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How to Find Booster Clubs and Booster Club Lists

How to Find Booster Clubs and Booster Club Lists

What is the best way to find booster clubs? If you’re starting your own booster club or looking to join one, it would help to know how to locate booster clubs in your area. Being aware of established booster clubs are around you can help you in a multitude of ways, from helping avoid scheduling conflicts to researching successful booster club events. Below, we’ve collected a variety of ways to find a list of every booster club surrounding your area and throughout the United States.  

Find Booster Clubs

Use Search Engines to Find An Online List of Booster Clubs

The most familiar search engines used by a majority of the population are Google, Bing, and Yahoo. These three search engine giants can bring up results and information on almost any booster club, as long as they have some level of online activity such as social media accounts or an official website. Additionally, a booster club directory or booster club index can help you find booster clubs you’re looking for if Google or Bing does not bring that club back due to it not having any kind of online presence.

When searching for a booster club index or a specific booster club, be as specific as possible. Try to use keywords specific to the information you want to find, such as your state name, your specific area, the type of booster club, or even the school or program the club might be associated with. For example: Tennessee + Memphis + Athletic + Booster Club. On Google, you can also use the subtract symbol to be remove certain words from search. So, if you want to specifically find booster clubs focused on drama departments in Memphis and avoid any results that are associated with music, you could type into the search bar: Memphis drama booster clubs –music.

Find Booster Clubs

Check Social Media for Booster Clubs

In our modern age, social media accounts have become a necessity for booster clubs, especially in terms of advertising and connecting with supporters. Facebook is the most useful platform for communicating information to audiences due to its lack of character limit, so when attempting to find a booster club that you may not have been able to find via online lists of booster clubs, check for the organizations independent account on Facebook. Through a Facebook profile, you can get insight on the activity of the booster club. Facebook also makes it easier to find booster clubs in your area, as many search results are vetted based on your location.

Other Useful Resources To Find Booster Clubs and A Booster Club Index

Besides a broad exploration of a search engine or social media platform, there are a variety of business and organization oriented websites that can lead you towards a booster club list or booster club directory. Below, we’ve outlined a few of the most popular sites and their functions for finding a list of every booster club:

  • LinkedIn
    • This site runs specifically as a business oriented social media platform. Besides Facebook, LinkedIn acts as another start off point for many booster clubs. Often, LinkedIn is able to show a broad online list of booster clubs when you conduct a search for a particular booster club or view a specific profile.
  • Yelp,, Foursquare, TripAdvisor, CitySearch, Yellowbot
    • While these sites are primarily geared towards profitable businesses and corporations, they are still sources of collected data that publish crowd sourced information and reviews of organizations. It won’t be as quick of a search as Facebook or Google, but you may be lucky to find your booster club on these sites!
  • com,,,,,
    • These less popular search engines bring up results based on much more specific search queries. Searching for booster clubs on these sites can yield results based on more than web traffic or online activity, meaning if the booster club you’re looking for isn’t well established, these resources could prove to be extremely useful. These platforms crawl diverse websites to produce a more comprehensive online list of booster clubs, making them a valuable asset to have when searching for booster club activity in your area and around the country.


The Booster Club Index

Despite the overwhelming amount of booster clubs active in the United States, there is a surprising lack of booster club lists online. has created its own Booster Club Index to fill the gaps left by other online resources. This index is a comprehensive list of booster clubs active across the nation along with their vital information. This invaluable resource is focused solely on booster clubs and booster clubs alone, making it a fantastic platform to pair with the other search engines and social media sites listed above. All you need to do is visit the site linked below and you’ll be able to find booster clubs active in any locality. You can also search for booster clubs based on interest, such as drama, music, or athletics. The index also links to the social media accounts of each booster club, making their other contact information completely accessible for the public. At the moment, the index is in the process of being developed, so some information has not yet been collected for certain states.


Suffice to say, finding a booster club index or booster club directory is much easier with all of the resources available on the worldwide web. However, it’s imperative that you be familiar with such resources such as search engines and social media in order to effectively find booster clubs no matter the locality. Additionally, with the lack of updated booster club index resources at the moment, be sure to keep in mind the Booster Club Index, the easiest and best resource for finding booster clubs.

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