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Delegate To Booster Club Volunteers: 20 Tasks They Should Be Handling

Delegate To Booster Club Volunteers: 20 Tasks They Should Be Handling

Booster club management is no easy task. It takes a lot of work, time and effort to manage and delegate to booster club volunteers and keep everything running smoothly. To keep from having too many chefs in the kitchen, it’s normal for only one or 2 people to be in the lead position of a booster club. Referred to as president or co-presidents. They help delegate to booster club volunteers the tasks needing completion to help with running a booster club.

Booster club meeting where tasks are being delegated

How to delegate to booster club volunteers

Volunteer management is a task within itself, and it can be tricky unless you’re well organized and know what you’re doing. It doesn’t matter whether your booster club is large or small, the moment you place a task in the possession of another person, you have to keep track of that person and follow up on how their duties are coming along.

It’s easy for a booster club oversight to happen and cause you to glaze over topics and miss things. So if you’re in a leadership role and need to delegate to booster club volunteers, it’s helpful to keep a list of who has what tasks and what steps they need to achieve the end goals as well as a timeline for completion.

This allows you to know the proper time to do a progress check, so you aren’t too involved and seen as hovering. It also helps you to be that friendly reminder and do a check to see if the volunteer might be in need of assistance or having difficulty with any aspect of the job.

While non-profit volunteer management can be exhausting, or time-consuming, it can save you a lot of time than if you were trying to do everything yourself. There are so many different jobs inside a booster club and delegating them to other volunteers can help relieve a lot of stress, time and headaches.


Setting tasks for booster club volunteers

20 tasks to delegate to booster club volunteers

Phone Tree

A phone tree is a chart with the flow of chain of command starting at the top and working it’s way down like a pyramid. When you have several booster club members, taking the time to call each person to remind them of events or ask them questions can be incredibly time-consuming.

By being in charge of the booster club, you sit at the top of the chart. You then call whoever is in charge of the phone tree and give them the message that needs to be relayed to the other members.

They then call whoever is listed beneath them, and they call the few beneath them and so on until the end. The last person on the list is tasked with contacting the phone tree leader back and informing them that the message has been successfully sent down the tree.

Email/text reminders

Unlike a phone tree, this task can easily be done by one person and within a few short minutes. Simply set up a text message or email reminder of events, and then send to the entire group at once.

Flyer design and print

Designing an eye-catching flyer promoting fundraisers, meetings, and the booster club can be difficult. It takes a lot of artistry to make something that everyone wants to read and look at. Choosing colors, images, layout, paper colors and more can easily take a while and a few rough drafts to get perfect.

You can delegate to booster club volunteers by having one or two tasked with the designing and printing responsibilities of making a flyer. You can even have them hang them up or pass them out as the case may be.


A booster club is all about money. Your initial goal is to raise funds to help the school and students, so someone has to be in control of that money. Whether the money sits in a locked box, bank account or cd bonds, someone (like a Treasurer) should be aware of the money.

They need to know how much is there, how much is spent at any time, how much is being earned at each fundraiser and any other important piece of information that could be relevant to the booster club. This is a huge responsibility and shouldn’t be taken lightly.

Keep records/minutes of the meetings

Regular booster club meetings happen and it’s important to be able to remember what happened at the previous meetings. Because not everyone is capable of attending every meeting, its a good idea that someone takes minutes of the meeting. Writing down what happens, important notes and event dates discussed. Then at the next meeting, read off what was written and catch the group up on everything. This will help to make sure that everybody is on the same page.

Fundraising planning

When you manage booster club volunteers, fundraisers are going to happen. With so many people offering so many different ideas, it’s likely that you could be planning multiple fundraisers at once.

Dividing volunteers into small groups dedicated to the planning and execution of a single fundraiser can help to keep everything running smoothly. Allowing the groups to work out all of the creative ideas, goals, steps and contacting the companies and locations can help to alleviate a lot of time from your shoulders. They can then give a report at the meetings and update the entire booster club to their progress.

Chaperone kids field trips to the park

Chaperone field trips

While booster clubs are primarily about making money for students, they also focus heavily on helping teachers and other faculty members. The time and energy they put forth to chaperone field trips or step into a classroom helps to save the school money and allows teachers more one-on-one time with the students.

Schools have several field trips per year and having a few volunteers go to each one can be a great task to delegate to booster club volunteers.

Maintain website or social media accounts

One of the best modern ways to introduce people to anything is through social media (ie. Facebook, Instagram, Twitter). Whether that be a simple page explaining why your school’s parents should join your booster club or promoting an upcoming event or sharing images from a recent event you did, it can be time-consuming to manage your digital presence.

Having adult volunteers take over these tasks and maintaining your online presence can be a great way to grow your group and aid in its fundraising efforts.

Recruitment booths

Schools have several times per year where a recruitment booth can be a great asset to your booster club. One of the most successful ways to raise money for booster clubs is through membership fees. Having a few volunteers remain at a recruitment table full of information to help answer questions can be a great way to grow your group’s membership and funds.


Baked goods for fundraising effort

Bake sale foods

Bake sales are great for making a quick buck with little effort. Unlike larger fundraisers that require a lot of planning, bake sales can be thrown together fairly quickly. Having volunteers take turns running the bake sale table, keeping track of the money and baking the food for it can be a great way to reduce your time on the project.

You can have multiple people help with a single fundraiser and delegate to booster club volunteers small tasks that can keep it from being too overwhelming for any one person.


Having a person dedicated to taking photos of events and the booster club having fun at fundraisers, meetings or social engagements can help in your booster club promotions. Showing how much fun your group has and that it’s not all boring work can help you to increase social likeability as well as grow your membership with people looking for fun experiences.

Envelope stuffing

This is one of the most tedious and boring tasks ever. Unfortunately, it can be pretty vital for helping to reach people, not on your email and text message contacts list. Sending flyers promoting your group or fundraiser by mail lets you get more recognition. Even just sending a get well soon card to members that aren’t feeling well can be a great way to show you care and bring them the desire to show up at the next meeting when they do feel better.

Newsletter designing and editing

Having a monthly or regular newsletter to send out can be a great way to remind everyone of what happened or what will happen. You can give birthday shoutouts, tips or remind everyone of an upcoming meeting and who is tasked with what.

Designing and editing newsletters can be time-consuming, making this a perfect taks to delegate to booster club volunteers. Pick a few members to manage he task of publishing and keeping the newsletters coming. This also works as a physical backup to a phone tree. By having a paper you can hang on your fridge, you are more likely to remember everything.


Cupcakes with sprinkles as a snack for meetings

Snack for meetings, perfect to delegate to booster club volunteers

Having snacks and drinks available at meetings is always a nice treat. By having volunteers rotate around, you can have different people bring different things to each meeting. This is a great way to try new foods and gives you something to look forward to even during the most boring of meetings.

Hand out name tags at meetings

An easier volunteer task is to hand out name tags at meetings. By having someone standing at the door with name tags you can help to not only keep accurate meeting records with everyone’s proper names being recorded but also help new members to not feel excluded. With everyone having a name tag, it makes the playing field fairer and allows for easier conversation flow.

Volunteer in classrooms

Volunteering in classrooms can be a really important task for your booster club members. By helping teachers with anything from reading with students to making copies of lesson plans, you are directly helping the students.

Plan and run a book fair

Planning and running a bookfair can be a lot to handle for one person. Manage booster club volunteers by having a few of them tasked with setting up and planning a book fair fundraiser. They can handle the basic where will it happen, when, and any other vital piece of information needed to make it a fundraising success.

Assist in presentations

Assemblies happen often in schools. They are great for award recognition and building school spirit. When adult booster club volunteers help assist, they can hand out trophies or certificates, entertain or do things in the background to help the presentation run more smoothly.

Design and plan shirt sales

Selling shirts is a great booster club fundraiser and having one or more people in charge of designing the shirts and finding the best prices for printing them is a great way to use your volunteers. With multiple people doing these tasks you can have them bounce ideas and suggestions off of one another and find the best solutions to fit your booster club fundraising needs.

Booster Club Management Structure

Bonus idea

Task someone to manage and delegate to booster club volunteers. Have them keep track of who is doing what tasks, where they are in the progression and any issues or successes that may be presenting themselves.

They can then follow up and tell you how everything is going. This can easily free up a lot of your time and allow you to give one on one help with anyone in need.

Managing a group of people is never an easy task, but with proper organization and foresight, it can be done. With experience, you’ll learn of even more tasks that can be delegated to help ease any burdens of your leadership position. This will help to make your time spent in your booster club much more fun, as it should be.

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