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Support Your Kids, Start A Youth Orchestra Booster Club

Support Your Kids, Start A Youth Orchestra Booster Club

Having a youth orchestra booster club is a great way to support your musical child and their classmates. Music is such an important part of a child’s life and being a part of a student orchestra can benefit them in many ways. While high school popularity may fall around the sports programs, music programs such as band or orchestra are just (if not more) important.

There is a lot of research that shows the effects of music on a kid can stay with them for a lifetime.

In this article we will discuss:

  • Why music is important for students
  • Why you should want a booster club for orchestra
  • How the music booster club helps
  • What a youth orchestra booster club does


Violin players are critical to orchestras supported by booster clubs

Why music is important for students

The most impressive thing that research has shown us is that students who experience a music program often score much higher on their SAT scores. This is great for students wanting to proceed to college after their high school years are over.

Students who are interested in music are also more likely to stay engaged in school and achieve in other subjects as well. It helps to give them a better drive to constantly improve upon their work and craftsmanship instead of settling for mediocre results.

The music classes your child takes will also help them to develop a better sense of reasoning and language. Even helping them to become better at memorization. This is mostly due in part to them needing to rely on their memory as they perform using sheet music.

Not to mention, being able to perform music publically is a feat that not many can say they’ve done. Without high school orchestra or music programs football game, half times would be less fun. Removing the high school and middle school orchestras or bands from parades would make them boring. Music programs would be missed if they were ever removed from schools.


A Youth Orchestra Booster Club supports students musica; creativeness

Why you should want a booster club for orchestra

A music booster club helps to enrich the lives of the young student musicians by helping to promote interest and active participation in the school’s programs. The youth orchestra booster club helps to make sure that the safety and welfare of the students are always being catered to, whether at school or away for an event.

With the help of the funds raised by the music booster club, students can afford extra tutoring or have a financial aid given to them. This is great especially for the lower income families that would not otherwise be able to afford all of the fees that come with this expensive activity.

Volunteers also help to chaperone events making the time spent on the bus, at the event and back much less stressful on the teacher. This also helps to save the school money by not needing to pay extra teachers to do the student supervising.


Student Playing Instrument in orchestra

How your youth orchestra booster club helps

Beyond the obvious musical instrument costs, there are other expenses that come with having a music class that is often not considered.

Sheet music

Sheet music is either given to a class in the form of a book or printed paper or a combination of the two. Neither of these two is a very frugal option when you consider how many kids are in each classroom and how many times the papers would need to be replaced due to damage or misplacement. This can easily eat away at the classroom supplies budget.

Banquets and awards

Just like with sports programs, at the end of the year, it’s not uncommon for school programs to host a banquet and award ceremony as a celebration. This is a great time to celebrate the hard work that went into the school year and the milestone accomplishments that were achieved.


Students don’t get to eat as much at school as they could at home. Being offered breakfast and lunch and then staying after school a few more hours for practice can have them incredibly hungry by the time they’re done. Snacks and drinks are a great way to keep everyone’s energy levels up and keep their blood sugar levels from crashing.

Transportation to events or field trips

Competitions, concerts, or field trips all come at a financial cost including the transportation to get there and back. Not limited to renting the use of a bus, paying for gas or the entry ticket price.

A youth orchestra booster club helps to make sure that these items are all funded and that no student has to risk missing out because of a payment related issue. They raise the funds through various means of fundraisers so that the musical education of the students can continue without fail.


What a Youth Orchestra Booster Club Does

What a your booster club does

One of the most impactful things that the youth orchestra booster club does is to provide money. They do this through different fundraisers including membership drives. By asking the parents of orchestra members to pay a booster club membership fee they get access to volunteer information and the club gets money to help defer the costs gained by the band.

When the volunteers are able to donate their time to the classroom and help to do some of the administrative duties of the music teacher, it directly impacts the education of the students.

By volunteering their time to help with the students, the youth orchestra booster club also helps to alleviate some of the stress of the music teacher.

Tasks that would normally take the music teacher 30 minutes or an hour during school hours may only take a few minutes for an adult volunteer. Helping out and getting some of those smaller tasks out of the way really makes a larger impact than you may think.

Because the teacher now has less administrative duties that they need to conduct, they can apply that time they would have spent right back into the classroom. This means there is more time for the teacher to dedicate to the students.


Youth Orchestra Booster Clubs support the and school

Youth orchestra booster clubs help keep the class running.

Parent volunteers play an important role in helping to make the class a huge success with their support. Not only with the financial aspects but with the time they dedicate as well. Together, the efforts they apply towards helping the class will in turn impact and enrich the lives of students forever.

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