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Our Favorite Online Financial Tools For Booster Clubs in 2021

Our Favorite Online Financial Tools For Booster Clubs in 2021

Whether you are running a for profit company or a non-profit, accounting is the language of business. In order to decipher what your club’s financials are saying you need the right tools. There are a plethora of valuable online financial tools available to help review and analyze booster club financials. Instead of spending hours scrolling through the web to find the right online financial tools for your club just take our advice.

All the hard work has been done for you and we would like to share with you our recommendations for our favorite online financial tools for booster clubs this year.


Mug next to tax return documents for a booster club.

Tax Software

One of the most needed online financial tools for a booster club is tax software. Tax software is software that allows users to prepare and file their tax returns. Some excellent tax software options are listed below.

  • TaxAct: A tax software known for being cheaper than many other options. This is a tax software service for clubs that don’t want to blow their budget but still want a high end premium tax service.
  • LibertyTax (rebranded as eSmart Tax by LibertyTax): While known for their brick and mortar locations, the tax franchise offers software that is easy to use and reasonably priced. Liberty is a good software with a sharp user interface and a clean mobile version.
  • TaxSlayer: A lessor known options that provides great features at a good price. TaxSlayer is known for its nifty features like allowing users to import info from other tax providers, allow uses to access to the platform from various devices, and allow users to auto-import documents.


Online financial tools allow you to create and send business checks.

Checks for Businesses

As a nonprofit checks are a vital aspect of payments to external parties. One of the best resources to get checks for a booster club is Checks Superstore.

Checks Superstore is an online website that sells checks for businesses. Their website is a great resource to find various types of checks that your club will need to do business.


Business management rule of 80/20 on a mug.

Business Management Software

Intuit QuickBooks is a financial business management software used to manage finances, inventory, conduct payroll, and much, much more. QuickBooks is an entire business management and financial suite that provides tools for all the financial needs of a booster club.

What makes QuickBooks stand as the gold standard for online financial tools for booster clubs is the pricing along with the features. Some of the excellent features that set QuickBooks apart include:

  • Automation: less time can be taken for your clubs accountant as this software provides automation to chew through time consuming tasks freeing up more time. Additionally, QuickBooks backs up all of the users data, eliminating the worry and woes of managing the finances.
  • Built In Reports: Gone are the days of crafting financial reports from scratch. QuickBooks as an online financial tool has the ability to crank out reports and send them to you automatically.
  • Integration: QuickBooks is able to sync with countless third party applications. These apps are not limited to booster club financial tools but include integration to apps designed for email marketing, payroll, e-commerce, payment processing, and more.

Overall Intuit QuickBooks is a fantastic business management program and one of the best online financial tools that we recommend for your booster club.

Man using online financial tools to monitor club finances.

Why Use Online Financial Tools?

Using online financial tools can be both a great asset to your booster club as well as a huge relief. Not only do online financial tools, software, and apps give you an advantage they give you the peace of mind in handling your valuable information. These two big benefits are expounded in the following ways.

Online Tools Provide Better Organization

Online financial tools and software allow booster club financials to be properly organized. Organization is key for financial documents and accounting. Without a clean system that organizes all of a clubs financial information, it will be a nightmare for the club to track and refer back to their information.

Online financial tools provide most if not all of a clubs financial information in one location. By having all of your important documents, spreadsheets, numbers and more in one location it will make managing your booster club easier and more efficient.

Online Tools Help Leadership Make Informed Decisions

A part of managing a booster clubs finances is evaluating what the numbers are communicating. As stated above, accounting is the language of business and the right tools are needed to translate.

By using online financial tools you will be able to track your financial information with up to date technology and software that can tell you if your club is profitable or if your club needs to cut back on costs. Having the right software is like having an AI consultant that is helping you to make the best decisions to make sure your booster club stays healthy financially.


Online financial tools being used to ensure accountability.

Online Tools Bring Accountability

Although every booster clubs wants to say that they have a team full of honest, hardworking, volunteers this is not always the case. More often than not booster clubs, like any other organization and business face the threat of its own members.

By using online financial tools, a club can increase accountability by using a system that tracks and reports when changes were made. And since most programs require ID to log in, the software can also tell who made what changes. With a program that allows multiple people to review and see what changes have been made, online financial tools remain a huge tool for accountability for vital club information over a traditional means in paper and pen.

Online Tools Bring Security

Not only do clubs have to worry about threats internally, but externally as well. We live in a cyber age and online hacks and data leaks are a common occurrence. Thankfully with proper booster club financial tools clubs can rest easy knowing that their financial data sits safe within an app or software that is highly protected from hackers and other malicious groups.


booster club treasurer tracking club finances through online tools.

Take Our Advice, It’s for Your Benefit!

All of the programs and apps we’ve discussed above are great online financial tools that will help your booster club flourish. Since you now know what apps to use, the only thing left is to get signed up and begin using them! The quicker you implement the proper booster club financial tools, the quicker you make your club more efficient and decrease your workload tremendously.



Need some more recommendations for online services or software? Check out Booostr Favorites – our list of pre-vetted solutions for booster clubs. We did all the research so you don’t have to!


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