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How To Attract Booster Club Volunteers

How To Attract Booster Club Volunteers

One of the biggest tasks on the list of any booster club is the recruitment of volunteers. It’s simple: in order for your booster club to continue running smoothly, you need to attract booster club volunteers willing to support the organization. Attracting booster club volunteers may be challenging, but utilizing the below recommendations will help you to successfully build your volunteer team.

Booster Club Volunteers

Attract Booster Club Volunteers and Board Members

The first step of booster club recruitment is filling board positions and identifying a ballpark number of booster club volunteers you will need for your events throughout the year. While estimating volunteer numbers, you must also identify those volunteers’ duties. Outline how many hours will be needed for volunteer work, identify the number of events that will occur throughout the year, and create a calendar for booster club board meetings. Understanding the number of volunteers needed—and their corresponding duties—will let potential volunteers know that the organization leadership is prepared to run a successful booster club.


Teamwork helps Attract Booster Club Volunteers

Get Your Current Booster Club Members Involved

Utilize current club members to help attract new booster club volunteers. Data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics shows that current, active booster club members are one of the best ways to network with new volunteers who are often family members, friends, and coworkers.  Ask your booster club members to reach out to their networks via social media, at your club’s events, and at other school activities.


Stay positive to attract booster club volunteers

Stay Positive To Attract Booster Club Volunteers

Don’t get discouraged if you don’t have volunteers lining up to help as recruitment is a bit of a numbers game. It is important to not only maintain a positive outlook with every person you meet but continue to pursue new volunteers even when you feel you may have enough. One way to stay motivated is by setting small volunteer recruitement goals that support the main goals.  For instance instead of trying to fill all volunteer positions, start with focusing on a single board position. Think of five exceptional candidates based on your relationship to them, their relationship to your club and activity and in turn what they will bring to the table. Once you have one board seat filled, then move to the next and so on.


Converse with and Attract Booster Club Volunteers

How to Converse with Potential Booster Club Volunteers

One of the best ways to attract booster club volunteers is by attending parent-teacher nights, back to school nights, sporting events, plays, and other school activities where you will come in contact with the most parents willing to engage as booster club volunteers. Once you have a potential target audience, start with a simple “hard ask.” This is a question with specific details and goals. An example of a hard ask would be, “Can you assist at our upcoming car wash event for 2 hours this Saturday?” Giving the volunteer a specific amount of time, as well as details about the event makes it easier for volunteers to say yes. Vague questions like, “Can you help at an event for a few hours that’s coming up?” don’t allow for the same kind of initial commitment and can elicit questions.

Because parents of school children are normally very busy with work, social lives, and their child’s activities, it they may be difficult to ask them to spend more of their time as a booster club volunteer. One way to attract booster club volunteers with more free time is to look for parents of your school’s alumni. These are people that have strong ties to the school and who may be interested in giving back and getting involved. These community members may have far more free time than other parents and may appreciate the opportunity to remain involved to assist with events. It perhaps goes without saying: never reject booster club volunteers when they offer their time as there is always something that needs to be done.


Attract Booster Club Volunteers

Attract Booster Club Volunteers Online and Locally

There are plenty of ways to identirfy volunteers that you haven’t met in person.

Find Booster Club Volunteers Through Local Agencies

Local volunteering agencies could provide you with extra booster club volunteers if you are not gaining the response you thought. There are several different websites (ie. VolunteerMatch, United Way Worldwide, and places to go to find help. Also, look for local websites in your community that allow you to post booster club volunteering opportunities.

Find Booster Club Volunteers Through Social Media

If you have social media profiles on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram, posting ads on these sites can attract booster club volunteers within and outside of your network. Filming short videos of your events, or short interviews from current volunteers, can help you gain exposure on these sites and attract potential booster club volunteers.

Engage With Local Residents to Help Find Booster Club Volunteers

Reaching out locally is key. In most areas, local colleges provide access to their students who may require service hours as part of their degree program. You should also consider older volunteers as well, and reach out to local retirement communities. Finally, consider targeting new residents who may be trying to connect to activities and people within their new community. People who have moved to your area may be looking for different outlets to meet others, might be parents, and might have a valuable skill to provide.


Attracting booster club volunteers can be difficult at first, but by approaching club recruiting in an organized and strategic way, your volunteer ranks will grow. Always start at the top and make sure to identify active and hardworking booster club board members who will help ensure the club continues to flourish. When the booster club leadership is dedicated to the success of the booster club, it will help engage new volunteers and allow the organization to grow in popularity and size.

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