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Find the Best Sports Equipment Deals for Your Booster Club Sport

Find the Best Sports Equipment Deals for Your Booster Club Sport

Booster Clubs continually are tasked with assisting upgrading and covering the costs of athletic equipment. But where are the best places to go and purchase new equipment? Or even upgrade your current setup? Retailers are great as an option, but may also want to consider going directly to the manufacturer instead. Many retailers are open to working with schools and nonprofits (booster clubs) to give them the best deals. So which manufacturers do this? Where can you get the specific equipment your team needs? Here are a few options that we found to be the most helpful in finding the best sports equipment deals.

Wilson: Perhaps the Best Sports Equipment Deals

Wilson is a popular and classic sporting equipment provider for high school sports and college and professional level sports. They are also one of the top manufacturers that provide discounts to high school athletic programs on their equipment through their website. Wilson will provide discounted prices for football, basketball, volleyball, and soccer-related products to high school athletic programs, so long as you can prove that you are a high school in the continental United States.  Wilson can provide students with the best sports equipment deals to reach their athletic potential while they are in school. Other athletes such as track and field and tennis, golf, and others may be slightly out of luck if their school is utilizing Wilson’s high school discount program, so while most major sports are covered through this sports equipment manufacturer, it does have its downside.


Champs: An Oldie But A Goodie

Champs sporting goods is a subsidiary of Footlocker that has stores across the entire United States. Though not as popular as Wilson, Champs offers plenty of discounts for students through their student beans discount, at least on the individual level. Students can log in and register at Champs, giving them the ability to purchase apparel and equipment for 20 percent off. Champs makes it easy for their student customers to access the best sporting apparel deals. In terms of providing a manufacturers sporting equipment deal like Wilson or its other competitors, it is not as convenient. Champs is mainly an apparel store, making it hard for athletes to find the best sports equipment deals.


Academy Sports: Elite Gear, Swap Meet Prices

Academy Sports is an American discount sporting good chain store that stocks top-notch brands at low prices. Here you can find the best sports equipment deals on things such as apparel to equipment for all types of sports, including hockey, cheerleading, dance, wrestling, and other sports. Though there is no giant discount program for schools and athletic clubs like Wilson offers, the prices are so low that student-athletes and clubs will be able to afford top-named brands for a fraction of the cost. Many Academy Sports’ products go for upwards of 50 percent off or more given certain times of the year. It also provides more than just the best sporting equipment deals; apparel, backyard equipment, and chairs for those on the sidelines are also included in their inventory. Academy Sports is the place to shop if you are looking for great deals and a diversified stock of products.


Columbia Sports: The Outdoor Originals

If you are looking for elite outdoor equipment, look no further than Columbia Sports. While it does not have the mainstream sporting equipment for major high school athletics teams, you will find some of the top skiing, snowboarding, hiking, fishing, and golfing equipment. The best sports equipment deals for the world of outdoor sports are at your fingertips. Teachers, first responders, and military receive 10 percent off discounts, on top of the discounts they have during their seasonal sales. Media and outdoor conservation nonprofits also get a great deal when shopping with Columbia Sports. While a bit more specialized in what they provide gear-wise, you will be fitted to the nines if you utilize the deals at Columbia Sports.


Fleet Feet: Its All About The Shoes

While you may not find the best sports equipment deals at Fleet Feet, you will be able to outfit your athletic club members with the best kicks to participate in the sports they love. Fleet feet provide predominately shoes and accessories as well as injury prevention equipment. Fleet Feet also has a fantastic deal for sports clubs and school athletic clubs. Coaches can bring in 12 athletes and not only receive 20 percent off the entire purchase but will also be outfitted for their shoes at no cost as a “thank you” for their business. Student-athletes that come on their own will also receive the 20 percent discount and food and other prizes to encourage them to tell their friends and keep their business exclusive to Fleet Feet.


Olympia Sports: The Philanthropist Option

Founded in Portland, Maine, in 1975, Olympia Sports is a good old-fashioned American sporting goods store. They stock the traditional sports equipment from basketball to soccer and stock equipment for swimming, track, and tennis. Olympia also gives back to the community through organizations such as Big Brothers Big Sisters and the Special Olympics. In place of scholarship programs, Olympia Sports provides discount programs to any team or organization as long as these organizations fall under Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code. There are team discounts and discounts for golf tournaments or races for individuals, which caps out at 20 percent off on 1 item, and a free t-shirt from Olympia Sports. Though a bit more restrictive in their discount programs. Olympia Sports provides the best sports equipment deals to those in dire need of it while providing to the community.


Nathan Sports: A Runners Paradise

If you are a runner you’d want to shop at Nathan Sports, a specialty running sporting good store. Here you will find everything that you need to excel on any track, being indoor or outdoor. From shoes to running packs and headgear, runners will find everything that they need at the drop of a hat. Military, First responders and medical professionals receive Nathan Sports discounts as thanks for their service and dedication to their professions. Nathan Sports has an ambassador program, where if you are a fit will be a spokesperson for Nathan Sport. They would send you equipment, you’d receive discounts and commissions, so not only will you be fitted with the best equipment while doing something you love, you will be sharing that love with others and potentially be making a profit. The best sports equipment deals for any runner are at Nathan Sports.


Sun & Ski Sports: Shredding Powder Without Shredding Your Wallet

While not a traditional sporting goods store, Sun & Ski Sports provides top equipment for outdoor sports year-round. From ski masks and snowboards to hiking packs and wetsuits. Any outdoor adventure would be happy with the deals that you will find at Sun & Ski Sports. With their low prices and constant deals, one does not have to worry about spending an arm and a leg to enjoy outdoor sports all year round. While they do not have a school or athletic club discount, their low prices, rental options, and a constant stream of deals and coupons make them easily accessible for young athletes to purchase from. However, accessibility is in the eye of the beholder. Sun & Ski Sports does provide equipment for some of the more expensive outdoor sports, so the equipment will still be expensive to most, but they edge out their competition with more deals and coupons year-round.        

What Are The Best Sports Equipment Deals For You?

There are so many affordable options these days to provide the best sports equipment deals and beyond. The internet has made purchasing new equipment both easier on budgets while more complicated by offering a much larger number of options to choose from. Whichever source you end up going with, you are sure to end up getting the best deal while building a long-term business relationship.


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