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The Basics of Booster Club Facebook Marketing

The Basics of Booster Club Facebook Marketing

Millions of daily users are active on the social media juggernaut Facebook. From sharing news and entertainment to promoting new ideas and raising awareness for a cause, it’s a way for individuals, groups, and businesses to connect with others both locally and globally. Put the power of social media to work for your club with community-level online marketing. Let’s explore the basics of booster club Facebook marketing for newbies and veterans alike.


Booster Club Facebook Marketing

Facebook marketing is the process of paying to promote, or boost, any post made from your booster club Facebook business page using the Facebook Ads Manager. Boosting can increase the number of views a post receives or the number of visits to your page, and can even elicit follower responses with action buttons. Using an ever-advancing newsfeed algorithm, Facebook ads publicize posts to connect with the desired target audience. Users can choose the ad format they prefer, customize their campaigns and track progress to compare ad effectiveness.

While Facebook ads isn’t a free service, is needn’t cost a great deal to market your booster club online. One important benefit to consider is how ads can be tailored across the Facebook family of platforms – Facebook, Messenger, Instagram, and Audience Network – to extend your clubs message and grow its impact. Get started with as little as $5, then choose when and how the promotions are boosted to your followers. Explore the details for Facebook Ads Manager set up if you’re new to it or need a refresher.


Facebook ads for targeting people around the world

Facebook Ad Formats to Choose From

Let’s cover some of the numerous ways a club can utilize Facebook ads within a couple of simple steps. The first step in spreading your message with Facebook is to clarify the intent of your booster club marketing advertisements. Club officers should actively discuss what they want to achieve, be it to grow the ranks of volunteers, fundraise for the upcoming concert or share a local success story with your community. Having a clear goal in mind will help determine the ad method used and the platforms that will boost the posting.

For example, say your organization sets an objective of driving online traffic to your booster club website using Facebook ads. With this goal in mind, the next step is to choose a format for the promotion. The tools Facebook offers include text, images, videos, slideshows, call-to-action buttons or a combination of these.

Simple Facebook Marketing Guideliness to Keep In Mind

When choosing an ad format, keep in mind a few simple guidelines to make them stand out among the crowded field of online marketing. Keep the message simple and engaging. You don’t have to be a pro with expensive video and photography equipment to capture impactful photos or make memorable videos (but if you do, use that to make stellar content!). Focus on your audience and choose words, images, and videos that resonate with them. And don’t worry about screen size, since Facebook ads cover the spectrum of desktop computers and mobile devices.


Booster Club Facebook Marketing includes regular posting and liking of posts

Post, Promote and Grow

Now that your group has a Facebook business page and ideas for ads, the designated page administrator(s) can get to work promoting the club’s Facebook account. Knowing what to post and how often is going to depend on the nature of the support organization and the student activity schedule. Your booster club marketing should utilize a mix of free and paid-for posts to optimize value for the club and its followers.

Advertisements should typically cover important club news and upcoming events – think spring car wash or fall selection of officers. How often admin pays to boost postings can vary according to the goals set by the club’s leadership. Budget, audience size and post duration determine how often and for how long the club may sponsor each promotion. Again, the amount spent to boost can be as little as $1 per week, and catered to attract a specific viewer by age, location, affiliation or interest.

Facebook Ad Manager visual

A Brief Introduction To Facebook Ad Manager

The Facebook Ad Manager features cost controls that allow you to adjust the daily and lifetime budget spends according to how often your club creates and promotes different postings. Estimates of the ads reach are displayed as well, giving the user specific data to base their spending upon. Your ads can feature booster club branded merchandise or capture contact information (think lead generation) of future volunteers.

To grow overall engagement, consider creating valuable booster club online promotions for free across different social media platforms. When a change in club leadership occurs, post about it on Facebook. Share an inspiring youth artist’s photo on Instagram with a short story about the piece and its creator. Tweet about the new football team uniforms and any other noteworthy occurrences as they take place. Submitting free postings to your followers keeps them informed and grows club awareness when members share, react to or retweet them.

Facebook groups or pages

Consider Cross Promoting With Local Facebook Groups

Then tap into the influence of other like-minded people and connect with local groups. There are Facebook groups for many of the activities that students, parents, and schools are involved with making this an excellent way for supporters to find your club and grow your follower-ship organically. Because generating new posts can be time-consuming, try dedicating a block of time to produce multiple posts, then schedule their delivery so followers continually have something new to view.


Booster Club members using social media and Facebook

Divide and Campaign

Now that you’ve learned the basics of Facebook marketing, get with your team and put together a simple plan to create meaningful posts that share your story. Partner up with other Facebook groups or make a group of your own to highlight student achievements and raise awareness for upcoming events. With a little practice, your booster club online promotions will be tailored for maximum impact and scheduled for timely delivery using tools that let you track an ads progress and budget to optimize audience reach.

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