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Fine arts Programs Facing Cuts? Found a Fine Arts Booster Club!

Fine arts Programs Facing Cuts? Found a Fine Arts Booster Club!

With the increasing financial pressure on local school districts, the significant expenses of sustaining an art department can be difficult for the departments to manage on their own. Fine arts booster clubs strive to develop support that may be as simple as providing refreshments or amenities for a particular event or may be as complex as raising funds in order to counteract the budget cuts taking place at many schools and institutions.

The importance of fine arts booster clubs cannot be overstated as they enthusiastically work to support every aspect of visual arts. Due to their useful and easy setup, arts booster clubs have seen continued growth and widespread implementation throughout the U.S.

Make an impact through purchasing art supplies via your booster club

How Fine Arts Booster Clubs Make An Impact

Education in arts is an integral part of each human being’s development. Fine Arts education generally refers to education in the disciplines of visual arts. Fine arts booster clubs focus on supporting activities in the realm of ceramics, drawing, painting, photography, printmaking, sculpture, crafts, and design. These art forms cannot be learned through occasional or random exposure. Fine arts booster clubs contribute to having many developmental benefits such as:


Arts students are way better at expressing themselves than students of math and science.  As it is said:

“Art is a way to encourage the process and the experience of thinking and making things better! “

Booster clubs support a platform for students to express their creativity and discover the aspects of many different kinds of art making.

Improved Academic performance:

Sufficient data exists to support the belief that study and participation in fine arts is the key component in improving learning. Booster clubs provide the environment to students in order to participate in different activities. Such an environment provides students with pleasure, enjoyment, and they are more likely to be recognized for academic achievements.


Booster clubs encourage the students to express themselves and enable them to take risks in creating art. This leads to the development of a sense of innovation which could be very important in their adult lives.

Cultural awareness:

Fine arts booster clubs are extremely important for students to expand their social and world view in addition to instilling an appreciation for a variety of cultures around the world.

Some other points may include

  • Collaboration
  • Decision making
  • Perseverance


Fine Arts Booster Clubs Support Art Programs In Numerous Ways

Purpose of Fine Arts Booster Clubs:

An arts booster club is established with the mission of supporting the goals and activities pursued by school fine arts programs. Such organizations allow students to expand their social and world view while also developing a sense of appreciation for world cultures. For the benefits of students, their families, and the community, a fine arts booster club that supports every branch of visual arts in an academic environment would do wonders for students eager to develop their creative passions.

By providing encouragement and financial support, the fine arts booster club will be able to stimulate greater interest and appreciation for fine arts. Such clubs always aims to improve the opportunities for its students and provide an environment for growth and development of student’s creative skills.

In order to accomplish the mission, the amenities often come from the fine arts booster clubs. For example, the students are provided with drawing or painting equipment in case of an art competition. Similarly, the field trips are arranged for students to offer a platform to enhance their art skills in addition to recreation. Fine arts booster clubs often encourage students by offering them the opportunity to study abroad. This way, the students are able to polish their skills and turn their dreams into reality. has a variety of articles to help you create a fine arts booster club. A fine arts booster club is found by targeting the needs of the respective department, developing ideas and encouraging parents and students to participate in your program’s activities.


How supporting the arts is important for schools

Importance of Fine Arts Booster Clubs:

The fine arts booster clubs play a crucial role by supporting a school district and their importance cannot be denied. Whether it is related to design or sculpture making, the support offered by the clubs increases the school’s ability to offer extra-curricular activities to students.


Supporting the Arts Department is crucial for a student's complete education

Support to Fine Arts Department:

Apart from being extremely important in the creative development of students, fine arts booster clubs work to ensure that needs and requests of school art departments are taken into account and fulfilled. Financial pressure on school districts seems to be ever increasing. Schools and fine arts booster clubs work in conjunction to bridge the budgetary gaps.

  • The students are provided with the required tools to polish their art skills.
  • Different amenities for any event such as t-shirts, refreshment are supplied by arts booster clubs.
  • Fine arts booster clubs assist with expenses of travel to various fine arts activity related events such as contests at out of town venues.
  • These clubs schedule educational field trips with the approval of school administration. This may include a visit to art galleries or a studio.
  • Students are often offered with funded scholarships for private lessons or summer camps.

School boards work with smaller and smaller budgets and to cut the gaps fine arts booster clubs provide support to assist in the successful implementation of programs.


Fundraising is Key to any Arts Booster Club Success

Fundraising Is The Key For Your Fine Arts Booster Club!

Apart from organizing volunteers to work fine arts activities, Fine arts booster clubs do their part by managing and collecting funds to support the fine arts programs.  Usually, policies are designed by the school board for accountability and regulations are well communicated to the booster club.  For example, the school does not permit students participation in fundraising and the club needs to recruit individuals such as parents of students to voluntarily work with the club’s activities.

Let’s talk about some tactics to go about fine arts booster club fundraising:

Host an Event or Contest:

This path needs some logistical planning in order to make community participation rewarding. An event is hosted by soliciting local sponsors to cut down on the cost. Based on the attendee capacity, the gross revenue of several hundred dollars is generated to provide financial support to art activities.

Crowdfunding or Peer-to-peer Funding:

This trendy way of fundraising by booster clubs has become popular and successful in the last few years. Students and teachers put in the effort to reach out to the loved ones and friends and family to request donations for a cause that benefits their school.

Affiliate Fundraising:

Fine arts booster clubs raise their funds by just selling an item that was already packaged and is ready to go from another company.  This may include selling gift cards, candy bars, chocolates, frozen cookie dough, and lollipops.

Sell From Within the Club:

Instead of just relying on affiliate companies or pre-made goods, fine arts booster clubs prepare the items to sell. It can be a bake sale or a movie premiere of a film made from a local student. Additionally, volunteers sell services such as car wash, gift wrapping, and snow shoveling.

Raffles & Auctions:

Booster clubs increase their revenue during events or by conducting an auction. Raffles can be in different forms, where you can sell tickets for a set prize or a chance to pick from a selection of prizes. Similarly, a themed auction is created which is usually based on the project the fine arts booster club is working on at the time.


Fine arts booster clubs do a great job of trying to assist in the areas that can’t be included in the budget. The importance of a relationship between fine arts booster club and the school district in relation to success is clear. However, any conflict can be damaging to the programs that are meant to help.  A clear boundary between the duties of both will ultimately help to work more efficiently together to support students.

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