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Running a Booster Club Holiday Facebook Fundraiser

Running a Booster Club Holiday Facebook Fundraiser

It’s Giving Tuesday and the start of the holidays!  This is always an excellent time for fundraisers. However, this year the pandemic caused by Covid-19 has caused the fundraising landscape to look a bit different. While online fundraising may not sound as fun as passing out candy canes or raffling off Christmas cookies, the monetary results can be just as rewarding. If you’re looking for ways to increase your booster club support this December, why not launch a holiday booster club holiday Facebook fundraiser?


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Why Should we Set up a Holiday Facebook Fundraiser?

An estimated 2.7 billion people around the globe actively use Facebook. Needless to say, this social media site has an incredible reach. Facebook fundraisers are especially effective because you can link the page and send it out in emails, mass texts, post in community pages, or make it your Booster Club’s Instagram Bio. Finally, Facebook does not charge fees for non-profit fundraisers.


Christmas Cookies being made for a holiday facebook fundraiser

How do I Make a Holiday Facebook Fundraiser for my Booster Club?

The process is not too painful and the results can be remarkably effective. Just follow these four steps taken from Facebook’s guide to Creating a Fundraiser:

  1. You’ll want to set your holiday Facebook fundraiser up as a non-profit, not a personal fundraiser. According to the Facebook regulations, your booster club must be a registered 501(c)(3) with a tax ID number and associated bank account in order to be considered a non-profit.
  2. If your booster club meets the qualifications above, you can begin by clicking “Fundraisers” along the left side of your newsfeed. Then click “+ Raise Money” and select “Non-Profit.”
  3. The next page will have you fill in the details and select a cover photo. Be sure to make the details as specific as possible, so people know what they’re donating to. Likewise, adding holiday themes may increase the fundraiser’s appeal. Finally, pick a fun and cheerful horizontal photo.

Setting up a fundraiser on Facebook is easy, so don’t hesitate to start planning your booster club holiday fundraiser online.


Family watching a live stream of a booster club holiday facebook fundraiser

Advertise your Facebook Fundraiser with a Live Video

If your Booster Club fits the qualifications for a non-profit fundraiser, you can help get the word out with a Facebook Live video. For the video, the Booster Club president, treasurer, or a small group of members could discuss the fundraising needs.

Using Live Producer, you can add a donate button to your video. Here’s Facebook’s guide: Enter “Live Producer” as a Page Admin from any Live entry point. In the description box on the left, select “Raise Money.” Then select your non-profit fundraiser for others to donate to. Finally, select “Go Live.” When you film, the button will appear on the streaming video for all viewers.


Use Hashtags to promote your booster club holiday fundraiser

Tips for Making the Most of your Holiday Facebook Fundraiser

Almost anyone can set up a fundraiser on Facebook. However, there are certain things that can really set certain fundraisers ahead of the rest. Here are the best hacks to creating a successful holiday Facebook Fundraiser.

  • Share Your Story. You’ll have a chance to share your Booster Club’s backstory when you’re setting up your page. You’ll want to make the most of this section, so that anyone who reads it is excited to donate to you. This article explains how to be effective with your story telling.
  • Use a Hashtag. Creating a hashtag is a wonderful way to brand the fundraiser. You’ll want to think of something that is creative, unique, and not too long. Hashtags create breadcrumb trails for people to find the fundraiser.
  • Set up A Facebook Business Page. This will increase your following and widen your platform. Once you create a Facebook Business Page (if your Booster Club doesn’t already have one) you can use it to post fundraising updates, relevant articles, and encouragement to potential donors.
  • Thank your Donors. Everyone appreciates appreciation. If a family member, fellow student, teacher, or person in the community takes the time and financial sacrifice to donate to your page, be sure to thank them in a private message or an appropriate public message (that doesn’t disclose the amount each person gave).

Sharing your Booster Club’s unique story and memories, using hashtags, setting up a specific page, and thanking donors are four magnificent ways to ensure growth for your holiday Facebook fundraiser.


Ways you can incentivize your donors to give to your fundraiser

How to Incentivize Donors on Facebook

You want to make it as easy as possible for donors to give. Moreover, you want to encourage donors that giving their money, that they worked hard to earn, will be worth it. Here are some potential strategies your Booster Club can use to spur potential donors to open up their wallets.

  • Limit the Time Frame. When a fundraiser has an end date, people understand there is an urgency and are motivated to act. Make sure you plan your fundraiser with enough time to advertise for it, but also don’t let it drag. Two weeks in mid-December is an appropriate window for a Holiday fundraiser.
  • Emphasize the Holidays. Donations in America spike at the end of each year. People feel more generous and know where they stand financially in December. You’ll want to add something about the holidays to your fundraiser’s name, to spark people’s interest. (Also, don’t be afraid to add snowflakes or Christmas ornaments to the border of your Fundraiser’s cover photo to reinforce the theme.)


Receiving your money from your holiday facebook fundraiser

How Will We Receive Our Facebook Donations?

Great question! It depends on how you’re registered. If your booster club holiday Facebook fundraiser is registered through Facebook Payments, the donations will go directly into your club’s bank account when you’ve reached $100 or when two weeks have passed. If your club is registered through Network for Good Donor Advised Fund, then the payments will be sent via electronic transfer. Still confused? This article may help.


In Summation

Facebook fundraisers are very quick and easy to set up, so long as your booster club means the non-profit requirements. There are certain strategies you can use to increase your fundraiser’s effectiveness, including live videos, sharing your story, using hashtags, having a Facebook Business Page, and thanking donors. Likewise, you can incentivize potential donors by limiting the time frame of the fundraiser and emphasizing the fact that it is a holiday Facebook fundraiser.

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