative services certify it as the best 2021 booster club apparel printer.


Underground Printing- 2021 Best booster club apparel printers

Underground Printing for the best drop ship apparel printing

Booostr Rating 4.5/5

With no upfront costs and no minimum quantities, Underground Printing is one of the best 2021 booster club apparel printers. Recently, they’ve added a 2-Day Lightning Rush delivery, perfect for when you find yourself pressed for time. It’s no wonder they have 100% satisfaction guaranteed.

What sets them apart from other booster club apparel printing solutions is their Painless Online Group Ordering (POGO) service. You simply create the design or use their services free of charge, create an online form with the details, share with your booster club/small business, and you’re all set. From there, POGO handles the collection process of gathering sizes, color preferences, and payments, then prints the apparel and fulfills the shipping. They offer to ship directly to you, the group, or pickup at their various nationwide locations.

Underground Printing is an impressively low cost apparel printer as they offer many typical premium services free of additional charges. We agree that they are one of, if not the best drop ship apparel printers where you’ll find yourself saving time and money.


Rush Order Tees Logo

Rush Order Tees for an efficient booster club apparel printing solution

Booostr Rating 4/5

As its name suggests, Rush Order Tees specializes in delivering products when you need them most. Whether you need it by tomorrow or by the end of the month, they guarantee to accommodate production to ensure you receive the product timely and at top quality. Additionally, if you order 5 items or more, you qualify for standard free shipping.

They pride themselves on their 99.7% satisfaction rate nationwide. Each order receives professional design support to ensure the print displays as envisioned, and most orders acquire free digital proofs to accomplish such high approval ratings. Additionally, they provide deadline updates to ensure you’re always in the know throughout the printing process

The outstanding customer service and quick turnaround are merely a few reasons why Rush Order Tees is one of the top 2021 booster club apparel printers.



Allied Shirts - 2021 Best booster club apparel printers

Allied Shirts for affordable apparel printing

Booostr Rating 3.5/5

Allied Shirts is one of the best online low cost apparel printers. They offer a low price guarantee, price matching competitors for identical products, and no minimum quantity is required.

However, when you order 12 or more shirts, you’re eligible for their free design services. The offer is perfect for those who want to outsource the design process altogether.

In a rush? Allied Shirts offers rush shipping when you select to ship the next day at checkout for orders less than 200 shirts. With their low cost and fast delivery, they are one of the best 2021 booster club apparel printers.

The drawback of the service is the unavailability of drop shipping but, with their accelerated delivery, this won’t hinder your distribution timeline.


EthixMerch - 2021 Best booster club apparel printers

Ethix Merch, the sustainable 2021 booster club apparel printer

Booostr Rating 3/5 

If you’re looking to support ethical practices while sticking to your budget, Ethix Merch is one of the best booster club apparel printing solutions.

They provide a multitude of custom printed ethical promotional items (t-shirts, hats, etc.) all sustainably sourced and paired with a mission. Most apparel choices require a minimum of 48 units, but there is a price decrease in cost per item if the quantity exceeds the next threshold.

The main snag with Ethix Merch is the production speed. At this time, a drop shipping service isn’t advertised, which means you’ll need to account for additional prep time if you plan to mail the product in-house. Turnaround time is about three weeks after final approval, not accounting for proofs.

If you have more time to plan a custom print, this is a great eco-friendly affordable apparel printers option. Otherwise, you’ll want to go with a different 2021 booster club apparel printers specialized in rush orders.


As you can see, the best 2021 booster club apparel printers companies help custom design and production much more feasible no matter your design level or budget. All you need is a vision and a clear understanding of what you need from a partnership.

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