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Grow Your Booster Club By Leveraging Supporters

Grow Your Booster Club By Leveraging Supporters

Booster Clubs are only as good as the sum of their parts. A club that is able to develop a large and diverse support group, translates into a better ambility to grow your booster club! Making booster club community support a central focus while developing booster club promotion strategies is a surefire way of increasing your organization’s membership and volunteer numbers. To be an active member in your booster club is to also encourage community partner support. Check out the tips we’ve collected below on how you can integrate partner marketing through your booster club supporters!

Increased Booster Club Visibility Means More Community Support

Increased Visibility Encourages Booster Club Community Support 

One of the best ways you can start leverage partner supporters to grow your booster club is by actively marketing your organization. People won’t join or work with your organization unless they know about it, so taking steps to effectively utilize resources like social media is critical. If you’d like tips for how you can best use social media to advertise your booster club, check out our other article, Is Social Media Important For My Booster Club?

Outside of social media, making booster club contact information readily available online is extremely helpful for those attempting to find or get in touch with your booster club. Utilizing resources like and Yelp can increase your booster club’s visibility in organic search results! Creating a booster club profile on, gives your organization a better chance of being found by those searching the web for your booster cluband your organization’s contact information/

Additionally, when developing your marketing plan for your booster club, consider timing. Summer months when school is not in session is a prime window for recruiting new volunteers and gaining booster club community support.

During the school year, brainstorm methods on how you might keep your booster club relevant in the school environment and community. Consider strategies like:

  • Having an informational booth (or a donation booth!) at sporting events and other school activities
  • Hosting socials where interested parents or students can come to learn more information about your organization
  • Request a spotlight on the social media of either the school or specific school programs to garner online attention.
  • Inform coaches or program leaders of the club and ask them to pass the information on to their students! Participation from those actually in the program is just as important as getting their parents involved.
  • Talk with local businesses about varying levels of support for your club
  • Consider regularly printing flyers and posters for your booster club activities and distributing them throughout the community.


A Booster Club Ambassador Can Increase Your Booster club Local Community Network

Designate A Booster Club Ambassador to Leverage Booster Club Supporters

There are a number of duties booster club members and volunteers have to take up in order to keep a booster club running smoothly. One of these duties is recruitment. The more volunteers and members you are able to incorporate into your organization, the better the chance you will have to grow your booster club! Not only is it important to recruit volunteers, but it’s just as important to build a relationship with them.

Assigning the position of booster club ambassador to a more social member of your booster club gives potential volunteers and community members a point of contact in the club to interact with. Not only does it give the community someone to talk to, it also give your booster club someone to do some initial outreach within the community.  We suggest picking a volunteer with a social outgoing personality type because starting conversations and building relationships is usually a natural trait. With your booster club ambassador position filled, you can now work with them to build your support, fundraising and volunteer network within your community.  Before you know it you’ll know someone in your community that can help or support the club in almost any undertaking!


New Booster Club Volunteers means bigger booster club network

Grow Your Booster Club: New Volunteers = New Networks

When trying to grow your organization’s membership, it’s helps to be strategic with your volunteer recruitment. Almost any new volunteer is a new opportunity to grow your booster club relationship network. Your volunteers who have their own friends and varying contacts in the community, the booster club can continue to grow via building partnerships with businesses in the area. This can be extremely beneficial for not only gaining new members and volunteers, but also expanding the work your booster club is able to do. After all, the main function of a booster club is to, of course, support the program it is affiliated with. By leveraging booster club supporters through outside community networking, you’re not only supporting your program, but you’re involving more and more of the community! Additionally, if you collaborate with other members of the community, you’ll have a wider network of people you’re able to either involve as volunteers or people who will come to support your cause or organization!


One of the most important components of any booster club is its membership. With a dedicated group of volunteers, leaders, and supporters, any booster club has the capacity to grow and succeed. Larger and growing booster club volunteer / supporter rolls equals more long term growth of your organization’s goals.  If you’re looking to expand the amount of booster club community support your organization is getting, follow the tips we’ve outlined above. If you’d like more advice on what steps you can take to help your booster club thrive, check out other articles on Booostr’s Booster Club Blog where we discuss everything from social media management to the legalities of founding a booster organization

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