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Create A Booster Club For Your School Fine Arts Program

Create A Booster Club For Your School Fine Arts Program

A fine arts program combines all types of visual arts mediums from drawing and painting to sculpture to digital visual arts. There a large number of any student body that gravitate towards creative arts and while it is incredibly important to support those student interests, in most cases visual arts are the first to feel school budgetary pinches. Visual art booster clubs are created with the hope of maintaining and growing arts programs within schools. Even the littlest contribution to a booster club make can impact whether or not a visual arts program endures. We value the arts like any other student activity at and have put together a simple guide to create your own fine arts booster club.

Create A Fine Arts Booster Club For your School

Identify How Your Booster Club will Support Your School Fine Arts Program

Creating a booster club can be a great solution to support your school fine arts program, but the first step is to make sure it is needed and that your school is open to the support. The best way to determine if a Fine Arts Booster Club makes sense for your school is to meet with the art department faculty and school administration. Be open about options for the booster club and how it could help maintain or grow the visual arts program at your school.

Like other booster clubs, your Fine Arts Booster Club will be created and maintained by parents, but needs the participation of other parents, their students, and school faculty to be successful. With the support of all of these groups, you can now set the broad goals of your fine arts Booster club. Your timeline and goals should be based on the financial state of the program, what are its most immediate needs and what the long term goals for the fine arts program are. At this point you should have a good understanding of who your key stakeholders are, the program needs and a rough timeline – it’s now time to formally create your booster club.


Create A Fine Arts Booster Club For your School

Legally Form Your Fine Arts Booster Club

One of the most important steps to ensure your booster club is successful is to make sure it’s legally created in the correct manner. Your booster club should be its own entity (we recommend a nonprofit corporation) and to do this, there are basic steps that have to happen in order for this to occur. We have state by state guides to help you create your booster club  as a legal organization, but here are some quick tips:

  1. Incorporate in your state using your state’s Secretary of State Website for reference.
  2. Apply for an EIN or employer identification number from the IRS
  3. Review laws for incorporating a non-profit organization in your state.
  4. Register the club with the IRS as a tax-exempt status, 501(c)(3)
  5. Set up a business bank account for the club.
  6. Appoint a Board and nominate your club officers


Create A Fine Arts Booster Club For your School

Encourage Individuals of all Backgrounds to Support your Fine Arts Booster Club

While parents do a great job taking the wheel of any academic booster club, it’s essential that both the students and the members outside of the program are engaged enough to participate. No booster club can run without them. Make sure to have clear proposals that outlines what your booster club is about, how you plan to help your department, and what specific tasks volunteers will be in charge of. This will leave little to no questions and concerns on behalf of individuals thinking about helping out.

Also, try to spotlight several different aspects of the fine arts program so that individuals know that the organization has a lot to offer. The original five categories of fine arts used to be confined to painting, sculpture, architecture, music, and poetry, but technology has shifted things on a dime. Now including forms like film, photography, video, design, and much more, there’s something for everyone to enjoy. If your program includes such categories of the arts, make sure to use them to your advantage. also has an article explaining why social media is important for booster clubs. Don’t forget that it’s one of the most powerful ways to spread the word. Your school more than likely has a Facebook and/or Twitter page as well as the program/booster club itself that can reach to several people all at one time.


Fundraise for the Fine Arts Booster Club For your School

Begin Fundraising for your School Fine Arts Program

Your newly formed (and now visible) fine arts booster club now needs to immediately strategize how it will  financially support the fine arts program. Without funding your school’s fine arts program may not be able to continue or function to the best of its ability. Promoting your program with top-notch booster club fundraising ideas is very important for the future of the fine arts in your school.

Traditional fundraising ideas are always a good way to start. This includes events like bake sales, car washes, and yard sales. Baked goods and lightly used personal items are an easy way to reach out to the crowd and let plenty of people know that your program appreciates any kinds of donations. However, the more specific your fundraisers are to your program the better. This forces passersby to see all that the fine arts program can provide to a child’s academic experience. Create one of a kind greeting cards, wall art, or posters to sell or hold a movie night with popcorn to showcase student-made films.


A Fine Arts Booster Club is a vital resource for schools that may unfortunately have a difficult time continuing to fund their art programs. By creating an arts booster club, you will let students and the public know the arts and visual creativity are an important part of every child’s all-inclusive educational experience. No matter the price tag.

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