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How To Write a Booster Club Mission Statement

How To Write a Booster Club Mission Statement

Choosing your booster club mission statement is a task that shouldn’t be taken too lightly. When it comes to creating your booster club, the mission statement is a vital part. It’s something that you will use over and over again while describing and promoting your booster club to the public, both in legal documents as well as conversation.

Your mission statement should be included in the initial steps you take to found a booster club.  Once it’s been created, you can place it everywhere and promote it with the world. You should also keep it located in your booster club documentation like inside of your booster club Bylaws.


Outlining some booster club mission statement ideas

What is a Mission Statement?

When your booster club is being created, there are a few things you have to do before filing with the Secretary of State and with your own state. These include having a name for your organization as well as a defined mission statement. This mission statement is also incredibly important for securing a nonprofit status for your booster club.

A mission statement is a short message explaining why your organization exists. It explains what the booster club goal is and it even covers the type of services offered. It mentions who it helps and could possibly include more information as well.

With a booster club mission statement, you’ll be able to quickly explain everything anybody could possibly want to know about your booster club in just a few short and sweet sentences, much like an elevator pitch, but on behalf of your booster club.


How to write a successful Booster club Mission statement

How to Write a Successful Booster Club Mission Statement

For your booster club mission statement, there are a lot of things that you should take into consideration so that you can start your booster club on the right foot.

Things to remember when writing your booster’s mission statement include:

  • Aim high, but don’t have unachievable or unrealistic goals.
  • Be precise, clear, and to the point. A mission statement doesn’t have to be long to be good.
  • Your mission statement should also be motivating and distinctive to your booster club.

Some of the worst mission statements are too vague and don’t tell you enough about the booster club to get a clear understanding of what they stand for.


researching how to write a mission statement

2 Different Examples of Booster Club Mission Statements

This example of a club mission statement is the one located on the Sutter Huskies website here. It’s not very long, and by the time you finish reading it, you know what the booster club stands for and even feel motivated to offer some form of help. It’s a rather uplifting read with short and sweet sentences that almost feel like you’re at a pep rally. And instead of focusing on how monetary assistance can help their athletics, they encourage volunteering and parent involvement.

Another mission statement that is a great example to take note of is the one by King’s Schools and focuses more on the monetary aid side of booster club management. Their athletic booster club mission statement covers their goals very well in this well thought out section of their website.

What makes this mission statement stand out is that they go on to list the athletic programs that the booster club is helping and what their main focus of help is. In this case, they’re focusing on safety and ways to improve the competitive edge of their sports teams. They even mention how membership fees and money can be used to help them to fund these goals.

By the end of it, you know everything that you need to know about their booster club, and because this mission statement is on their booster club website it even links to a page with more details about their booster club! This is great because readers are already hooked and looking for more ways to offer help for their cause, so naturally, people will want to click to learn more about how they can offer monetary assistance or volunteer.


Looking at sample templates of mission statements

Sample Templates

The Washington State Booster Club Website goes so far as to share with us a sample booster club mission statement which is basically a fill in the blank template. While you shouldn’t use it word for word, you can use this blank template as a great way to branch off into a more unique mission statement that’s perfect for when you create a booster club.

Looking at other booster club’s mission statements as well as sample templates like this is a great way to get a firm grasp of how your booster’s mission statement should be written so that the booster club management starts off strong from the beginning and is less likely to be rewritten after the booster club has been chartered.

You can even look at the mission statements for larger corporations and draw inspiration from there as well. But keep in mind that there are some subtle differences between a mission statement for a nonprofit and the mission statement of a corporation.


Writing a booster club mission statement

The difference between mission statements of profit and nonprofit organizations

The biggest difference you’ll see is that a nonprofit’s mission statement is more about who they are helping whereas a for-profit organization might have a mission statement that is more about the financial aspect rather than personal.

Companies usually tend to have a product or service that they offer to help solve an issue of some sort and prioritize profits whereas nonprofits prioritize the students, the school, and the activity that they serve. This isn’t to say that nonprofits aren’t trying to make money, because as we already know- they are. But the finances that they raise go to help others instead of lining the volunteer’s own pockets.

Some mission statements include details on how they plan to attain finances. A company might mention sales, whereas a nonprofit may have more income streams such as donations, sales, fundraisers, and sponsorships.


While a corporate company and a nonprofit both have their own unique mission statements, both serve the same purposes of letting the world know exactly what they stand for.By choosing your booster club mission statement early on in the game, you can have a clear path and direction for your booster club so that it always stays on target and in line to achieve its goals.

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