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Online Bake Sale Fundraiser with 5 Great Bakeries That Give Back!

Online Bake Sale Fundraiser with 5 Great Bakeries That Give Back!

As the world adjusts to working and learning online, organizations like booster clubs keep finding creative ways to overcome the hurdles of COVID-19. Luckily, an online bake sale fundraiser is easier than ever to organize in 2021.

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Adapting to an Online Bake Sale Fundraiser Amid COVID-19

Fundraising events such as bake sales play a central role in a booster club’s ability to support their student’s arts and sports programs. Traditionally, bake sales were a great way for booster clubs to get out into the community and build relationships while raising money for your organization.

However, the pandemic has made face-to-face fundraising less popular and effective. Even more, COVID-19 restrictions make executing this kind of booster club event next to impossible. Buying enough masks, sanitizer, and other personal protective equipment cuts deep into a smaller club’s fundraising budget.

Typically, the booster club fundraising leader would organize the purchase of supplies, cooking baked goods, and selling them on a specified day. Transitioning to an online bake sale fundraiser follows a similar process, with some added benefits we’ll discuss below.


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Why Transitioning to an Online Bake Sale Fundraiser Makes Sense in 2021

Angelic Bakehouse and Bakerly provide an extensive catalog, listing endless options to customize everything from cakes, muffins, brioche bread, and more. One benefit of traditional brick-and-mortar stores moving online is their ability to reach even more customers through online marketing.

On the flip-side, this means that, as a customer, you have more options than ever. Yet, with so many retail options online, it can be hard to choose the right bakery for your needs with running an online bake sale fundraiser.

We’ve provided a list of our favorite online bakeries below, and you can compare the benefits to find the best arrangement for your booster club. Transitioning traditional forms of booster club fundraising online is a profitable move for your organization.

Even more, many online bakeries provide valuable resources to communities in need. For example, Angelic Bakehouse runs a program where they match every loaf of bread purchased with a donation to Feeding America.


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Options for Your Online Bake Sale Fundraiser

Without the option of spreading your event’s word in-person, taking advantage of social media channels will go a long way to raising money for your booster club. More and more people join social media every day, with nearly 1.3 million new users every day.

As more people transition their everyday lives online, tools like Facebook ads allow you to reach more potential donors than traditional advertising forms. Furthermore, creating a booster club Facebook page to push content related to your online bake sale fundraiser and other events related to the booster club.


Angelic Bakehouse

Angelic Bakehouse is a great option with their collections of bread, wraps, buns, crackers, crisps with their online store. Founded to provide families with healthier options, they’ve grown to become a major competitor with products sold in stores nationwide.

If your booster club is looking to work with Angelic Bakehouse for an online bake sale fundraiser, their diverse catalog and recipes will go a long way in helping to organize the event digitally. Even more, their Donate a Loaf program means that, for every loaf of their seven-grain bread you purchase, Angelic Bakehouse will donate another loaf to Feeding America.

The Angelic Bakehouse is a great option for booster clubs with someone willing to prepare the different options with additional meat, cheese, etc.


Little Miss Moffitt

The Little Miss Moffitt online store differs from Angelic Bakehouse because Moffitt’s products focus on cookies and bars, such as their chocolate caramel bar. Little Miss Moffitt has everything from dark chocolate caramel to an assorted cookie box with something everyone will love in terms of their cookie options.

Another option for your online bake sale fundraiser, if you choose Little Miss Moffitt, is their “combo boxes.” This product mixes the cookies and bars that would make a great staple for your booster club fundraising event.

Overall, Little Miss Moffitt is a great option for booster clubs looking to focus on a smaller niche than traditional bake sales.


Baked By Melissa

Another niche option for an online bakery is Baked By Melissa, a company that sells a diverse array of cupcakes. Baked by Melissa is an excellent choice for online bake sale fundraisers because ordering from this bakery is easy.

Ordering is as simple as downloading their menu, contacting Baked By Melissa here to let them know your specific needs, and then relax while you wait for your order to ship right to you.

What makes this an excellent option for a booster club’s online bake sale fundraiser is their diverse options in cupcakes and macarons. For example, they have options ranging from gluten-free, vegan, and you can even have them create a picture with their cupcake mosaics.


Bake Me A Wish

Like Angelic Bakehouse, Bake Me a Wish offers a wide selection of baked goods you can sell for your booster club. They offer everything from cakes, cupcakes, cheesecakes, brownies, pies, gift baskets, and more. If your organization can carry out a larger bake sale, Bake Me a Wish is a great potential option.

Bake Me a Wish offers competitive prices with a top-of-the-line shipping service. As long as you live in the continental United States, this company provides next-day shipping. Even if you don’t need your baked goods that quickly, Bake Me a Wish promises on-time delivery that cuts out the stress of shipping food.



Last but not least, Bakerly is another of our favorite online bakeries, offering premium brioche bread options such as croissants, pancakes, crepes, as well as regular sliced bread. In keeping their menu options slim, Bakerly can specialize in baking some of the best brioche bread available online.


Organizing an online bake sale fundraiser for your booster club is easier than ever in 2021. Marketing efforts reach more people online, which means more funds supporting sports and arts programs.

Online bakeries all over the country ready to meet your organization’s needs. Companies such as Miss Moffitt and Baked By Melissa make sure your bake sales become a local holiday, with everyone wanting some of the delicious treats.

For more information about booster club fundraising strategies visit our blog!

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