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Integrate A Booster Club Email Marketing Strategy

Integrate A Booster Club Email Marketing Strategy

Any club, whether large or small can benefit from a booster club email marketing strategy. Larger companies such as Amazon and even Walmart have their own email marketing campaigns that help to drive additional business and revenue to their company. Taking that same concept and twisting it to the benefit of your booster club isn’t hard, and can be done with just a few hours of work a month.

Establish your booster club email marketing strategy

When you hear the term email marketing, it may leave you with the impression that you’re selling something and using the emails as a way to drive in sales and profits, but it’s honestly much more than that.

Email marketing includes:

  • Welcome emails
  • Promotional campaigns
  • Gaining sales and leads
  • Brand stories
  • Encouraging engagement
  • Re-engaging inactive subscribers
  • Newsletters

When considering establishing your booster club email marketing strategy, look at it as a way to provide more information to the general public and keep everyone up to date about your booster club and it’s activities. This can lead to more attendance, more successful fundraising, higher donations, and better opportunities for your booster club!


Integrating social media into your booster club email marketing strategy

Integrate social media into your booster club email marketing strategy

Social media is a huge way of communicating in today’s modern age. Almost every person has a social media channel of some sort, and as such, the potential reach for posts and updates can extend to thousands of people at once.

Using social media to target people with similar interests as your booster club can help to generate a larger audience to promote yourself to. Use your booster club’s social media channels to engage with your target audience, encourage shares and likes on posts, and to join and share your booster club email marketing campaigns so that you can grow your booster club’s visibility and engagement.

With many email marketing platforms, you can easily do this with a few clicks of a button, so even the non-tech savvy people can figure it out within a few minutes. Check out some of Booostr’s favorite email marketing companies to find free and low-cost solutions that are easy to understand and operate.


Establish your booster club email marketing list

How to create an email subscribers list and why you should

To any company or booster club large or small, their email list is gold. These are the people that have signed up to receive their emails and updates, proving that they already have an interest in supporting the organization and want to know more. Unlike cold calling, where you have no idea if the person on the other end will care, your subscriber’s list are people who sought you out and signed up because they have a genuine interest in helping your booster club, making it more likely that sales and fundraisers can be successful.

Adding subscribers to your booster club email marketing list isn’t technically difficult. Thanks to email marketing companies simplifying sign up forms, you can post forms to almost any online property your club owns to gain more followers.

Keep in mind that there are a few rules to creating your booster club email marketing subscriber list. You must be aware of specific guidelines that you have to follow including:

  • You cannot just add people to your email campaigns.
    • At the very least, they have to give you permission to do so, but it’s honestly easier to give them a signup form and allow them to sign up on their own.
  • You should include a double-opt-in option.
    • In many places such as Europe and California, this is a necessary step. Thanks to email campaigns it’s as simple as clicking a “yes” checkbox stating to make the emails a double opt-in. What this means is that after entering their emails on your sign up form, they will get an email requesting them to click a link to confirm that they actually wanted to sign up and that they accept the terms.
  • You need to make it easy to unsubscribe.
    • This is legally necessary for all email campaigns. You must make it as easy as possible for someone to unsubscribe from your emails. Many email marketing companies will automatically include a link at the bottom of every email that asks for someone to click if they wish to unsubscribe. They are given a confirmation too, so don’t worry, an accidental click can be canceled without repercussion.

Once you have a growing email list, you can create engaging emails that promote your booster club.


Creating engaging email campaigns for your booster club

How to create an engaging email campaign

Keep your emails short and sweet and possibly include photos.

People have a short attention span and emails are regularly checked on mobile devices where paragraphs can look like long blocks of boring text that often causes readers to stop before they finish the email. Keeping the text broken up into small chunks while providing images makes it more likely to hook the reader’s attention.

Keep readers engaged by personalizing the emails.

Personalizing is not as hard as it sounds. With email companies, you can do this with a simple shortcode- usually, something that looks like *|Fname|* which on the email they receive will state their first name instead of the funny looking code. Normally the email company offers this with a push of a button, so it’s as simple as adding an emoji. Depending on how much information you request on the initial signup form, you can personalize your booster club marketing email layouts to include first names, last names, or both.

Organize your subscribers

Another perk of email marketing platforms is the ability to organize your email subscribers into different categories such as donors, parents, students, businesses, and more. This can allow you to send mass booster club marketing emails to the entire list, or just a small section allowing for an even more personalized experience.


Creating emails as part of your booster club promotion strategy

Now that you understand the basics of creating a booster club email marketing strategy, you can create engaging campaigns to keep readers opening your emails and following along with your booster club’s activities. If you’re looking to grow your community engagement and revenue, integrating a booster club email marketing campaign is an easier than other forms of promotion with the right email marketing platform. Happy marketing!

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